8 Best Low Bed Frames to Buy in 2021

A bed frame can make or compromise the overall functionality as well as the feel of your bedroom. Also, even if a mattress plays a significant role in comfort terms, from a design perspective, a bed frame is much more critical. You need a bed frame that is perfect for your bedroom space, and your physical characteristics as well. 

Beyond design, bed frames play various other vital roles. Some will elevate or perhaps dictate your resting position, thus making it convenient to move in and out of bed. In this case, the best low bed frames are perfect for short people, or perhaps those that have an already limited bedroom space. However, tall users or maybe people with back health complications would not find this type of bed suitable. 

Before buying the best bed frame, there are various vital factors you should consider. Even if the bed is low in height, you still have to look at the frame construction, the choice of material, the weight of the bed, and more. This way, you can pick a bed that suits your bedroom space as well as your specific rest or sleeping needs.

How to Pick the Best Low Bed Frame

There is no denying it, bed frames are available with many different features, and design considerations, that a savvy homeowner has to consider. However, most of these factors are sometimes overwhelming, which can make it challenging to get a good bed. We have boiled down these critical factors into a small but comprehensive best bed frame buyers guide. They include: 

Size is Important

The first aspect to consider is the sizing of the bed. Yes, that’s right! Low profile beds are available in many different sizes. To be specific, you want a bed with a design that blends naturally with your room. A mattress that overwhelms the room by consuming too much space can be a challenge.

Furthermore, also consider that not all bed frame sizes are standardized. The sizes can differ based on various factors, including the country of production, the bed brand, and more. The bed should also be compact in size without causing any compromise to the durability of the strength of the bed. It should also be easy to carry around and set up using the conventional DIY tools that you have at home.

You Need a Proper Mattress

Once you determine the specific amount of space that you have available, ensure that you invest in a proper mattress. There are various types of mattresses available, each with its own merits and demerits. Choosing an appropriate frame of bed for your needs goes hand in hand with selecting a suitable frame. Even if it’s possible to choose a mattress that is large as the room allows, consider getting one that offers a perfect fit. It will make the room much more organized, and also make it easy to use the bed. The mattress should also be durable enough to provide several years of reliable longevity. The last thing is a mattress that makes you feel like Will Ferrell in the movie Elf. In this YouTube Video, you can learn lots about choosing a proper mattress for your needs. 

 Determine Which Style Suits Your Needs

Since your bed plays a significant role in the design of your room, consider getting a suitable bed frame that matches your preferences. For instance, consider evaluating the specific aspects of the bed, such as the headboard, footboard, the material, and more. You want a bed that sets the mood and blends with the design aesthetics of the room, as well. The style of the bed might also border on the material types, which we have covered down in the section below. Go for a bed material type that suits both your needs and the rest of the components in your room. 

Types of Bed Frames

There are various types of bed frames, and you should learn about them before investing in a low frame. Usually, most people prefer box spring or platform beds. The benefit of using a platform bed frame is that you won’t need a box spring. If you want more firmness, then consider a bed that does not have a box spring. This way, you will enjoy a firmer bed surface, which does cause discomfort, especially as the night progresses. That said, consider these top types of bed frames and their features:

  • Platform bed frames - these beds don’t have a box spring and are usually low-profile bed frames. Thus, they are ideal for short people or those who have limited room space. More so, the platform bed frames are often much more affordable than their counterparts.
  • Box spring bed frames – these types are typically higher up off the ground, thus making them easy to use. Also, the box springs often have unique slats, which help to prevent issues such as mattress sagging. The box spring frames are the ideal options for those who feel they prefer a “traditionalist” approach towards interior décor.
  • Specialty bed frames – these are beds that are available in different types and are often suited for specific purposes such as the lobbies or patios. Some of the best examples of special bed frames include canopy, four-poster, and daybeds.

Material Type

If durability is an essential factor for you, then a metal frame would be most suitable for your needs. With adequate care, the metal frames will last for many years and won't suffer from damage. Furthermore, the wooden frames are also durable and can work well with various types of modern interior décor. More so, the wood and metal bed frames are relatively low maintenance, as well as easy to set up. 

Most wood beds are classified either under the “hardwood” or “softwood” categories. However, such a material classification has nothing to do with the actual firmness of the material. 

​Top 8 Low Bed Frames

haageep black queen bed frame

You are one step away from owning one of the best low bed frames, which is the HAAGEEP Black queen bed frame. This unit has a heavy-duty frame with a sturdy steel structure that produces noise-free operation benefits each time. Furthermore, the lack of a box spring design, means that this unit can match the standard and twin-size mattresses with ease. The bed also sits 14 inches high, and can also provide 12 inches of sufficient under the bed storage.

The no-slip design means that the frame encloses the mattresses in bed frame, thus reducing any wobbling or sliding issues. It is also easy to assemble, and without any tools required to complete the process. The bed frame also has a black metal material construction, which offers several days of reliable longevity. 

For those who want a bed frame that leaves a small footprint in your already limited room space, consider getting this HAAGEEP bed frame. It also has a durable paint coating that can resist exposure to water or even dirt over the years. To make things better, the bed frame comes with unique plastic caps on the feet that won’t damage the structure of your floor.


  • Heavy-duty bed with sturdy steel structure
  • No box spring required and easy bed assembly
  • Non slid design avoids sliding or wobbling
  • Ease assembly with no tools required


  • Set up might take a significant amount of time
  • The slats are overly large for some users
tatago platform bed frame

Life is much more fun when you can enjoy high-quality sleep. This is why the TATAGO 3500lbs heavy-duty wooden slat bed frame might be an excellent place for you to start. The bed frame comes with a reinforced tubular steel frame with a center support mechanism. Thus, you can be sure that the bed offers optimal stability and can support as much as 3500lbs easily. The inclusion of sturdy square steel slats also provides optimal support for various types of mattresses. 

Each leg and pole are seamlessly welded at both ends, to make the bed frame firm. More so, such a unique design helps to prevent structural twisting and to provide noise-free operation. The bed can also provide multiple points of contact with the floor. The inclusion of 20 removable widened wood slats means that you mattress sits stable regardless of your body weight.

On top of that, the bed is also headboard and footboard compatible, thus offering optimal height and support for your needs. Thanks to the unique fixed card slot design, the low bed frame provides a much safe solution and can prevent issues such as structural twisting.


  • Reinforced square tubular steel frame with center support
  • Provides 14 inches height storage space under the bed
  • Each led pole and support frame are seamlessly welded
  • 20 removable widened wooden slats for mattress stability


  • N/A
ziyoo 14 inch platform bed frame

Enjoy your nights of sleep with a good bed such as the ZIYOO 14-inch bed frame. It comes with 11 premium steel slats that will provide optimal support for a foam mattress. Furthermore, the bed is also 20% stronger and heavier than the conventional bed frame size. With the reinforced steel structure, this bed frame will prevent any issues such as squeaking or accidental sliding when you rest. 

The inclusion of a silent cushioning gasket also provides noise-free use and minimal sound. It is also simple to assembly within minutes, and the entire set comes with extra tools included. Even more, the bed frame also does well to provide as much as 12 inches of optimal under the bed storage.

While this is a low-profile bed, it can fit various types of mattresses easily. It even features special metals slats and rails that ensure your bed stays stable at all times. The headboard and footboard on the ZIYOO 14-inch low bed frame are also securely installed. Therefore, the bed not only takes up a small footprint in your room space but also sits stable regardless of your weight.


  • Steel slats make the mattress stable
  • Reinforced steel structure prevents mattress squeaking
  • Sturdy headboard and footboard design
  • Easy to assemble in minutes and without tools required


  • N/A
zinus joseph modern bed frame

Whether you are a busy professional who wants a small space solution for your condo or a piece of functional furniture for your dorm, the Zinus brand has you covered. Yes, the Zinus Joseph Modern Studio 6-inch Low profile bed frame is the perfect addition to your personal space. The unique and functional furniture is well upholstered to make it an excellent addition to your personal space. 

The Zinus Joseph Modern Low Bed Frames also has a reinforced tubular structure, that will provide years of reliable performance. The makers of this bed have also done well to ensure that the legs on this bed offer multiple points of contact with the floor. Thus, you can be sure of a stable bed, regardless of the nature of the floor surface. Sitting at only 6 inches high, this bed frame is perfect a higher profile mattress, and for your modern interior styling needs. 

Similar to most high-quality low-profile bed frames, this unit can support multiple mattress types. For instance, the bed can support spring, hybrid, and memory foam mattresses with ease. It even comes with steel slats, that will prevent issues such as sagging, while also improving the lifespan of your mattress.


  • Can support various types of mattresses
  • Sturdy steel frame structure with wood slats
  • Assembles easily in minutes and reinforced steel structure
  • Reinforced and durable steel structure


  • The bed could use a much more durable paint finish
  • Setting this unit up requires more than just a simple wrench
dhp maven upholstered bed

For those who are not aware, DHP stands for Dorel Home Products. This bed is well upholstered to make it an excellent sleeping solution for your guest room. Furthermore, the bed features clean lines, sleek detailing, and a low-profile height for optimal user convenience. Thus, the bed does well to provide a stylish and modern look to make it excellent for most contemporary spaces. 

The inclusion of metal side rails also guarantees stability and durability, with a center metal rail for enhanced bed support. It also features a slat base to make it easy for air to pass through beneath the bed, thus keeping the mattress fresher. The slats adapt to the weight exerted on them, thus providing optimal support. Therefore, you will find it easy to use this bed frame without having to own a box spring. As one of the flagship beds from the DHP brand, this unit also features a unique slat system. 

The unique slat system helps to keep your mattress fresher for longer, thus enhancing the quality of your sleep each night. For those love interior design, the DHP Maven Upholstered bed is also available in various types of trendy colors and materials. Such a diverse selection in finishes and colors means that you can own a reliable bed to suit your modern styling needs.


  • Upholstered bed makes up for an excellent addition to most modern spaces
  • Adapts well to the weight exerted on them
  • Setting this bed up is easy and within minutes
  • Slat bases provide optimal air ventilation


  • Could use an improved headboard and footboard design
  • The bed is too lightweight for some users
manhattan queen bed frame

This list would not have been complete without the Manhattan Queen Bed Frame. It comes with a unique bed frame and a headboard that can fit the common types of mattresses. Even more, the bed comes with wooden slats that eliminate the need for a box spring while also enhancing the lifespan of your mattress. This unit has a modern design that fits any room. It has sleek and contemporary lines that are perfect for setting the mood in any limited space.

The padded frame and headboard are soft to touch. Also, the bed is upholstered in a rich ebony-colored faux leather material for optimal comfort. The bed is simple to assemble within minutes, and it can sit stable on most types of floor surfaces. It also has a modern design that does well to fit in any contemporary space. The sleek finish on this bed frame will make your interior space, the envy of friends when they come over to visit. 

Additionally, the padded queen bed frame and headboard are soft to touch and upholstered using rich ebony-colored faux leather. You will also appreciate the high-quality instruction manual included to make the assembly process convenient.


  • Comes with wooden slats that eliminate the need for a box spring
  • Sleek and contemporary design fits any room
  • Padded frame and headboard is soft to touch
  • Simplified design is easy to assemble in minutes


  • The quilted material on the headboard is not durable
  • Produces some squeaking noise when in use
zinus arnav modern studio

Are you searching for the perfect bed frame for your needs? Well, consider the Zinus Arnav Modern Studio 10 Inch Platform Bed Frame. It comes with firm mattress support, with ten slats to prevent sagging and to improve mattress life. Furthermore, the bed assembles in minutes, and the core composition also features heavy-duty rails.

The inclusion of plastic feet on the bed also works well to prevent your feet from any type of damage. On top of that, you can even add a foam-padded tape on the steel frame for noise-free, and non-slip operation. The bed has an exceptionally low-profile design with 10 inches height and 7 inches of clearance under the frame. 

It also has openings in two of the legs, that will make it easy to attach a headboard to this best low bed frame. The Arnat Platform Bed 2000 also has exceptional styling and will provide optimal mattress support. The inclusion of metal side rails offers stability and durability, while a well-positioned center rail offers support. The slat bases also provide optimal ventilation beneath the bed, thus keeping the mattress fresh for longer. More so, the slats also adapt well to the weight exerted on them, which will ensure optimal support for as many as three users.


  • Strong mattress support with ten wood slats to prevent sagging
  • Assembly is also easy and with wooden slats
  • Foam padded tape added for noise-free operation
  • Low profile 10-inch height and 7 inches of clearance 


  • It takes a lot of time to set up the bed correctly
  • Lacks plastic caps that prevent floor damage
zinus trisha bed frame

You are one step away from enjoying the best sleep quality with the Zinus Trisha 7 Inch bed frame. This unit is simple to use with or without a box spring, and you can even personalize the mattress to suit your height. The bed also has a sturdy steel matte black structure with wood slats to prevent any sagging and to improve the lifespan of your mattress. It also features a foam-padded tape, which is added to the steel frame for noise-free operation. The bed also has a non-slip tape on the wood slats, which ensures your mattress never moves unnecessarily.

This heavy-duty and sturdy mattress foundation will provide the perfect blend of style and strength. It is ideal for higher profile mattresses, or perhaps for people that want a modern styling at home. The added strength steel framed mattress foundation also has special wooden slats. The slats will offer optimal support for various types of mattresses, including foam, latex, and spring mattresses. 

With your needs in mind, the Zinus Brand has done well to incorporate various types of benevolent features in this bed. For instance, the bed has an in-built support system, which features slats and a durable headboard. This way, your mattress sits stable on the bed, and such a unique design also enhances the lifespan of the mattress.


  • 7-inch low profile foundation supports many types of mattresses
  • Easy to use with or without a box spring to suit your needs
  • Sturdy steel matte black structure with wood slats
  • Foam padded tape added for noise-free operation


  • The bed is not suitable for extra-large users
  • The in-built slats are not ideal for large mattresses


Finally, the quality of your sleep is crucial, which means that you have to own the best sleeping regimen that you can afford. We have compiled a list of some of the best low bed frames reviews and various other useful information for you to consider. While a low bed frame might not be ideal for tall people, it works well for the needs of many different users. For instance, short users or people who already have limited bedroom space will benefit from owning these types of beds.

Similar to investing in any type of bed or sleeping accessory, making informed decisions is critical. You may have to consider aspects such as bed construction, material type, ease of use, and more.

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