Ariens Compact 24 Snow Blower Review

  • Comes with a massive 24-inch clearing width that can move loads of snow
  • Has a powerful 223cc Ariens Engine
  • Blows up to 40 feet and equipped with a tall housing height
  • Cap adjustment for ease of use and locking handles for one-handed operation
  • Heated handlebars and durable all-terrain tires

The role of a snowblower is relatively simple: to clear any accumulated snow from the sidewalk, driveway or even the walkway. Yet getting one of these machines can seem like a challenging process, especially if you don’t have authoritative information. More so, the emergence of modern-day snow blowers with advanced features has not made it easy on consumers at all.

When investing in the ideal snowblower, it's important to evaluate the ability of the device to plough through the snow. Besides that, you should also consider the legitimacy of the brand and their ability to deliver valuable products to the consumer. Thus, the Ariens Compact 24 snow blower is an excellent place to start. A snow blower saves you from the hassle of having to spend several hours shovelling and adding more damage to your back. 

Furthermore, the ideal snowblower provides ease of use, especially since winter occurs at a specific time of the year. It should be compact, mobile, and without causing any compromise to the performance of the machine. We considered all these factors and more in selecting this best snowblower.

This machine is ideal for people with large or uneven terrains. Designed to be robust and straightforward to use at the same time, this snowblower is an excellent addition to your property. On top of that, Ariens is among some of the leading brands when it comes to producing property management solutions. Therefore, we rank this snow removal machine among the industry leaders.

You will use this snowblower perfectly if you have adequate time in the morning or evening to clear the snow. Furthermore, the snowblower also has a durable tyre construction, that works well for various types of terrain, including gravel and more.

While this machine produces some noise during the operation, the noise is not loud enough to compromise your day to day activities. Plus, the machine works fast, so you should have a pretty large patio or lawn free of snow within a few minutes. The electric start is also reliable and makes the snowblower perfect for the on the go snow clearing activities.

Stand Out Features

  • Electric Start-up

Perhaps the most critical aspect of this snowblower is that it features an electric start-up feature. Start is important because winter temperatures tend to go below the sub-zero level, and this can affect the performance of the engine. The electric start-up is essential because the only other alternative is to use a pull cord, which can be a hassle for some users. The electric start-up makes it easy to start and stop the snowblower, with just the simple flick of a switch. All you need to do is to plug the machine into a reliable outlet and start

This Ariens snowblower (Model 920014) has an electric start-up for when the unit refuses to start-up on extra cold days. Simply plug the unit into a grounded outlet and start like you usually would. Unplug, and you’re ready to use.

  • 24 Inch Clearing Path 

The clearing path of a snowblower determines its ability to clear large spaces with a specific time duration. No one wants to spend more time than they have to outdoors during below zero temperatures. Featuring a wide clearing path of 24 inches, this unit is ideal for tackling driveways or spaces in a shorter time than you would with the conventional snowblower.

Even though getting through your driveway in the past during winter was a challenge, this machine lets you reduce the snow blowing time significantly. That said, you might have to maintain the snow by cleaning or wiping down the chute with some wax.

  • Easy to Store 

Winter is one of the best times of the year. Yes, that`s right! This is why you have to keep storage in mind when it comes to owning a good snowblower. Thus, the Ariens Compact 24 snowblower is powerful, and without unnecessary weight. 

Different people cover ground faster or slower than others. Thus, you have to get a machine that can keep up with your tasks without compromising your movement speed. The Ariens Compact 24 snowblower comes with six forward and two reverse speeds. Most importantly, the compact snow thrower is also durable, and can withstand exposure to elements such as moisture or even dust.

  • Drift Cutter Kit and Sno-Thro Tire Chains 

Designed to make it easy to move through any type of snow, this compact snow blower is the perfect solution for clearing snow from a pathway. It works well for various types of snow clearing purposes. Therefore, regardless of whether it's deep into the winter, or perhaps just a slight drop of snow, this Snowblower is perfect for your needs.

You will also appreciate the inclusion of the two-link spaced cross chains. The chains are designed to provide exceptional traction regardless of the terrain.

  • Protective Floor Mat and Heated Handlebars 

The Ariens brand has also done well to incorporate this snowblower with a protective floor mat. The floor mat is ideal for collecting water and debris while offering an excellent protective layer. 

The Ariens also comes with dash-controlled handlebars, that are simple to install for enhanced during the cold winter conditions. Thus, working on your snowblower does not have to be such a challenge.

  • Sno-Thro Cover 

Keeping your Snowblower safe and protected from the elements is also an essential factor to consider. Therefore, the cover works well to protect the machine from elements such as rain, dirt, UV damage, tree saps and more. Made using durable 300 denier material, you can be sure of an exceptionally durable cover for your needs. The best part of using this cover is that it's simple to set up, and it also features convenient straps. The straps let you secure the cover to a stable surface.

The Dislikes

  • Lacks a factory light 

In some cases, you are inclined to work at night, when the kids are asleep, and there is little traffic within the house. Thus, the Ariens brand should have incorporated the snowblower with a convenient light to provide enhanced visibility.

  • The reverse speed is slow 

Some users find the reverse speed on this unit somewhat slow. You might have even been better off pulling it manually, or perhaps changing the direction. The brand should have added at least an extra gear to the reverse system on this unit.


Overall, winter is, indeed, one of the best times of the year. The cold weather, Santa Clause, family get-togethers and more, winter is a time of celebration. However, not even ice or accumulated snow can compromise your outdoor experiences during Christmas. The Ariens Compact 24 is an excellent solution for removing snow from your property. 

It has an exceptional clearing path of 24 inches, which makes it both reliable and perfect for various types of terrains. Furthermore, machine operation is also simple and is also much more silent than the conventional lawnmower. Remember that you might have to invest in an additional lamp if you are to make the most of this snow removal machine.

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