The Best Inground Pool Cleaner – The Essential Equipment For Your Pool

Maintaining our pools can sometimes be quite hard due to our tight schedules or some unavoidable circumstances here and there, or maybe sometimes you just do not want to engage yourself in the pool cleaning process.

Nevertheless, our pools must be maintained! Here is an avenue that would ideally help you, desirably save on that maintenance time and energy by informatively having to choose the best inground pool cleaner. In this article, we will tell you all about inground robotic pool cleaners which are very popular thanks to their advantages.

What Factors Make The Best Inground Pool Cleaner?

Budget friendly

The budget to be incurred ranges, depending on the amount of money you would have to spend, in order to experience the final results of a robotic pool cleaner; having your pool impressively healthy and clean for use after use during the day.

Some inground pool cleaners push you to incur high initial and maintenance costs whereas others are quite lower contrastingly. The best inground pool cleaner would cost you the lowest running and energy costs with a high convenience altogether.



The efficiency of a machine entails the degree of energy contribution that the machine consumes being converted to useful energy production or excellent work.

The best inground pool cleaner would greatly save your pool filter the work hence lower costs for energy. In addition, it would cut down the amount of time you backwash and most importantly reaches out to all the pool parts without getting stuck at a particular point.


Warranty simply comes with the assurance that you can always count on the manufacturer in case of any discovered mistake or misbehavior from the machine, which saves on repair costs.

Some companies would give 12 months while some offer 24 months and others even go an extra mile of up to 3 years. I think very costly inground pool cleaners should have a reasonably longer warranty period to help in saving cost.

Brilliant filtration unit


Generally, all inground pool cleaners have filters. The most essential point of all is the degree of excellence delivered by the filter.

It should efficiently perform the filtration of the pool, leaving behind a very healthy and worthwhile pool for the users or family members. Some filters perform with up to 4500 gallons per hour.

Ease of installation

Comfort and convenience are some of the major things that manufacturers strive to achieve in the creation of machines. An easy time while installing the pool cleaner might be an added advantage in the search for the best inground pool cleaner in a market.

Plug and play


The best inground pool cleaner one should enhance convenience instead of having to make it operational after placing in the pool. When dropped inside the pool it should simply be ready to play.

Apart from the mentioned guidelines, chemical usage of the cleaner ought to be low, it should be able to at least climb the pool wall and clean them as well, and lastly, it should have a very low or manageable degree of noise production.

How Inground Robotic Pool Cleaners Work?

Robotic pool cleaners function variably depending on how it is made by the manufacturer. Basically, it has two motors, which include a motor that facilitates the movement of the pool cleaner in the pool and another one that helps in the sucking of debris, sediments, sand, grit and any other contaminant that may be existent in the pool.

Advancement in technology has seen many inground robotic pool cleaners operate with a high degree of computerization, thereby saving on chemical usage and energy rather than a high dependence of the in-built pool pump.

What Are The Things You Should Know Before Buying The Best Inground Robotic Pool Cleaner?

Its ability to wash the pool walls

Quite a number of robotic pool cleaners are designed to clean the pool floors. A very important function. According to the design of all pools the walls also equally need some thorough washing like the pool floor.


As much as many robotic pool cleaners are just floor oriented, they might be ideal for one or two, but speaking of the best inground robotic pool cleaners, the pool walls might have algae amongst other contaminants, which need to be gotten rid of from the pool.

Energy and efficiency

Earlier in time, the old-fashioned pool cleaners used to consume a very large amount of energy compared to the new models in the current market. The older pool cleaners used to take up almost 1000 watts of energy.

Lately, efficiency and energy are joined up in one machine to give you an energy efficient machine with the ability to help in energy minimization. They use relatively low volt units of up to 24 volts, which save 80% of energy.

Entangling of cables


Beware of tangling cables. Tangling cables might reduce the expected performance of the robotic pool cleaner. The best one should have strong, cable swivel with tangle resistance in order to effectively stretch out to every inch of the swimming pool without any stress.

Value for money

In choosing the best inground robotic pool cleaner in the market, you should not leave out the value for the money you pay while purchasing the pool cleaner.

The price charged for the cleaner should be relative to similar cleaners in the market, having in mind the various features, running costs and the ability to clean and perform well.

Debris And Sediments

Pools have a range of contaminants, from large debris to very small debris. Picking on the best inground robotic pool cleaner insinuates that it can deal with all sizes of debris and sediments not leaving out sand particles and grit.

Take a quick look at 3 best inground robotic pool cleaners in the market:

1. Dolphin Triton Robotic Pool Cleaner

The heavily built inground pool cleaner with a unit weight of 18.75 lbs., is well equipped for the cleaning of pool floors, walls, and even steps. It cleans pools to the surface. It is capable of completing a cleaning cycle in three hours.

The pool cleaner has a remote control integrated with a touch guided navigation operation and a spring-cleaning filter that can be optionally utilized if need be.

It also prides a swivel cable that strongly prevents entwining of the cable. Dolphin Triton robotic pool cleaner comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Dolphin Triton Robotic Pool Cleaner



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    The pool cleaner is excellently efficient in its functioning as it approximately costs the user $0.15 for every cleaning.
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    Its cartridge filter can easily be cleaned hence the convenience.
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    It comes with a 2-year warranty that saves on labor a great deal.
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    It prides a low running cost to the user.
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    The pool clean is a plug and play machine so it does not require pre installation and bare any connections to the pool unit.
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    The swivel cable makes it an anti-tangle cable giving it the advantage of efficiency.
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    It masters your pool and as a result self-programs itself according to your pool structure.


  • Its motor is quite expensive to replace.

2. Polaris F9450 Sport Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner

Polaris sport robotic inground pool cleaner is an inground fully fledged pool cleaner that effectively captures a 50 ft pool, leaves out neither the pool walls nor the tile lines.

The intelligently built pool cleaner’s timer can be seven days priory programmed. Large debris is not an issue for such a powerful four-wheel drive inground based pool cleaner.

It proudly overcomes large debris due to its extra-large size. The huge canister provides it the ability to reduce the number of times you empty it, and this might be the reason why it is considered and ranked to be one of the best inground robotic pool cleaners.

It boasts an auto lift system that enables it to lift itself thereby boosting convenience.

Polaris F9450 Sport Robotic



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    Programmable which gives it an added advantage
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    Easily portable into and out of the pool
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    Efficient in its cleaning
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    Light in weight making it very portable
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    2-year warranty


  • Costly
  • Tentatively, it does not completely climb the pool walls

3. Hayward TigerShark Quick Clean Robotic Pool Cleaner

The bifunctional robotic cleaner does automatic cleaning and quick cleaning as well. The cleaner is highly energy efficient, as it automatically scans through your pool and actuates the size of the pool according to its findings and picks on the best available strategy to work on the pool without going out of the way.

On the other hand, its quick cleaning function gives you an option if you are in a hurry. It quickly scans the pool and uses the least time possible to finish up the whole pool depending on the shape and size of the pool.

Hayward TigerShark



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    Removal, cleaning and replacement of the cartridge filter is very easy compared to working using the filter bags.
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    There is no point of washing its cartridge after operation
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    The machine is strong as it does not get stuck easily during usage
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    It is more efficient when using the cartridge filter rather than the filter bag system.


  • It does not have a remote control
  • It can not climb the pool walls.


The best inground pool cleaner is the one that following professional criteria, satisfies every bit of your needs. Energy efficient, budget-friendly, easy to handle pool cleaner might serve you the most with a high level of convenience.

Choosing the best one and the most suitable one for your needs, budget and other requirements takes a lot of time. Hope this guide about the best inground pool clearer helps you facilitate the task. If you have your own experience, don’t hesitate to share it in the comment box below.

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