6 Best Portable Battery Generator Reviews & Guide

What happens when you want a compact power supply unit, which you can carry along to your outdoor trips or for convenient power supply? Well, introducing the best portable battery generator review, which is an excellent place for you to start. Just as the name suggests, a portable generator is a compact unit, which you can easily carry along as you move outdoors. More so, most of these machines are often incorporated with special features to make them fully functional electrical supply units.

For instance, you can expect features such as SOS lights, LEDs, ergonomic handles, and more. Thus, when buying a portable generator, there are a few key factors that you have to consider for the best results.

Q. What devices can a portable battery generator power?

A. The generator can supply power to devices within its power rating level. You might have to check with your manufacturer or the user manual guide.

Q. How can I estimate the working times for my device?

A. For instance, if you have a 500Wh device, you can use this formula: 500Wh * 0.85 / operating power of your device.

Q. How long does it take to charge the power station fully?

A. An average of 8 hours when using an AC power outlet.

Q. Are there any power safety issues that I should take into consideration?

A. Never put sharp objects into the power outlets, and avoid powering any device that has a large power capacity than your generator can produce.

Features to Consider

Power Performance

You want to go for a portable generator that has excellent batteries, which are usually lithium-ion batteries. These are perfect because they don’t require any fuel or gasoline to operate, and no fumes will be produced when its in use. The battery should also be powerful enough for your devices, including smartphones, laptops, fans, and more. This way, it becomes a convenient power supply source for places such as campsites, tailgate parties, home improvement projects, and more. 

A key aspect to consider is also how you can recharge the battery. Simply put, you want a battery that can charge in the sun in a few hours, through the use of a solar panel. Furthermore, the generator should also be able to charge through a wall outlet or car cigarette port. Some generator brands even come with pure sine wave technology that provides safe power for your devices.

Safety Features and Noise Produced

While a generator is a reliable power supply unit, you should also note that these units tend to produce some noise during operation. This occurs due to the mechanical and magnetic components, which are in motion as it works to produce electricity. However, the noise level should not surpass the 50dba mark, as any level higher would be too loud.

On top of that, you want to consider the safety features that are available on the device. For instance, it should come with features such as a battery management system, short circuit protection, voltage control, and more. Some generators even feature sine wave AC outlets, which ensure a safe charge for your sensitive devices.

Portability and Safety Features

How convenient is the generator to carry? Well, you will have to evaluate various components of the unit, including the handles and its overall weight. On average, you want a unit that is between 3 to 10 kgs in weight. This way, you can easily carry it along, and you never have to worry about power shortages. Some generators come with unique anti-collision strips. These help to protect the generator against impact and heavy forces. Some brands makers even go as far as incorporating their products with several additional features. These include features such as temperature control, voltage control, short circuit protection, and more.

How to Choose the Right Generator for The Job

You have seen what occurs during natural disasters, storms, or perhaps when you are outdoors hiking. It's always good to have a reliable way through which you can power your favorite devices. To determine the amount of power your need, consider these key steps: 

  • What do you need to power? Make a list. Determine the items you need to power your appliances when there is a power outage. Some people have in-home medical tools, which are a priority.

  • In some cases, you have a computer or server that requires power regularly. If you need a generator for the job site or recreational purposes, then list the tools you will need to use a well. Being able to come up with this list will make it easy to narrow down a suitable brand for your needs. 

  • Determine the power required to start each appliance? Ensure that the generator is powerful enough to start your appliances. The starting watt level is the amount of electricity needed to start an appliance. Usually, its averages at two or three times more the power required to operate the appliance. If you don’t have owners manuals, then consider using a wattage calculator to make things easy. 

  • Estimate your average power needs. This is a two-part equation. First, you will have to add the total running watt level for all the tools that you want to power. This equals the total running watts the generator should produce to operate your equipment. Then, add this amount to the starting watt level of your device. You should now have the average amount of power required to start and operate your devices.

To buy a portable generator, consider these key steps:

  • Determine your power needs. On average, the power ratings for portable generators average between 1,000 to 10,000 watts.

  • Think about ease of use. Most portable generators come with wheels or ergonomic handles, which make them easy to carry. If you need one with wheels, consider going for one with never-flat tires for ease of transportation over rugged terrains.

  • Look for a generator with at least 6 hours of runtime. This provides you with sufficient time to complete your work, or perhaps wait to get a nearby power outlet. 

  • Count the number of outlets you need on the generator. This depends on the number of appliances that you need to power at the same time. Check the appliances to determine the type of outlets you need.

​Top 9 Portable Battery Generator Reviews

westinghouse wgen2000

Is portability a key factor for you when buying generators for your needs? Well, the Westinghouse WGEN3600v portable generator might just be perfect for your needs. This unit has an exceptional running watt level of 3600 watts, and it operates on a 4-gallon fuel tank. Furthermore, it also comes with power outlets that have rubber covers for optimal safety.

Furthermore, this unit comes with a host of unique additional features to make machine use convenient. For instance, it features an oil funnel, tool kit, and user manual. The generator is also powered by an exceptional 212cc four-stroke OHV engine, with a long-lasting mechanical design structure. Thanks to the low oil shutdown feature, this machine starts and shuts down easily each time. The control panel comes with guided yellow touchpoints, while VFT data center provides real-time insight to keep you up to date on machine performance. 

The WGen3600v generator is compact for project use, camping, or even home use as an emergency power backup unit. It comes with a unique TT-30R 30A-120V outlet, which you can use to power a trailer or RV. On top of that, this generator has a hardened steel frame with added roll bars, and a durable outlet cover to suit your unique power supply needs.


  • Comes with rubber covers for added safety
  • Plug and play design available with many additional accessories
  • 4 Gallon fuel tank with gauge
  • Hardened steel frame with roll bars


  • Could be available in many finishes
  • The handles should be more ergonomic

Editor`s Choice

a-ipower sua2000iv

You are one step away from owning a convenient and portable generator for your needs. The AiPOWER SUA2000Iv super quiet generator is both reliable and robust at the same time. Designed to provide as much as 7 hours of run time, this unit is reliable and perfect for your power generation needs. It comes with low idle technology, which makes it easy to enjoy added power supply for your machine. More so, this unit is powerful but will produce a small amount of noise during operation.

Aside from being a compact unit that you can use for power supply purposes, this unit also has a heavy-duty design. Thus, it does not mind getting tossed around in the trunk of your car as you travel to the beach or perhaps to a local campsite. The handles on the A-iPower SUA2000Iv are also ergonomic, thus making them easy to carry around. 

In fact, it operates at a sound level of 58dBa, which ensures quiet operation such that you won’t startle your neighbors or other house members. Designed to provide clean and reliable power, this unit features unique inverter technology. This way, you can enjoy safe and clean electric flow for all your devices.


  • Can provide up to 7 hours of run time
  • Exclusive low idle technology improves performance
  • 58 Dba noise level for quiet operation
  • Top-notch inverter technology


  • The LEDs are not easy to see in poor light
  • Could use non skid feet

Top Contender

jackery power station explorer 500

Portable power supply has never been convenient. Why? one might ask? Well, its because the Jackery brand is among some of the leading brands today producing useful power supply units. Take, for instance, the Jackery Portable 518Wh power station. This unit is the perfect solution for your unique power supply needs. It’s a versatile outdoor power supply unit that comes with a pure sine wave av outlet. More so, the power station provides stable power to several types of AC devices. These can include projectors, small blenders, pellet smokers, and more. 

Similar to all high-end portable generators that you have come across, this unit provides as many as three ways of recharging. You can recharge it under the sun using a solar panel, or through a car cigarette port or from a power outlet. With such a dynamic array of features and benefits, you are sure of a reliable addition to any indoor power supply projects.

The portable battery generator is also suitable for RV lightings, outdoor grill parties, trailers, and more. More so, the pure sine wave inverter.


  • Powerful 518Wh power station is reliable
  • Lithium battery pack for dependable use
  • Dynamic ways of recharging devices
  • Stable power station suitable for various outdoor settings


  • Detaching the battery for replacement is not easy
  • Charging via solar takes a lot of time

Other Top Considerations

rockpals 250-watt portable generator

Upgrade your power supply regimen with the Rockpals 250-watt portable generator. This unit is the perfect power back up plan for a vast array of applications. It comes with a high capacity lightweight lithium power pack to make it ideal for your needs. More so, the polymer batteries are compact and powerful enough to charge various types of electronic devices. With such a unique diversity of features, you can easily use this unit to charge an iPad, laptop, fans, TV, and more.

Aside from being reliable for power supply purposes, this unit is also a solar generator, which is useful for various applications. You can use it in your RV, camper, camping, emergencies, and more. Designed to be easy to recharge, you can power this unit by using as many as three techniques. For instance, you can use a solar panel, wall outlet, or plugging into a 12 socket. Thus, you always have a reliable method through which you can power your battery generator. 

As a pure sine wave inverter, you can be sure of a clean power supply for your favorite devices. The inductive load machines such as microwaves run more efficiently when in operation on the power from this unit. The best part is that it’s a gas-free power source, which runs quiet and won't produce noise during operation.


  • 250-watt powerful AC, USB and 12 V outputs
  • High capacity and lightweight power pack
  • Easily rechargeable in three ways
  • Pure sine wave inverter supplies clean power


  • Warms up when used for several hours
  • Could use more sockets for convenience
rockpals 300w portable generator

You can never go wrong with a Rockpals Generator. This is why this list would not have been complete without the Rockpals 300W portable generator. It’s an excellent power supply unit for your iPad, laptops, fans, TVs, and more. Featuring a powerful lithium-ion battery, this unit provides more than sufficient power for your needs. It is also compact and weighs only 7.3 lbs. in size. The solar generator is handy, and you can use it in various places, including your RV, camper, and even for emergencies. 

To make things better, the ROCKPALS brand has done well to ensure that this unit provides more than three ways of recharging. You can use the sun or wall outlet or a car charger. Are you worried about whether this unit can supply clean power? Well, it is also capable of producing a pure sine wave, which ensures clean power like the utility-supplied electricity.

The best part about owning this portable generator is that it's gas-free, and it runs quietly with no fumes produced during operation. This power station also provides you with access to various power supply benefits and resources. 

Its available with a 12v outlet, for car powered devices under 96w such as air fans. More so, it also features a 24v dc, which is suitable for connecting 24 devices.


  • High capacity and lightweight lithium power pack
  • Easily three-way rechargeable
  • Dynamic power outlets to suit different types of devices
  • Heavy-duty portable inverter structure


  • N/A
baldr portable power station 330w

Robust, reliable, and compact. These are just some of the few benefits you can expect when using the BALDR portable power station. It’s got all the unique features you will require in a reliable power supply source for your needs. For instance, it comes with powerful lithium battery cells, which require no fuel or gasoline to operate. It’s a powerful generator that is ideal for campsites, tailgate parties, home improvement projects, and more. 

The BALDR brand has also done well to incorporate this unit with a host of unique internal features. You can expect as many as three USB ports, which you can efficiently charge your devices on the generator. These include an AC output, DC port, and USB quick charge port. Capable of supporting as many as three charging methods, you have the freedom to choose among various machine functions. The generator is also sturdy and features an in-built LED flashlight for your convenience.

The portable charger recharges the battery to full in as little as 5-6 hours. More so, this portable generator for home use comes with a lithium battery pack, such that you don’t need fuel to operate it. The safety of your electrical devices is also assured thanks to the unique power supply functions of this unit. It comes with short circuit protection, temperature control, and advanced safety options.


  • 297wh large capacity battery
  • Sine wave AV outlets and voltage control
  • Convenient to carry with ergonomic handle
  • Powerful and in-built LED flashlight


  • Weighs 3.4 kg which is somewhat heavy
  • Could use SOS feature on the LED light

Equip yourself with the ALTIZURE Portable Power Station. This unit can provide an exceptional power output of 100 watts, and it's also simple to use. Designed to be convenient, this unit is ideal for various applications. You can use it for natural disasters or emergency power supply purposes, such as during hurricanes. The ALTIZURE portable power station can also charge an extensive range of devices including mini-refrigerators, car vacuums, car chargers and more

Designed to be small in size, and only 1.4 kg in weight, these tools are highly convenient to carry around. The generator also provides as many as three ways for you to charge your devices. You can charge it using an AC adapter, cigar socket, solar panel charger, and more. Thanks to the heavy-duty construction of this unit, you can be sure that it can resist exposure to high impact forces and that it's also waterproof as well.

On top of that, the generator also comes with a non-skid bottom surface, which means that it sits stable regardless of the type of floor. The makers of this unit have also done well to include a host of unique additional features for your convenience. For instance, it comes with LED lighting, flash, SOS lights, and more. This way, you can easily use the generator, and it becomes a convenient addition to your power supply regimen.


  • Silent power station with LED lighting and SOS flash modes
  • Powerful and suitable for use in different environments
  • Portable design and weighs only 1.3kg
  • Three-way recharging methods and portable design


  • Using the LED on this unit is not easy
  • Could use a better handle design
allpowers portable generator

You are one step away from eliminating power supply issues that affect your life or business. Why? Well, the ALLPOWERS Portable Power Station provides the perfect way for you to generate power for your favorite devices. It features a high-density lithium-ion battery that offers a much more compact build than lead-acid power marks. More so, this unit will function quietly, and this makes it ideal for various use applications. For instance, you can use it for fishing, hunting, travel, family and more

The 6 in 1 charging design, means that you can power as many as six devices at once with this unit. These include a cigarette lighter socket, two DC outputs, USB port, wireless charging, two outlets, and Type C Output. You will also appreciate that this ultra-modern unit also comes with Bluetooth connectivity. You can use the accompanying Aipower App, which works well on most handheld devices. The generator also provides optimal wireless stability to make it easy to use.

For power safety, you can expect the pure sine wave technology on this unit to provide high quality power for your device. The makers of this unit have included a Battery Management System, which helps provide temperature and voltage control benefits. Thus, your devices have optimal protection against power surges, and your machine also produces zero emissions.


  • Huge capacity generator capable of 10,500 mAh
  • 6 in 1 charging accommodates many devices
  • Available with Bluetooth connection
  • Pure sine wave suitable for sensitive devices


  • Some of the ports are not well placed
  • The pure sine wave feature requires manual activation
prymax portable power station

Make your power supply needs much easy to address with the PRYMAX Portable Power Station. This unit comes with powerful lithium battery cells, which can provide well over 5 hours of reliable power. Furthermore, the power station features several ports, which offers a diversity of ways you can use to connect your favorite devices. For instance, there are 2 AC output ports, 3 DC ports, USB ports, and one quick charge port. 

To make things better, the solar generator also has two pure sine wave AC outlets, which ensure a safe charge for all sensitive devices. This is much better than the modified sine wave and clean power like utility-supplied electricity. The inclusion of an inbuilt and smart cooling fan will automatically turn on the fan when the generator becomes hot. It’s a low noise and gas-free machine, which provides reliable power supply benefits.

The makers of this unit have also done well to ensure it comes with an easy to carry handle, and the unit itself weighs about 3.5 kg in weight. If you are one of those people who want a fully functional generator, then you will appreciate the features available on this unit. It also features a flashlight with SOS functionality, to provide added convenience as you work.


  • 298 Wh large capacity battery offers several hours
  • Comes with several ports for power supply
  • Runs safely and can provide two pure sine wave AC outlets
  • Compact and portable design


  • Motor warms up significantly
  • Could use an LCD for ease of use


Being able to move around, and still, you use your electrical devices without worrying about power, can be highly convenient. The consumer market is filled with many different products, which you can use for power supply. However, the best portable battery generator is only suitable for people who want a convenient power supply for their devices. This can include devices such as mobile phones, camping lights, laptops, and more.

The best part is that the ones we have compiled on this list have various unique additional features to make life convenient. With a portable generator, you are sure of reliable power for your devices each time.

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