10 Best Food Dehydrator You Can You In 2021

Food preservation is common human activity, among various cultures and countries around the world today. It’s an excellent technique for preserving foods for later dates, such as when you have to live outdoors for long durations. While food preservation is a useful technique, not many people have the expertise or knowledge to do it the right way.

What is the right solution in such a case? Well, an excellent example would be the best food dehydrator on the market. Its a machine you use to remove moisture from your meals, and prepare them for longevity. An excellent example of one in this guide would be the CalmDo Air Fryer Oven Combo 12.7 Quarts, Food Dehydrator. Why? Aside from dehydrating food, you can also use it for various other applications. 

Below is a guide to help you select the right one for your needs:


Best For

Key Features

Fruits, fish, beef, vegetables, and more

  • Provides an exceptional 12.7 quarts of space and 3 levels of air flow
  • The multi functional design with pre-set functions is convenient
  • Comes with a transparent and detachable door for ease of use
  • The inclusion of several accessories making cooking a breeze

Fruits, beef, vegetables, and more

  • Comes with 6 stainless steel and removable trays
  • The rear mounted fan is powerful for air circulation
  • Has a transparent and clear door for your convenience

Fruits, briskets, beef, vegetables, and more

  • Comes with an excellent heating and circulated system
  • Has a large temperature range of 95ºF-158ºF, with 9ºF increments
  • Compact size and see through design makes it convenient

Best Food Dehydrator Between $50 to $100

best food dehydrator

Preserving your food has never been this easy. The NESCO FD-75A Snackmaster Food Dehydrator is an excellent addition to your food storage regimen. The dehydrator comes with an adjustable thermostat that lets you dry foods at various temperatures. Being able to dry foods at specific temperatures is highly important. Why? It's because foods such as vegetables and meat don't have the same drying times. 

The food dehydrator also comes with a top-mounted fan that can deliver an impressive 600 watts of drying power. It's also available with as many as five trays, and you can expand the interior to accommodate 12 trays. The opaque vita save exterior also works well to help block harmful light that might compromise the plants' development.

With the patented flow drying system, you are sure of a system that provides optimal air movement. Therefore, you are sure hot air will move consistently across each tray and provide the best food drying results.


  • Comes with an adjustable thermostat for different types of food
  • Has a powerful top-mounted than can deliver 600 watts of power
  • Equipped with five trays and is also expandable
  • The patented flow drying system is robust and convenient


  • N/A
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Make your kitchen much more functional when you have the COSORI Dehydrator machine. As one of the most dynamic kits, it's available with several components. These include a fruit roll sheet, a recipe, manual, and BPA free trays. 

You will be pleased that this unit is also easy for beginners to use. It's all thanks to the digital timer and adjustable temperature control mechanisms. The exceptional time range of this unit averages between 30min-48hours.

The dehydrator is also easy to clean, especially when it comes to sections such as the base, and you can use a damp cloth. You can even place the fruit roll sheet on the bottom tray, which is a process that prevents dripping issues.


  • Available with several components for ease of use
  • Comes with a digital timer and adjustable temperature control
  • The versatile design makes it perfect for various meal types
  • Quiet in operation and produces only 48db noise


  • Cleaning the interior sections is not easy
excalibur food dehydrator

There is a new method for preserving food on the consumer market, and it's through the use of resources such as the Elechomes Dehydrator. How is this unit perfect for your modern kitchen?

For instance, the dehydrator comes with six stackable clear trays that are made using BPA free material. Each layer of the tray is adjustable two heights, to make it easy to dry various types of food simultaneously. Plus, the transparent trays make it easy to view the food without opening the machine when it's functioning.

You will find it easy to customize the dehydrator to handle all the operations on the screen. The functions you can handle include the drying time, temperature, and more. Powered with an exceptional 400 watts heater and the ability to provide 360-degree circulation, you are sure of excellent results each time. 

The dehydrator also comes with a digital control panel that you can use to achieve specific temperature control results. These include temperature control applications of between 90°F- 165°F and adjust the timer from 45 min - 72 hrs - for excellent dehydration.

Performance and functionality do not end there when you have the Elechomes 6 tray food dehydrator. Wait, there is more? Well, this unit is also easy to clean using a damp cloth, and the six trays are detachable for your convenience.


  • Comes with a digital thermostat and timer
  • It's easy to clean using a damp cloth
  • The six stackable trays are removable for convenience


  • Slightly heavy than most brands
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Change how you preserve food when you finally get the OSTBA Food Dehydrator. Designed to provide excellent temperature control benefits, this unit is perfect for various food preservation applications. It can give an exceptional 240W of power to make it suitable for different types of food. With such a large amount of power, dehydrating your foods is a simple process each time. 

Whether you want to dehydrate meats or even fruits, you can always rely on this unit's performance. The OSTBA brand has also been benevolent by including an additional recipe for your convenience. The dehydrator also comes with a simple setting, whereby you have to press the power button and activate the temperature knob. 

Also, the unique rotary knob is simple to set to your customized temperature levels, and you don't have to press the user buttons repeatedly. Available with as many as 5 BPA trays, you are sure of a dehydrator that can stack massive amounts of food conveniently. These trays are also detachable and machine wash safe. 


  • Dynamic temperature control ranges for the best results
  • Comes with 5 BPA free trays
  • Easy to use design with simple settings


  • N/A
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Enhance the functionality of your garden with the MVPower Food Dehydrator and Food Dryer. It’s a powerful machine that provides a dynamic temperature range, perfect for preparing various meal types. These include ranges between 95ºF-158ºF, with 9ºF increments making it easy to customize the range of temperatures

For effective heating, this unit ensures heat moves conveniently at the bottom, to ensure each tray is well exposed to the air. The trays are easy to clean with a dishwasher, and there are no issues such as sticking to the trays. You will also find it easy to clean the trays using a cloth, and food won't stick to the trays after the cooking process.

The compact design of this unit also leaves a small footprint, and also makes it ideal for drying average-sized foods. The good thing is that this unit will leave a small footprint on your countertops space. Plus, the trays are also see-through, making it easy to keep track of the drying process.

Regardless of the type of snack you want to prepare, this dehydrator is an excellent addition to your modern kitchen. You can use it to dry various kinds of meals, including meat, fruit, vegetables, and pet snakes.


  • Comes with an excellent heating and circulated system
  • Has a large temperature range of 95ºF-158ºF, with 9ºF increments
  • Compact size and see-through design makes it convenient


  • Produces a slight noise when drying food 

Amazing Food Dehydrator Between $100 and $200

best dehydrator for jerky

When you want to rely on a powerful solution for meal preservation purposes, the Nesco Gardenmaster 075 Food dehydrator is an excellent recommendation for your needs. The dehydrator can provide 1,000 watts of power and it's exceptionally efficient to use as well. To make things better, the inclusion of a Coverga-flow drying system works well to push heat air up and across the dehydration system's trays.

Whether you want to heat vegetables, jerky, or fruits, this unit is perfect for your needs. It even comes with a powerful 2,400 RPM motor that is highly efficient. That’s powerful enough to remove the moisture from meats, vegetables, fruits and more. For more nutritious drying, the thermostat offers a dynamic range of between 95-160°F. The powerful thermostat is easy to customize to suit specific meals you might have been preparing.

The opaque Vita-Save exterior is designed to block light, which helps retain more of its nutrients and vitamins during the drying process. The cover and components on this unit are also dishwasher safe to make them highly convenient.


  • Can provide an exceptional 1000 watts of drying power
  • Comes with an adjustable thermostat with ranges of (95°F - 160°F).
  • The machine is dishwasher safe, and the trays are expandable 


  • Produces a slight noise when in operation
stainless steel dehydrator

What do you expect when you get the right food dehydrator unit for your needs? Well, we recommend the Colzer Food Dehydrator is an excellent solution for preserving your meals for future applications. The dehydrator is made using 100% BPA free and food-grade stainless steel for ease of use and longevity.

With a large drying space, you are sure this unit can accommodate as many as eight trays conveniently. Yes, that's right, getting a dehydrator that provides adequate space is crucial, especially if you have to prepare bulk meals each day. You can even use it to dry fruits, meat, flowers, and various types of food. Thanks to the automatic shutdown function and overheat protection function, your meals are always safe. 

Equipped with an integrated air circulating fan, you are sure this unit can produce sufficient hot air convection. It will provide the uniform heat you need to heat al your meals evenly. Since it also features a digital setting and time, you can customize the temperature ranges conveniently between 68ºF to 194ºF. As you would expect with all high-end dehydrators, this unit is noiseless and will produce only 45dB.


  • Made using 100% BPA free food-grade stainless steel material
  • Has an exceptional eight tray capacity
  • Safe to use with an automatic shutdown function
  • The digital settings make it easy to use 


  • N/A
best food dehydrator for jerky

The JAYETEC Food Dehydrator is also an excellent way to preserve your meals and get the most out of them. Why? The dehydrator comes with all the unique features you need to preserve your meals for the next day. For instance, this unit comes with six stainless steel trays that are BPA free and removable to suit a specific height level. Thus, you have sufficient room to get creative when it comes to moving food pieces around in the dryer.

Since the dryer features a digital thermostat and timer, you will find it easy to choose the right temperature for your meal preparation needs. You can also be sure of well over 41 hours of dry time, and select temperatures between 95º F to 158º F. Since different meals require specific temperature levels, this unit makes it easy to choose custom temperatures. 

The other good thing about this food dehydrator is that it has a heavy-duty design. Therefore, you can be sure of many years of reliable food dehydration performance in your kitchen. While this unit may have a powerful motor and heavy-duty design, it takes up a small amount of space and is easy to use.


  • Comes with six stainless steel and removable trays
  • The rear-mounted fan is powerful for air circulation
  • Has a transparent and clear door for your convenience


  • The non-skid feet grips are prone to damage
best dehydrators

Experience convenient food preservation procedures when you have the COSORI Premium Food Dehydrator. The dehydrator comes with a stainless-steel structure and glass front door for your convenience. Whether you want to prepare snacks, fruit leathers, dog treats, or even bread crumbs, this machine is perfect.

It even has a digital control panel that you can set using a special 30-minute timer with increments, and it stretches up to 48 hours. You can even use it to prepare average-sized batches of dried foods, and the temperature range is also exceptional.

Designed to be quiet in operation, this unit is noiseless and will only produce 48db sound – the same sound level in libraries. The best part about it all is that it’s easy to operate because you press the start button, which works well to dehydrate the food as you go to rest. The inclusion of 6 trays on this unit means that you have more than sufficient space to work on your meals.


  • Made using high-quality stainless-steel material
  • Easy to use and available with a digital control panel
  • Noiseless operation with a sound level of 48dB


  • Could use better metric indicators for visibility  
best food dehydrators

The CalmDo Air Fryer provides the space and performance you need to preserve your meals. With an exceptional 12.7 quarts capacity and three levels of airflow racks, this unit lets you do several things at once. Thus, you can prepare and dry meals simultaneously. Whether you want to bake, sauté, grill, or roast, this food dehydrator can do it all.

It can also cook food with super-heated air rather than oil, making it perfect for producing tasty and excellent food each time. Equipped with a stainless-steel chamber with a reflective structure, you can be sure of consistent temperature application results. The skewer racks can rotate 360°, to make it perfect for preparing fully cooked meals. 

You will also be pleased with the transparent and detachable door, making the dehydrator simple to use. The door offers effortless cleanup, and opening the door will help regulate the cooking cycle. Closing the door on this unit will also help ensure it will resume the programmed cooking cycle. You can also turn on the light, and this will make it easy to view the meals as they cook through the thermal protective door.


  • Provides an exceptional 12.7 quarts of space and three levels of airflow
  • The multi-functional design with pre-set functions is convenient
  • Comes with a transparent and detachable door for ease of use
  • The inclusion of several accessories making cooking a breeze


  • N/A

Food Dehydrator FAQ

Q. What foods can you dehydrate?

A. You can dehydrate almost any type of food, excluding dairy products with high-fat content. Plus, unlike meat, fruit, and vegetables, you will have to cook them before the preservation process. You should also know that various types of food require specific dehydration techniques to ensure the best results.

Q. What is the longevity of dehydrated food?

A. Various factors come into play in the longevity of dried food, such as the type, drying time, food ingredients, etc. That said, expect well-dried foods to take between 2 to 12 months.

Q. Does dehydrating food compromise the nutrient content of food?

A. Yes, food dehydration can compromise the nutrient content of food by regulating the dehydration process in relation to the food you want to preserve. Using techniques such as blanching is beneficial when it comes to preserving items such as vegetables.

Q. Does dehydration food kill bacteria?

A. The correct method would be to keep track of the moisture levels in the food. The ideal technique would be to dry the food until it has moisture levels that average between 5 to 20%. At these levels, bacteria that can lead to food decay won't have any chances of surviving. You can use recommendations such as the USDA recommends first heating raw meat to get informed. 

Q. Does dehydrating food compromise enzymes?

A. Yes, dehydrating food can kill some enzymes in food, mostly when dried at high temperatures. Dense foods can withstand high temperatures without compromising the amount of enzymes in the meal. Expect the enzymes to become inactive when the temperatures surpass the 140 to 158 F mark.

Benefits of A Food Dehydrator

Drying foods can be an excellent way to preserve meals. While it may compromise the taste of food slightly, it remains nutritious, lightweight, and offers longevity. The good thing is that many recipes are available on the market you can use to prepare food using dehydrators. Below are some of the benefits of using a dehydrator:

Food Lasts for Long Durations

By controlling the moisture level in vegetables, meats, and fruits, dehydrators are excellent for regulating bacteria's development. If you have several apricots, dry the remaining content and leave the remaining for future consumption. A food dehydrator should improve the shelf life of food by a few years.

Endless Possibilities

The benefits of food dehydrators are clear, but what can you prepare when using these cooking resources? They are excellent for drying various types of foods, including peaches, kiwi, cherries, etc. Plus, the high-end types let you prepare meals such as sweet potato fries without using oil. You can even use them to prepare fruit roll-ups for kids, or perhaps prepare jerky beef meals.

Saves Money

The costs associated with preserving dried food will accumulate over time, especially if you consume it regularly. Consuming your fresh meals at home is an affordable option. For savvy spending, buy your meals in bulk during the right season and dehydrate the incoming months' remaining meals. You won’t experience any loss with meals that you have to throw off as wasted food.

Full Flavor

Removing flavor from food might also compromise its taste, but most high-end food dehydrators are unique. Why? They feature special dehydration mechanisms that won’t compromise the taste of food. Not only is each bite sumptuous, but you also enjoy food that does not have high levels of sugar.

Features to Look For

Horizontal Drying

Even dehydrators with stackable racks are compact; you may have to rotate the racks for the best drying results. Plus, horizontal trays also ensure excellent drying because they provide the best heat exposure. You don’t have to rotate the meals, and you won’t come across icky moisture spots around the meal.

Thermostat Control

Being able to customize the thermostat on your dehydrator is vital so you can customize it to suit different food applications. If you are on a raw food diet, you might benefit from drying the foods using low temperatures. Plus, if you prefer drying products such as meat, its good to turn up the heat.


Controlling the dehydration times of your machine is also essential. Why? Because foods have different moisture levels, and you have to consider this. For instance, vegetables and meats won't necessarily have the same drying times. Usually, timers provide a range of between 2 to 20 hours, with specific time increments for convenience.

Size or space

The ideal dehydrator provides more than sufficient space for preparing your meals. On average, expect anything between 10 to 15 quarts to be suitable for your meal preparation needs. Remember to go for one that features removable or adjustable racks to make it convenient to use. 

Drip Tray and Splatter Guard

These are resources you can use to reduce the drying time required. Ensure you place the drip tray on the lowest section in the air fryer oven, to make it convenient for gathering the remaining oil. Also, get a splatter guard to help stop any splatter that may occur when using the machine.

Easy Access Door and Convenient Accessories

It would help if you had a dehydrator that comes with easy to access doors, for ease of clean up and opening. Usually, such doors feature special sensors that can open or close the door and specific cooking cycles. Plus, you can even customize lights and observe the cooking processes of your meals. The benevolent brands even include accessories such as mesh trays, baskets, rotisseries, and more for your convenience.

Best Food Dehydrator: Final Thoughts

Life becomes easy when you have the right resources and can make informed decisions. We have prepared this guide on the best food dehydrator brands to help you find a better way to keep meals. You no longer have to spend thousands of dollars on food freezing costs or another challenging food preservation technique. With a good dehydrator, preserving your meals is easy, and the best part about it all is that these units are simple to use. As you would expect, making good decisions is essential, and you will find it easy to do with the information in the guide above. 

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