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How To Choose The Best Pool Filter?

Do you own a swimming pool? If yes, I bet you have ever asked yourself about the best pool filter, one of the most essential part of pool maintenance. This article has all the information you need to know it. The principal purpose of a filter is to collect contaminants which get into the pool such […]

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How to Choose The Best Pool Brush?

A pool brush is a vital equipment in pool care. Scrubbing the pool surface and the walls helps to remove algae and bacteria from the swimming pool. Pool extension poles go hand in hand with pool brush as with them, you do not need to enter the pool when cleaning. In this article, we shall […]

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How To Choose The Best Pool Vacuum Heads

A pool vacuum head plays an important role in swimming pool maintenance. If you are responsible for cleaning a swimming pool, the vacuum head should be one of the essential equipment you will need.   Vacuum heads may seem to be the same but differences in ports, width, bearing and wheels may affect how the […]

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What Are The Best Pool Heaters?

Do you know how to buy the best pool heaters which are ideal for your swimming pool? This article will guide you on all you need to know about pool heaters. Your pool is vital and should provide comfort to everyone who uses it. The major advantage of heaters is that they enable you to […]

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