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7 Best Home Gyms for Small Spaces

Some people have a room exclusively designed and maintained as their home gym. Not everyone is so lucky. If your problem lies solely on very little space you have at home, don’t fret!   Many home gyms today are trying to solve this dilemma and including would-be buyers who are specifically looking for space-saving equipment. […]

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DIY: How To Make Homemade Hydroponic Nutrients

Hydroponic nutrients contain vital elements and minerals necessary for the development and growth of your plants. It is possible to obtain these elements and minerals by using regular fertilizers.However, if you are looking to minimize the costs of gardening, you can make your own homemade hydroponic nutrients using these fertilizers. It is likely that plants […]

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How to Remove Grass with a Shovel

Make sure to use a square shovel when removing your grass. Cut the lawn short and water it a day or so before you plan to remove it. Then, using either a sod cutter (although time-consuming and hard), an edger (convenient but expensive) or a square shovel, cut into the lawn vertically with straight lines […]

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What is Rooting Hormone? {Detailed Guide}

Did you know that you can speed up the process of plant propagation by applying rooting hormones to your plant’s stem? Rooting hormone is a chemical that you apply to the stem that encourages root growth. The roots will then grow stronger and quicker because they will be able to support the growing plant. There […]

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How to Grow Mint: A Step by Step Procedure

Mint is a spreading perennial herb that can grow to 1-2 feet tall and spread to 3 feet wide. Mint is native to the Mediterranean but has been naturalized over the world. There are many varieties of mint, but common mint ( Menta Genus) and apple mint (Mentha suaveolens) are the forms most commonly grown […]

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Best Electric Weed Wacker : Buyer’s Guide

We all want to purchase useful tools that make work at home easy, and there are few instances that this could be truer than with the tools we use in your lawns. String trimmers have become vital aspects of property and yard care today, and some brands provide exceptional design features.A string trimmer lets you […]

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Best Fertilizer Spreader – Buyer’s Guide

Winter is almost coming to an end, and the ground is starting to thaw. As the weather keeps on warming up, you will notice the grass looking frail and weak. The seasonal changes weren’t favorable to your outdoor plants, and they certainly need some care. Thus, being able to fertilize the plants early in the spring […]

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