10 Best Bunk Beds With Desk in 2021 to Buy

Bunk beds can be amazing space savers. They are a time-tested solution for people who have growing families and want to save money. Bunk beds are considered as a long-term investment that not only gives high value for money but also provides an efficient space-saving solution.

As houses are growing more confined, designers have started bringing innovation to the traditional bunk bed design. Nowadays, if you visit the furniture store, you will find bunk beds with attached cupboards, chest of drawers or even a small desk that can be used as your child’s study table.

Today, we will be talking about bunk beds or loft beds with desks. These beds have a complete study area at the lower level and a bed on the top level that can be approached via a ladder. We have covered some of the best bunk beds with desk in this article to help you pick the right one.

Let’s get started:







80 pounds

71 x 42 x 79 inches

250 pounds


117 pounds

79 x 42 x 72 inches

250 pounds


105 pounds

41.5 x 77.5 x 72 inches

200 pounds


119.5 pounds

56.5 x 77.5 x 72 inches

300 pounds


138 pounds

57.5 x 80 x 72 inches

300 pounds


150 pounds

63 x 78.8 x 72 inches

165 pounds


123 pounds

80.2 x 41.3 x 69.5 inches

200 pounds


187 pounds

79 x 43 x 41 inches

220 pounds


226 pounds

41.6 x 80 x 75 inches

250 pounds


375 pounds

79 x 42 x 66 inches

300 pounds

The Benefits of Buying A Bunk Bed with Desk

One of the most obvious benefits of a bunk bed with a desk is that it saves a lot of floor space. With the bed stacked on the study area, children have enough space in the room to carry out other tasks or play games. 

Most parents cannot usually afford large houses, which is why children get small rooms. Investing in a bunk bed with a desk will give you enough space to add a dresser or a play area in the room. Plus, it will allow you to accommodate more people in a room.

Apart from saving space, bunk beds or loft beds with desks are extremely economical. If you invest in a study stable, a sturdy chair, and a bed separately, it will cost at least 20% to 30% more than what a bunk bed with a desk will cost. The best part is that the bunk bed with desk will give your child’s room a sudden oomph since they have a chic and dandy aura that the basic bed does not.

​Top 3 Bunk Beds with Desk under $300 Reviews

walker edison twin metal loft bed

Key Features

  • Constructed using powder-coated steel
  • Enclosed guard rails
  • Ladders on both sides
  • No extra foundation required

The Walker Edison twin metal loft bed comes with a removable desk underneath the bed. The design is pretty good and the bed is available in multiple colors including black, silver, and white. You will get everything you need to set it up but will have to buy a mattress separately.

The whole structure is constructed using powder-coated steel and the removable desk comes with a two-tier shelf and a place for putting your keyboard. 

It is possible to remove the desk and the shelf to free up some space. The bunk bed is large enough to house two kids and can bear a total of 250 pounds of weight. The best part is  that it has guardrails on all sides, hence it is safe to use for children.

We found the unit to be quite durable and surprisingly portable, which is rare for bunk beds with desk.


  • Easy to approach thanks to two ladders
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to set up since it does not require any foundation
  • The desk area can be converted into an open living space


  • The assembly process is pretty tedious
  • Can be a bit noisy

The Walker Edison Twin Metal Loft Bed is ideal for young parents trying to make ends meet. It is neither expensive nor requires a lot of maintenance. Moreover, it can accommodate two children.

acme senon silver and black loft bed with desk

Key Features

  • Reversible easy access guard rail
  • Twin loft bed design
  • Reversible front ladder
  • Steel construction

This ACME Senon loft bed comes with sturdy and durable steel construction. The bed provides enough space for two kids. Space is not a concern with this one as it comes with an L-shaped desk that can accommodate two people.

The shelf included with the bed can be hooked on to the wall. Once the whole bed is assembled, you still will have enough space to put a sofa or a small dresser on the side, which makes it an excellent pick for users who have small rooms. 

The best part is that it can handle up to 250 pounds of weight. It does not require any external foundation and construction and is not at all shaky. The bed has guardrails at all sides and the ladder is reversible.


  • Durable and sturdy construction makes it durable
  • The desk is quite spacious
  • Impressive design lets you arrange the table from right to left
  • The ladder is reversible
  • Isn’t noisy at all


  • Can take up to 10 hours to assemble

If you are looking for something very basic and inexpensive then get your hands on the ACME Senon Silver and Black Loft Bed with Desk. It is one of the most spacious options and is suitable for almost all kinds of rooms.

dhp miles metal loft desk

Key Features

  • 58 inches of under-bed clearance
  • 14 inches guard rails
  • Single-sided four-step ladder
  • 200 pounds weight endurance limit

Unlike other metal loft beds, this one from DHP has a very chic and dandy look. It will not ruin the theme of your kid’s room rather and we’re sure your children will love it. 

The metal frame is durable and sturdy and can endure up to 200 pounds of weight. At the bottom, it comes with a full-length desk and has a total of 58 inches of clearance, which is enough to keep a chair, even two if you have two kids. 

The upper part of the bed is secured using metal slats that provide enough support. It has 14 inches guard rails on the bed, with a recommended 6-inch mattress, the rails will be 8 inches in height. Hence, your kid will be secure while sleeping. The ladder is built in the frame and is quite durable. In fact, it is said to be suitable for not only kids but teens as well.


  • Available in two sizes – full and twin
  • Durable since the bed is reinforced with metal slats
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • One of the most attractive metal bunk beds with desk


  • May squeak if the weight is above 100 pounds
  • The height is not very impressive

The DHP Miles Metal Loft Desk is ideal for parents and adults looking to save money and space without compromising on the looks. However, despite the advertised weight capacity, we think it may not be suitable for people above 120 pounds.

Best Bunk Beds with Desk under $600 Reviews

novogratz maxwell metal full loft desk & shelves

Key Features

  • Built-in shelves
  • Full-length table with space for computer and keyboard
  • 58 inches under bed clearance
  • 300 pound weight capacity

Another metal loft bed that made it to the list is this Novogratz Maxwell Metal Full Loft with built-in desk and shelves. This is a versatile unit that can handle a lot of weight:

  • Bed: 300 pounds
  • Shelves: 50 pounds
  • Desk: 130 pounds

We think the shelves add value to the unit since they can handle a lot of weight. You can use the shelves to keep books and other such items, especially those your child needs while studying or using the computer. Unlike other metal beds with desk, this one doesn’t have shelves that need to be hanged. They are built-in.

The bed can accommodate two kids; hence this loft bed is ideal for a shared kid’s room. The table is also full-length which means it can be turned into a study area for two kids. The best part is that it can be used by adults as well. According to the size of the bed, it can easily accommodate adults that are 6 feet or less in height.


  • It can be used by adults as well as kids
  • Only takes about 2 hours to assemble
  • Looks very good
  • Comes with built-in shelves


  • Can be a bit shaky while climbing
  • Customer support could’ve been better

If you have a slightly higher budget and don’t want to compromise on the quality and build of the bunk bed then consider the Novogratz Maxwell Metal Full Loft Desk & Shelves. This beauty is available in multiple sizes and is quite sturdy. You can also choose to paint if you do not like the color.

dhp abode full-size loft bed metal frame

Key Features

  • 300 pounds maximum weight limit
  • Small room clearance
  • Constructed using powder-coated steel
  • Integrated desk and shelves.

This DHP Abode full-size loft bed has a very different form factor compared to other bunk beds on the market.

On top of having a small room clearance, the loft is designed such that the under-bed area is can be used to host a small study area and a dresser or chest of drawers. The bed has a built-in dual ladder system and can accommodate two people. 

Just like the previously reviewed bunk bed with desk, this one can also be used by a single adult. It is safe to use thanks to guardrails. You will also love the fact that it contains integrated shelves and desk, hence you will not have to worry about assembling it. Plus, we must also mention that the item is presently eligible for free replacement parts. However, that may change in the future.


  • It can accommodate both kids and adults
  • Comes with a 1-year limited warranty
  • Looks very chic
  • Easy to assemble thanks to clear instructions


  • Might be a little too tall for some users
  • The shelves are short

The DHP Abode Full-Size Loft Bed Metal Frame with Desk and Ladder maybe a little expensive but it is worth the price since it is one of the most durable units. You may have a difficult time changing the sheets but overall, this is one of the best bunk beds with desk.

dorel living harlan wood loft bed

Key Features:

  • 4-step ladder included
  • Espresso finish
  • Guardrail for security
  • Full-length table

This Dorel Living Harlan Wood Loft Bed comes with a reversible ladder and full-length guardrails that make it safe to use for people of all ages.  The table is quite impressive and can hold a lot of weight.

You will be impressed by this one as it is  quite sturdy and has a royal look to it thanks to espresso finish. The wood construction makes the foundation of this loft bed pretty sturdy, hence, the shakiness issues that are common in metal beds are not found in this loft bed with desk. 

It has a 57 inches clearance and enough space for two study chairs. Unfortunately, it can only accommodate one child and has a maximum weight endurance of 150 pounds. Hence, it may not be suitable for teens or heavy individuals.


  • It comes with a 1-year limited warranty
  • It has a very chic and dandy design that goes with all kinds of room decors
  • The overall construction is pretty durable and sturdy
  • The bed is very easy to assemble


  • The wood can chip off and leave white marks if not used with care
  • Customer support could’ve been better

The Dorel Living Harlan Wood Loft Bed with Ladder and Guard Rail Wood 150 pounds 63 x 78.8 x 72 inches 165 pounds can be a good pick for parents looking for a bunk bed with desk for young children. It only has 4 steps, hence your child will have no problem climbing up or down.

donco kids low loft bed with desk

Key Features

  • Wooden construction – pine wood
  • Storage area
  • Standard twin size bed with a complete slat kit
  • 3 step small ladder

The Donco Kids Low Loft Bed with Desk is a complete system suitable for small rooms. It has a three-drawer chest and a two-story shelf for storage purposes. Apart from this, it features a retractable study table that can slide under the bed and look like two shelves.

Despite being a little more expensive than other bunk beds with desk on this list, this one is in demand since it is one of the few options that are suitable for young children since it is not very high and has a very safe ladder built into the structure. 

It also has high guard rails that provide security. Moreover, you will be able to tuck your child in without having to climb the ladder.


  • Has plenty of storage
  • Looks attractive
  • Very durable material
  • Requires little to no assembly


  • The bookshelf is separate
  • Can easily get scratched

The Donco Kids Low Loft Bed with Desk can be a good pick for users looking for a bunk bed with desk for young children. However, it may be of no use in a few years.

hillsdale furniture hillsdale caspian twin loft bed

Key Features

  • 54 inches clearance from bottom to bed slats
  • 5-step ladder
  • Wooden construction
  • Designed for a single person

The Hillsdale Furniture Hillsdale Caspian Twin Loft Bed is constructed using sturdy and durable wood. It has a very small clearance and can even be placed in the smallest of room. 

The bunk bed is designed such that it has enough space for a chair and a small dresser beside the chair. The guardrails are made high enough to house an 8-inch mattress and the 5-step ladder is designed to face the side tucking the desk behind it. 

Hillsdale furniture is designed to be elegant, classy, and functional. This loft bed is nothing less. It has a very stylish design and is ideal for both boys and girls. 

The grey finish goes will almost all colors. The best part is that you can paint it if you prefer a different color. It is about 63.5” high when used with a mattress. That’s the right height for most people since your child will be able to sit on the mattress without the head touching the roof.


  • Can be used in small rooms
  • Impressive construction makes it pretty sturdy
  • Requires little assembly
  • Excellent customer support


  • Doesn't come with spare fasteners
  • Thin mattresses will not work well – need to be 8 inches

The Hillsdale Furniture Hillsdale Caspian Twin Loft Bed can be ideal for parents who live in a condo and are looking to revamp their child’s room. This bed is safe thanks to the smart positioning of the ladder and high guardrails.

Best Bunk Beds with Desk under $1000 Reviews

lavinia twin loft bed with workstation

Key Features

  • Dar walnut and oak finish
  • European style construction
  • 5-step movable ladder
  • Complete workstation under the bed

This drool-worthy loft bed with European style study wood construction is everything. It might be a little expensive for some users, but this beauty is worth the price.

It has a complete workstation at the bottom with a desk on all three sides. On one side, we have a drawer. On the other side, it features a set of four shelves that can be doubled as bookshelves as well. 

There is enough space to put a computer and some books along with decorative pieces if you want. Unlike other metal beds, this loft bed does not have a small clearance which can be an issue for some.

But, what we like the most about this beauty is the look. It looks very sharp and is available in two finishes. Your child will feel protected thanks to tall guardrails.


  • Very sturdy and durable construction
  • A number of storage options come with the bed
  • Looks very good
  • Footboard and headboard are slatted


  • Weighs 226 pounds which is pretty heavy
  • Can be difficult to assemble

The Furniture of America Lavinia Twin Loft Bed with Workstation can be a good pick for users who want a safe and attractive bunk bed with desk with a lot of storage options. Thanks to multiple drawers, you will not have to separately invest in a cupboard.

acme freya white loft bed

Key features

  • Built-in bookshelf
  • Staircase instead of a ladder
  • 6 drawer built-in chest
  • Dual bed system

Last but not least is this ACME Freya White Loft Bed with Bookcase Ladder that will work as a bookshelf, a bed, a storage area, and a study area, all in one. 

This is one of the best loft beds with desk since it has a proper four-step staircase instead of a ladder. This not only improves the overall safety of the child but also adds to the sturdiness of the structure. 

At the side of the staircase, we have a three-tiered bookshelf and on the other side, there is a small study table with storage of its own. Unlike other loft beds with desks, this twin sharing bunk bed has two beds. 

One is at the top and the other is at the bottom. Hence, you will be able to accommodate two people without any difficulty. It is suitable for children between 6 to 12 years of age.


  • A number of storage options
  • Looks pretty impressive
  • The lower bed can be used by adults as well
  • Constructed using high-quality wood and veneer


  • Gets very heavy once completely assembled
  • A little expensive

If you can afford then get your hands on this beauty. It looks different from other options on this list and is one of the best bunk beds with desk thanks to multiple storage options that will make it easier to store everything from toys to books.

Things to Consider when Buying the Best Bunk Bed with Desk

These were some of the best bunk beds with desk. While they are all great, not all of them may be suitable for you. Hence, it is important to know about the things to consider when buying the best bunk bed with desk.

Let’s have a look:


This is the most important factor because it decides how sturdy the unit will be. 

Most loft beds are constructed using wood, metal, laminates, and veneers. Wooden loft beds are most durable and sturdy but are towards the expensive side and also heavier. 

Metal bunk beds, on the other hand, can be slightly shaky and squeaky but they are extremely reasonable and are available in a number of versatile designs.


Since bunk beds are mostly used by kids, safety is extremely important. Make sure you go for bunk beds with high guardrails and a sturdy ladder construction. Both these features are critical to safety. 

Guardrails should be at least 5 inches above the mattress. Don’t buy bunk beds for children less than 6 years old and make sure all the screws and catchments are in place.

Weight Capacity

If you want a loft bed for your guest room that will be used by adults as well as children then opt for a unit that can handle at least 300 pounds of weight. Most wooden units can handle this much but metal bunk beds with desk do not go above 250 pounds.


Most bunk beds have a height clearance of 5-feet; hence they can be used by adults and children alike. You should opt for a bunk bed that can easily fits in your room and accommodates your children. Some beds are big enough to fit in teens and adults but some are only suitable for children.

Table and Storage    

Since you are looking for the best bunk bed with desk, you must pay special attention to this factor. Choose a bunk bed that has a big table so it can accommodate everything that you need, from a computer to books. 

Some beds contain L-shaped tables that have more space. Moreover, some units also come with bookshelves, drawers, and other storage areas for easy access. But, they usually come at a price.


Believe it or not, some bunk beds with desk can take up to 8 hours to assemble. Unless you have time, we suggest that you choose a unit that is easy to assemble. Most wooden units do not require heavy assembly but since they’re heavier, they are less portable.

Best Bunk Beds with Desk: Conclusion

These were some of the best bunk beds with desk. Loft beds were initially constructed for hostel rooms where there was a need to accommodate more children in a smaller area. Due to the high functionality of these beds, the overall demand for them  increased and now they are used in homes as well.

We’d go with the  ACME Freya White Loft Bed with Bookcase Ladder as our top pick thanks to its safety features, extra storage space, and design. However, if it is too expensive for you then consider the Dorel Living Harlan Wood Loft Bed with Ladder and Guard Rail

It has a full-length table and a neat finish that makes it look impressive. This beauty can handle a lot of weight and is known to be sturdy. However, if you’re looking for a metal bunk bed with desk, then consider the Walker Edison Twin Metal Loft Bed.

Lightweight and sturdy, this option can handle up to 250 pounds and is one of the most affordable units out there.

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