Best Camping Axe Buying Guide 2021

As an outdoor enthusiast, the list of resources you need to make your experience hassle-free is often endless. It's a headache for most campers today, especially as needs change, and choosing the correct products is not an easy process. In this guide, we have an excellent product suggestion for avid campers – the best camping axe.

Why exactly would you need an axe? Isn't it heavy or dangerous?

Well, those are two good questions but remember you also have to address your daily needs. These include needs such as chopping woods, hammering nails, cutting meat, and even protection mechanisms. A good camping axe is capable of tackling all these functions and more! As such, it's an indispensable tool for any savvy camper today. 

You are in luck. Why?

We have developed this comprehensive guide to broaden your perspective when shopping for the best camping accessories. 

Anatomy of An Axe

Each axe has two main sections, which are the handle and head. The section referred to as the bit starts at the top part, referred to as the toe, and ends at the lower section referred to as the heel. The side section of the axe is the cheeks, and the size of this structure depends on the axe's expected uses.

The section with the mounting hole in the axe head is referred to as the eye, while the rear part of the head is the butt. The splitting mauls have extended polls, which let you use the axes as hammers. Also referred to as the haft, the handle features axe head, which is integrated into the shoulder section. You are likely to come across an axe with a unique curve close to the longest part of the handle, which is the belly. It's a unique curve that enhances the performance of the axe, especially when swinging. The section close to the bottom section of the handle, where it curves, is the throat and is a vital section of the grip. 

Features to Consider When Buying an Axe

Handle Quality

The best would be to go for handles made commercial hardwood, and it's famous for its various benefits. A common example would be the hickory handle, which is excellent in many ways. These include its density, durability, strength, and the fact that it can accommodate high impact forces. 

The Weight of the Head

The weight of the head is a crucial factor to consider. The large it is, the better suited for tasks such as tree felling and log splitting. For functions such as kindling, wood carving, and more, consider going for a compact axe. Why? It's because the handle would be much more comfortable to handle.

Axe or Maul: Which One is Better?

When buying a splitting axe, consider the size of items you will be cutting. For instance, when cutting large logs, it would be to go for wedges as the splitting axe won't be effective enough. Why? Because, wedges are ideal for splitting wood, and ensuring the log breaks without any hassles. For those who have to use wedges, consider using a maul instead of an axe. Mauls come with extended polls, which you can use as a hammering mechanism for tapping wedges into the wood.

Length of the Handle

Going for a long handle has many benefits. First, it will improve the range of swing during procedures such as splitting and cutting. More so, handling large cutting tasks efficiently requires the use of a handled axe. Thus, if you want improved control when cutting, consider getting a shorter handle.

Tips from Experts

Using an axe the right way is crucial, especially since some brands have sharp blades. Consider the following tips:

  1. When using an axe, put one hand firmly on the handle's bottom section, while the other sits at the top part of the handle close to the head. When swinging the axe, allow your hand, which is near the head, to slide down the handle until it makes contact with your other hand. It's a technique that ensures you get the most out of each swing of the head.

  2. The most convenient technique for cutting a log would be to develop a V-shaped cut. It involves cutting the log from one section and then performing the cut coming in from the alternate side. Cutting the log using this technique ensures the axe won't bind or stick to the log.

  3. For those who split logs, using a safety block is crucial for both safety and efficiency purposes. 

  4. Learn to allow the axe's weight and the sharpness of the blade to do the cutting work.

  5. Remember to give the axe a slight twist at the moment of impact to provide a more effective splitting effect.

Sharpening and Maintenance

  • Taking good care of your tool is essential because it ensures longevity, and you also save up on cash on buying extra axes. Consider the guide below to get started:


Ensure you sharpen the axe when you notice any compromise in its performance or find it ineffective at making cuts. It's a technique that will improve the longevity of your blade.

During the sharpening process, remember to preserve the bevel angle of the blade. Usually, an axe bevel is convex, never convex, which ensures the blade has optimal strength.

Sharpening your blade using the correct resources is also essential. Consider using a whetstone grinder or manually with some sharpening stones. Also, practice caution when sharpening to avoid overheating the axe head. Why? It's an issue that can damage the steel's temper, in turn causing it to be frail.


Remember to check if the head is tightly fixed to handle when in use. You can also tighten the screws or direct the fixing wedge further into the handle to ensure the head is firm. Also, a regular coating of some oil will ensure the head is safe from rusting issues. Evaluate the handle regularly for signs of damage. Any problems such as cracked or damaged handles mean that you have to get it replaced ASAP!

What is The Purpose of An Axe?

An axe serves three main functions, which include splitting, shaping, and cutting. It's a convenient tool that makes work easier, especially outdoors, where you have to get "down and dirty." The range of axes on the market is diverse, and you have to consider your needs before buying one. The common axe categories you might find include hatchets, tomahawks, camping, and felling axes. 

Top Pick

camping axe

Camping can be an exceptional experience when you have the right resources. Thus, this is why the Intertool Hatchet Axe would be an excellent recommendation for your needs. The camping axe is versatile and can be used for hewing small rounds and kindling as well. Also, the hatchet features a sturdy and fiberglass made handle, which offers many benefits. The handle is shock resistant and with a non-slip grip in all conditions. 

While this hatchet is lightweight and only weighs 1.8lbs, it also has an ergonomic handle that offers optimal leverage with each stroke. Plus, it's easy to transport and available with a silicone bit cover, which you can use to secure the hatchet when it's not in use.

You will be pleased with the practical dimensions of this unit - 14.4х6.5х1 inches – which make it easy to carry along. It's also highly safe and convenient to use, thanks to the protective silicone cap which you can fit on the bit when it's not in use. The red and black contrast will make it easy to find the axe even if it's hidden in the tall grass or underbrush. The end section of the blade has a hole that you can use to hang the axe.


  • Versatile hatchet suitable for hewing small rounds
  • Made using sturdy and fiberglass handle for convenience
  • Easy to transport and available with a silicone bit cover


  • N/A

Also A Top Pick

best camping axe

The LIANTRAL Camping hatchet is also a serious contender on this list of best-camping hatchets. It’s made using forged and high hardness steel – making it easy to chop logs and firewood. Plus, this unit's curved edge means that you can use it for splitting applications, while the chiseled section is ideal for picking.

This unit combines a durable steel ax head and anti-corrosion wood handle to take thigs to the next level. Yes, that's right! This unit has you covered when it comes to holding your axe like a seasoned performer. Plus, the LIANTRAL brand has included benevolent additions such as crisp etching of a Wolf on both sides of the blade. T

The camping hatchet features a nylon sheath, which works well to protect your hand and the sharpened cutting-edge section. 


  • Made using high hardness steel and chiseled edges
  • Has a durable steel axe head and anti-corrosion wood handle
  • Comes with a nylon sheath for protecting the hands
  • Suitable for various applications, including camping and hiking.


  • Slightly heavy than most axes

Best with Hickory Handle 

best survival hatchet

An industry leader, Husqvarna, is among some of the top outdoor product companies today. Thus, you can expect a high-quality solution when you have the Husqvarna 20 inch wooden curved carpenter axe. This unit is ideal for use in various types of carpentry projects. It's a premium hand-forged carpenter axe head, which ensures years of reliable functionality.

The axe might be durable, but it's also lightweight and won't lead to fatigue complications. When it comes to buying an axe, the wood handle material is perhaps the most critical factor to consider. 

Why? Because it affects your performance, and the Husqvarna 20-inch axe is a good example. To be specific, the axe is made using hickory and Swedish steel – which is a material that is famous for its longevity. The axe also has a leather edge cover, which makes it convenient and easy to store. Thus, you are sure your axe will last for many years of reliable cutting performance. 


  • Comes with a hand-forged axe head for optimal cutting performance
  • Made using Swedish and hickory steel material
  • Available with a leather edge cover for ease of storage


  • Could use a much more durable sheath

Also Remember

best survival axe

When it comes to making the most of your outdoor experiences, it's always great to have the right resources with you! Thus, this is why the Edward Tools Harden Camping axe would be an excellent addition to your regimen. Why? Well, the axe features all the unique design factors you need in a good axe.

For instance, it has a blade made using heavy-duty forged carbon steel that will stay sharp for long durations. Even more, the blade is also well balanced to provide the ideal weight ration. As such, it's a sturdy blade for optimal swing momentum and comfortable functionality. Even more, the blade comes with a sheath included, which makes it easy to store.

As one of the most fully functional axes on the market, this unit is available with a grippy rubber handle. The handle makes the axe easy to use and exceptionally safe.


  • The blade is made using heavy-duty forged carbon steel
  • Balanced weight ratio for optimal swing momentum
  • Comes with an ergonomic rubber handle for ease of use


  • N/A
best camping hatchet

You are one step away from becoming a fully equipped camper when you have the Estwing Camper's Axe. Forged in one piece, this unit makes up for one of the most durable axes. It's a powerful tool – perfect for chopping small trees, branches, logs, firewood, and more. Furthermore, the Estwing brand has done well to include additional resources with the axe. It's available with a heavy-duty sheath that will protect your hand from the sharp cutting edges. 

The axe has undergone a drop forging and tempering procedure, to make it a durable tool for various applications. Thanks to the unique campers axe patented shock mechanism, you have a reliable tool that reduces impact resistance. The axe also has a unique head design that features a triangular pivot to make it ideal for pulling hard to get stakes.

You will also be pleased that this unit has an appealing finish to make it a stand out tool from the rest. This all thanks to the polished head and neck.


  • Forged in one piece using durable materials
  • Suitable for chopping logs and splitting trees
  • Comes with a heavy-duty sheath for ease of storage


  • Could use better ergonomics
best camp axe

The WilFiks Chopping Axe is also another excellent addition to your camping regimen. The axe is easy to use to make it ideal for chopping firewood, kindling, and cutting branches. It even has an optimized blade geometry, which ensures optimal efficiency, to ensure more strike splits. With all these unique features, its easy to see why this axe is perfect for hikers, campers, outdoor activities, etc.

Made using forged carbon steel and a heat treated blade, you have a dense axe which offers exceptional efficiency. It's durable, to provide smooth, sharp, and quick splits each time. Also, the ergonomic design features an anti-slip grip and cold-resistant ergonomic handle. It's a unique handle, which ensures you maintain your performance when cutting logs outdoors.

Whether its barks or twigs or everything in between, this axe is the perfect solution no matter what you want to chop. It's a wood splitting tool that is ideal for preparing firewood, kindling, branch cutting, etc. The kindling tool's durable design ensures resistance against issues such as dents, damage, and various tough applications. Yes, that's right! No more worrying about issues such as worn-out tools. 


  • Easy to use blade offers optimal efficiency
  • Made using durable forged steel and a heat-treated blade
  • Has an ergonomic design and shock-absorbing grip
  • Has fully polished and finished edge blade


  • N/A
best hatchets

When you have the right tools, camping outdoors becomes a wonderful experience. Make your camping experiences pleasant when you have the Schrade Mini Axe, made using durable Ti-Nitride coated steel. The steel is durable and covered using a rubber handle for optimal handling. 

As one of the best camping axe brands on the market, there is more than meets this unit's eye. It's a heavy-duty blade, without being overly heavy when in use. Even more, this unit is dependable, and with two convenient locking positions for the saw. With this blade, you can also have the confidence that it won't slip thanks to the black rubber grip. 

While this axe seems compact, it has a heavy-duty design to make it a highly efficient addition to your camping regimen. It cuts effectively, and the self-sharpening blade means that you rarely have to sharpen the blade – how convenient? The a


  • Made using Ti-Nitride coated stainless steel with twice injected rubber
  • Quick and easy access with comfortable locking positions for use
  • Comes with a hammer which also functions a pommel for items


  • The blade is extremely sharp
crkt woods chogan

Make your camping experience more convenient when you have tools such as the CRKT Woods Tomahawk Axe. Made using hot forged 1055 carbon steel, this unit ensures several years of reliable cutting performance. It even comes with a Tennessee hickory handle, which makes it exceptionally comfortable in the hands when in use. 

Thanks to the primary and secondary edge bevels that are flat, such that the axe cuts through timber with efficiency. You will also find the hammerhead convenient for pounding in nails and stakes for the tent that you set up close to your campfire. 

Thanks to the precise blade curve, you are sure of an axe that can deliver deeper bites into the hardwood. The smooth handle can combat fatigue, as the firewood stacks up for optimal performance when in use. Also, the precise engineering ensures you enjoy steady cuts with each swing of the axe.


  • Made using hot forged 1055 carbon steel material
  • The hammer on the back is really useful around camp for pounding in tent stakes
  • The head is easily removable for sharpening on a stone without the handle getting in the way.


  • The finish on the handle is slippery and needs to be sanded off to get a good grip.

Best Camping Axe – Final Thoughts

Making your experience outdoors convenient and fun is all about making the right decisions ahead of time. Preparing ahead of time for your camp experience means that you have to invest in the right resources. Thus, this is why this guide has been all about identifying the best camping axe. Why? If you are going to hammer nails, cut logs, break bones/meat, etc., then an axe is perfect. With the right axe, cutting through material becomes a breeze and is highly convenient. Before getting one though, ensure you consider your needs and the specific features you want in an axe. 

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