Best Camping Table You Can Buy In 2021

For those who are new to camping, you might wonder why you need unique resources if you are to make the most of your outdoor experience. Ask anyone that camps regularly, owning the right resources is crucial for your camping needs. The challenge with camping is that you want to make a portable home that often has limited space.

Aside from your essential camping items, such as tent Heaters and sleeping bags, you need many other items. For instance, the best camping table. In this article, we look at some of the leading table brands for you to consider. We have reviewed some top brands and also outlined some useful information for you to consider.

Let us get started:

Factors to Consider When Buying a Camping Table

A camping table is a dynamic resource because it makes it easy to gather around and enjoy spending leisure time with campmates. Usually, such a table often has a sturdy design that features stable feet to suit different ground conditions. Finding the best camping table is a process that requires research because of the many brands available on the market. Below is some useful information to help you start the process:

Build Quality

The most crucial aspect to consider is the table's durability, which often relates to material construction. A good camping table will easily support items such as cooking material, a few users, etc. That said, do not experience the table to hold as much as you would with a conventional dining table. Why? It's because camping tables are made for portability, and they have relatively small maximum weight capacities. 

Also, check the material construction of the chosen table. It should be durable and have a stylish finish to complement the appeal of your personal space. The material should also be durable enough to withstand exposure to issues such as rust, rain, and more. Most tables are made using MDF material, which is compact and waterproof as well.

Storage Mechanisms and Portability

Some tables come with storage mechanisms. For instance, some brands come with heatproof tabletops, which you can use to hold grills or hot pans. Some will provide lots of storage for items such as ingredients, crockery, and more. It would be good to go for tables with utensil hooks or paper towel holders.

The table should also be portable and convenient to store in your chosen space. Consider going for tables that also fold down conveniently, and even set up fast.

Choosing a Camping Table Based on Functionality

Since they classify as outdoor tables, camping tables are available in different materials and shapes. Some are made using heavy materials such as heavy-duty wood, while others are constructed using MDF. Your preferred size will depend on the space you have available, and the number of users you expect.

If you want a portable table for your campsite, then consider the types made using aluminum material. Why? It's because aluminum is both compact and durable as well. The table should also be compact and collapsible. Usually, a good table is easy to fold up, such that you will find it easy to store in the trunk of your car. Some types even have separate chairs and benches. The seats are not connected to the table, which also makes them simple to move around. That said, they don't provide the same level of stability as those with chairs already integrated to them. 

It would be good for those who have kids if you go for tables that are made using wood or plastic. Plastic is easy to clean, and wood is durable. Plus, these tables are available with many different functions, such as adjustable legs - perfect for growing kids.

Types of Camping Tables

Picnic tables are available in different designs and with as many different functions. Below are the typical aspects you should consider when buying one:

Shapes and Sizes

Picnic tables are available in many shapes with the common ones, including square, rectangular, or even hexagonal shapes. Your preferred table shape will depend on your taste and the way you want to use the table. Plus, round tables can provide more seating for people, when compared to tables with unusual shapes.

The table's size should relate to the number of individuals you expect it to hold and the amount of available space. If you prefer a folding model, you will find it easy to move around as it can break down into a compact unit.

Fixed or folding

If you prefer a light folding camping table, then consider the types made using aluminum. Ensure that you anchor the table to the soil for optimal stability. If it's a wooden type, then go for those with anchors that can lift the ground's feet.

If the table is foldable, ensure it comes with a handle for convenient carrying. Some brands even have tables that fold up into a suitcase-style design.

Camping Table Materials

Your preference depends on various factors at this point. For instance, the way you will use the table, your budget, and more. Ensure you keep track of maintenance factors as well. Below are the common materials:

Wooden Picnic Tables

There are several good things about wooden tables. The first benefit is that they tend to blend well with their surroundings, both when used indoors or outdoors. Besides, wooden tables are available in different types, which are often durable. The typical examples include locust, oak, pine, and more. Plus, some brands go as far as treating their tables to ensure longevity and resistance against pests.

Plus, composite wood tables are made using materials such as plastic and wood fibers. These types provide anti rotting benefits and do not require the same level of care as wood.

Plastic Camping Tables

Plastic picnic tables are also exceptional, mainly due to the broad diversity of tables on the market. Aside from being lightweight and durable, these tables are also available with many different features. Plus, they are available in many different colors and won't require care exceeding soap and water use.

Camping Table Care

Ensure that you store your table in the right place to avoid overexposure to the sun or water elements. This is particularly true if you have a table with delicate materials. During the rainy or winter season, ensure you keep the table in a cool and dry place for the best results. 

Also, ensure you set the table upon a stable ground surface, such as away from gravel or sandy places. Why? Because some tables, such as those with adjustable legs, can be prone to damage. Plus, you can also invest in a protective cover that is perfect for camping table storage purposes.

Best Camping Table FAQ? 

Q. Why should I buy a camping table?

A. There are various benefits to getting a good camping table. For instance, you can use them to set up meals or platforms for setting up laptops or even maps. Thus, tables make up for fully functional additions to your camping space and its good for you to go for the correct types.

Q. What are some of the best features of camping tables?

A. Well, various key factors come into play. For instance, your needs and budget are all critical factors to consider. To be specific, if you need a table for meals and work purposes while at camp, consider features such as weight capacity, material construction, adjustability, and more. These features also apply to people who want the basic tables. 

Q. Do I need any tools to set up a camping table?

It all boils down to the specific type of table you have in your hands. Some brands might require a set of wrenches or pliers to connect all the components, while others are simple fold down tables. As such, your needs, budget and skill level at DIY projects are key factors you should consider.

Best Camping Table For $50

redcamp folding camping

The REDCAMP Folding Camping Table is an excellent recommendation for your camping safe. It's a heavy-duty table that also has a stylish finish. Made using high-density aluminum alloy, this table is perfect for use in small spaces. It is easy to set up within a few minutes, and it also features a convenient carry handle for your needs. 

Plus, while this unit is compact and weighs only 5.5 lbs, it can hold 70lbs. Its lightweight and portable to make it ideal for use outdoors. Designed to a dynamic table, this unit can serve various other applications other than just campsites. For instance, you can use it as a grill table, serving table, and more.

Being able to carry your camp table around should be an essential factor to consider. Thus, this is nothing short of what you can expect when you have the REDCAMP folding table. Thanks to the convenient handle and compact table size, this table is easy to move around and store. You can carry it to your campsite with ease, and it also has a heavy-duty construction.


  • The chair has adjustable heights
  • It is also easy to set up within one minute
  • Weighs 5.5 lbs. and can hold 70lbs of weight
  • The multifunctional table serves several functions


  • Could use ergonomic handles for ease of portability
coleman camping table

Make your campsite much more functional when you have the Coleman Camping table. It's a large table that can accommodate as many as four users. Even more, the table offers compact storage, whereby it features an aluminum slat top. Yes, that's right! It's a highly convenient mechanism from all fronts, and this makes it a top contender in this list 

When shopping for a camping table, it is crucial to evaluate the material construction to ensure the best results. Thus, this table is made using a unique aluminum alloy that provides various benefits. The material is durable and compact at the same time. Most camp tables are made using aluminum because it offers longevity, and is not as frail as plastic tables.

Plus, the portable design means that this unit is easy to tag along to your favorite campsites. The unique snap-together design is easy to set up and break down with ease. It can fold down into a compact unit, which you will find easy to store a bag. Plus, this unit's heavy-duty construction means that you will enjoy several years of reliable table performance. 


  • Has aluminum slat top rolls
  • The snap-together design makes it easy to set up
  • Has a heavy-duty design


  • Only available in one finish
seatopia camping

The Seatopia Camping Table with adjustable height is also another excellent recommendation for your needs. The table has adjustable height mechanisms, meaning that you can customize it to suit your specific camping experience.

While this table offers durability and it's also fully functional, you should also remember that it has a stylish finish. The Seatopia camping table makes up for an excellent way to complement the space within your camping area. 

Besides that, the material construction of this table makes it an outstanding contender on this list. Why? The tabletop is constructed using medium-density fiberboards, for longevity and portability. Also, the frame and legs are made using high-quality aluminum alloy, both compact and heavy-duty. The material also provides various other benefits. It's stain-resistant, sturdy, waterproof, and durable. With a maximum loading weight of 60 pounds, this table is more than perfect for many uses.


  • Height adjustable table is convenient to use
  • Made using medium density fiberboard and frame
  • Has a waterproof and stain-resistant construction


  • N/A

Are you searching for a useful addition to your camping regimen? Well, we highly recommend the SOVIGOUR Aluminium Folding table for various reasons. It's a table that can roll up in seconds, and it also fits conveniently into your carry bag. Plus, the table opens up to a comfortable height, and it can accommodate a fair amount of food and users. You can use it to augment your campsite set up or as just a useful addition to your camping regimen.

Made using a durable aluminum alloy, this table offers both longevity and portability. It also has a unique bracket design that offers triangular stability to ensure the whole table sits stable on your chosen surface. The table is easy to install and provides convenience for your camp experiences. Unlike most tables, it's also spliced, such that you can create a unique table with connectors for ease of use. 

Whether you are an experienced camper who enjoys backcountry hikes or just want to enjoy the outdoors, this table is perfect. It's a fully functional table that offers the space you need to lay food and your meals. 


  • Collapsible table with heavy-duty construction
  • Bracket design offers optimal stability
  • Made using high quality aluminum alloys


  • Prone to staining issues

Best Camping Table Over $50

portal outdoor folding

Get equipped for the camping season when you have the Portal Outdoor Portable Folding Table. It's a compact table that has aluminum legs to suit different heights. The table can suit uneven surfaces to make it ideal for your next camping adventure.

For extra storage space, the camping table has a dynamic design. To be specific, it has a mesh bottom layer, provides more space, and holds all your items. Plus, you will find it easy to remove from the four-leg mechanism when it's not in use.

Thanks to the convenient aluminum slat on this table, it's highly convenient to roll up for storage. Besides that, the legs are foldable, and it has non-skid feet – perfect for uneven surfaces. The included carry bag makes the table compact for storage and transportation applications.

Assembly is also a highly convenient process, which you can complete in a few minutes. The strength and durability of this table will surpass your average expectations.


  • Portable folding table with height adjustable design
  • Has a mesh bottom layer that will provide optimal space
  • Easy to carry and comes with an aluminum slat
  • Comes with a lightweight aluminum frame 


  • N/A
triwonder ultralight

You can make your camping experience more convenient when you have the TRIWONDER Aluminum folding table. The folding table is made using durable aluminum, and its ultra-light with a weight capacity of 20kgs. The convenient aluminum roll-top table is perfect for when you have to move around frequently. 

The aluminum alloy is sturdy and resistant to issue such as oxidation or rust that are common complications. Designed to provide exceptional strength, this table offers an outstanding 20KG load capacity. It's a foldable camp table that has a unique non-slip groove design for optimal balance. You will find it easy to use and can accommodate all your camping items.

As far as set up and installation goes, the TRIWONDER is an excellent solution. Why? It has a split design on the board and bracket for quick set up and optimal mobility. On top of that, the collapsible table is easy to roll up in seconds for ease of set up.


  • Folding table made using durable aluminum material
  • Has a split design for easy carrying and set up
  • Comes with a non-slip groove design for optimal balance


  • Could use an improved bracket structure or design
yahill aluminum

The YAHILL aluminum folding table is also a good recommendation for your campsite. The table is collapsible, and you can put it into a foldable bag for convenient storage. Its super lightweight and portable to make it ideal for use in various types of outdoor spaces.

When buying a camping table, its good to consider the material construction, and go for something that offers value. Thus, this is nothing short of what you can expect when you have the YAHILL Aluminum folding table. It's made using a heavy-duty aluminum alloy, which is both compact and durable at the same time. 

The table is multifunctional, meaning that you can use it both outdoors and indoors. Regardless of where you want to go, the table is a reliable addition to your camping regimen. Besides camping, you can use it at BBQs, as a camping grill, travel, and more.


  • Easy to set up and collapsible table design
  • Small folding table suitable for campsites
  • Made using heavy-duty and durable aluminum
  • Available in three different sizes 


  • N/A
portal outdoor folding portable

You can make your experience during camps convenient when you have resources such as the PORTAL outdoor folding camping table. This unit features telescoping aluminum legs for different heights, and to even fit uneven surfaces. As such, its one of the best ways to meet the demands of your next camping adventure and see why.

For instance, the table features a mesh bottom layer that provides optimal space for holding your items. You can remove the mesh quickly from the table when you don't have to use it. Even more, the table is easy to roll up, and the legs are foldable for ease of use. It also has non-skid feet, which make it comfortable on various surfaces.

The table is available with an included carry bag because it folds up compact for ease of transportation. It has a lightweight frame and roll table, which makes up for a stable structure for your needs. The leg is also adjustable, and the compact design makes the table easy to assemble. You will also be pleased to know the table is easy to carry, without taking up lots of space in your area.


  • Adjustable height table offers optimal convenience
  • Comes with a mesh bottom layer for optimal space
  • Easy to carry and equipped with an aluminum slat


  • The mesh layer is not durable enough

Best Camping Table Over $100

atepa folding bamboo

Foldable, adjustable, and easy to use. These are just some of the few benefits to expect when you have the ATEPA Folding Bamboo table. This unit is compact and weighs only 14lbs. While it's compact, the table has an exceptional weight capacity of 110lbs. It also features an outstanding 100% polyester outer bag for convenient and comfortable transportation.

Plus, the outdoor folding table features safety locks, for optimal stability when in use. The anti-slip foot pads make the table suitable for use in various ground conditions. Made using natural bamboo, this table is water-resistant and environmentally friendly as well. Furthermore, it easy to wipe clean, and the legs are made using high-quality aluminum alloys.

Remember that ease of use should be among your top priorities when you want to buy a good camping table. This is nothing short of what you will get when you have the ATEPA Folding Bamboo Table. The 90-degree swivel mounting and dismounting bracket structure makes it easy to maneuver the table. Besides that, the table's stylish design means that it's a unique and elegant addition to your modern kitchen. 


  • Weighs 14 lbs. and can support 110lbs of weight
  • Comes with 100% polyester and 600D oxford outer bag
  • Has metal safety locks for optimal stability


  • N/A
tire table vehicle

Designed to be easy to set up and install, the Tire Table Vehicle Work Table is also perfect for your needs. It's easy to set up, with no tools required for the process. The table only requires an average of 2 inches of clearance between the fender and the tire.

Also, the high-quality design of the table means it suitable for various types of campsites and applications. In particular, the table sits completely stable, regardless of the ground conditions. Plus, the table features a retractable leg for optimal support when in use.

Many people who seek good tables forget to check the finish on their chosen table brand. Why is it important to check the finish? Its because you are likely to use the table in conditions where it's exposed to elements such as dust, sun, snow, and more. Thanks to the powder-coated finish, you are sure of a table that can withstand exposure to various elements. 

It can also easily hold up to 50lbs in weight, making it suitable for campsites with many people. Even if this table weighs under 13lbs, it's exceptionally durable and ensures longevity.


  • Easy to set up with no tools required
  • Has a powder-coated finish that stands up to the elements
  • Compact and easy to move
  • Sits stable regardless of the ground conditions 


  • N/A
camco 51893

With the Camco 51893 Bamboo Folding Table, you have a stable and reliable solution for your campsite needs. The table is made using all the unique materials you need to enjoy spending time outdoors with friends. To be specific, the table is made using heavy-duty bamboo material, which is not only durable but also stylish as well.

Even more, the table is exceptionally sturdy, and its lightweight telescoping leg makes it stable on most surfaces. As far as storage goes, this table folds flat for convenient storage. The aluminum legs fold flat for transportation, and they can also adjust them to suit your specific needs. Also, the table folds and unfolds with no tools required.

Each leg will securely click in place when extended. Equipped with a convenient carry handle, the table is easy to transport, and the overall design makes it highly portable. 


  • Made using high-quality bamboo material
  • Has a sturdy design with lightweight legs
  • Can fold flat for convenient storage
  • Comes with an easy carry handle 


  • Prone to staining issues
kazmi iron mesh camp table

When you finally realize the importance of convenience, you will also notice the benefits of resources such as the Kazmi Iron Mesh Camp Table. Why? Well, it's an exceptional table that offers the functionality you need in your camping area. For instance, while the table only weighs 10lbs, it folds down easily and can fit in your carry bag. It's the ideal table for various applications, including camping, tailgating, glamping, and more.

With its four-way telescoping system, the table is easy to adjust between four height levels. Thanks to the included extra table legs, you will increase the table height by over 36cm. Plus, it has a sturdy aluminum frame, that makes up for a stable and reliable addition to your camping regimen. 

Equipped with a lightweight mesh table that is powder-coated, you are sure of heat, water, and weatherproof, resistant table. Its also super easy to clean, and you just need some water or soap for the cleaning process. 


  • Ultra-light and portable table is easy to move around
  • Comes with a four-way telescoping system which is easy to adjust
  • Has a sturdy aluminum frame that offers stability
  • Easy to set up and ultra-compact in size 


  • Not suitable for holding large table weights


There is nothing better than when you can spend your leisure time doing what you love. For many people, camping can be an excellent way to escape daily routines and spend quality time with friends. To make your experiences unique, you need the right resources, so the best camping table is a good place to start. When you have an excellent camping table, you will find it easy to set up your meals and sit when using your computer. Also, it can make up for a good way to complement the space at your campsite. 

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