Top 8 Queen Bed Frames – Complete Guide

The quality of your sleep is essential, no doubt about it. Research has linked the quality of sleep to various aspects such as your well-being and more. Thus, you have to do everything within your power to ensure that you get good sleep every day. Whether you are a student, a doctor, an athlete, or even a bus driver, owning the best queen bed frame can be an excellent way to start your healthy sleep habits. Yes, that's right, a reasonable bed frame offers various benefits. For instance, it provides the perfect platform upon which to place your mattress, thus enhancing bed comfort significantly.

Furthermore, a good bed frame also does well to complement your interior décor. A good bed frame often has an appealing finish and a reasonable size to suit the space in your room. We spend close to a third of our lives sleeping, thus, to be healthy and happy, we must get the best quality sleep. Therefore, the best bed frame is a critical aspect of any functional resting space.


Feature Highlights

Best For

Check Price

Minimal designed metal bed frame with headboard

10 legs support and metal slats

Extra-large users

4 inches high with 13 inches of Clearance

Double Tapered headboard

Average weight people

Modern low profile design with rounded corners

Easy quick lock assemble

Average weight people

Neutral upholstery suits different decors

Crafted with a manufactured wood and plywood frame

Users of up to 400 pounds

Easy assembly

Black faux leather upholstery.


Contemporary design with an elegant headboard

Includes side rails and additional legs

Large users

Top Signs that You Need to Replace Your Bed Frame

As one of the most hardworking resources in any interior space, a bed frame might naturally experience damage over the years. Thus, it’s good for you to occasionally evaluate the bed structure for any sign of damage. Consider these top signs when buying a bed frame:

  1. You wake up constantly feeling achy and restless

  2. The bed makes weird sounds during use

  3. You come across a damaged or broken slat

  4. The bed has a cracked or split component such as the headboard

  5. You have purchased a new mattress that doesn’t fit the bed frame

  6. The appearance of the bed is no longer worthy of your interior décor

How to Buy the Best Queen Bed Frame

The term bed frame refers to various types of products that you can use as a platform for a mattress. More so, the bed frames are often made using different types of materials including wood, metal, plastic and more. Being able to consider these factors is important because it helps to improve the performance of the bed, and even your interior décor. Furthermore, the consumer market has various bed frame brands, which can make it difficult to find a reliable one for your needs. Being able to consider various key features and factors, is therefore an important process.

​Queen Bed Frame Buying Guide


Perhaps the most crucial aspect of a good bed frame should be the slats. To be specific, the slats are vital because they help to accommodate the mattress. The distance between the slats is also vital because it helps to reduce any issues such as wear and tear associated with mattress. On average, the ideal slat level averages at 2.5 inches. The two common types of slats are flat and spring slats. The spring slats feature a curved wooden design on the frame, to provide a unique bounce when customizing the car profile. The density of the slats at this point is also crucial because it helps enhance the firmness of the base. Ensure that you avoid the poor-quality slats, because these might not provide optimal support for the weight of your car. On the contrary, the flat wooden slats tend to more affordable, especially when you have a tight budget.

Box Spring and Foundation

A box spring features a sturdy wooden frame, which is covered using cloth and also contains springs. The role of the springs is to offer more support to the mattress, and the wooden structure provides a much more stable base. The only complication associated with box springs is air circulation. It is easy to come across a box spring that you can place directly on the floor. Such a structure might cause moisture to get trapped in the box spring and expose it to issue such as mold accumulation. 

A foundation has a similar appearance to a box spring, only that it might consist of wooden slats. The wooden slats exist underneath the fabric that is used to cover the bed frame. The sole purpose of the bed base is to provide support for the mattress. However, the box springs tend to offer less mattress support, and enhanced shock absorption to ensure a comfortable night of rest.

How Much Space Have You Got?

Take a look at the space you have in your home. Consider all the items you wish to place in the given room. Will you have a dressing table, or shoe storage, an entertainment system, or anything in your private space? Figure out the space of each of the items that you will have in your house. Also, consider whether you will have sufficient space between the bed and these products to move around. What is the amount of space you can afford around the bed?

Physical Factors

The role of a bed is to provide a platform on which you can place the mattress, thus making it easy to climb in and out of bed. Therefore, you have to consider various factors before investing in the best bed. Among some of these critical factors to consider include your height, mattress size, comfort factors, age, health conditions, and more. Moreover, you want a bed that suits your specific physical health concerns. For instance, if you have arthritis, you wouldn’t want a bed that is too high, as it challenging to use such a bed.

Style and Material

In some cases, choosing the best queen bed frame becomes personal, whereby you consider factors such as interior décor. Among some of the critical factors to consider include: 

  • Does the bed frame match with the colors in your room?

  • What is the size of the bed? Does it leave adequate room for other items such as the wardrobes?

  • What is the environmental impact of the materials used on the bed frame?

  • Can the materials be recycled for future use?

  • Is the material compact and easy to maintain?

  • How easy is it to modify the bed frame to suit my needs?

​Top 6 Queen Bed Frames

greenforest metal bed frame queen size

Easy to assemble, compact, and durable. These are just some of the benefits associated with using the GreenForest Metal Bed Frame. This unit has a unique headboard and footboard to make it a practical addition to any contemporary setting. More so, the bed frame also does well to mix nicely with various types of furniture, and it also provides a unique decorative touch to your room

The upgraded bed frame construction with as many as ten legs will provide optimal support for your needs. Even more, the unique bed design is complemented with metal slats that will also make the bed exceptionally comfortable for your needs. The Green Forest brand has done well to develop a bed frame that keeps the mattress stable, and without issues such as wobbling or sliding.

As a solid bed frame for your comfort needs, this unit offers an exceptional 11 inches of space underneath. Such a unique bed design provides optimal room for items such as linens, pillows, quilts, and more. It also mixes well with various types of furniture in your bedroom. Setting this bed frame is also simple, and you will not require any tools to complete the process. It also has a heavy-duty design that offers optimal stability and support.


  • Bed frame with headboard and footboard complements your interior space
  • High-quality bed structure with ten legs support and metal slats
  • Ample storage space underneath with 11 inches
  • Strong mattress foundation and no box spring required


  • N/A
zinus shawn 14 inch smartbase mattress foundation

You can never go wrong with the Zinus Shawn 14-inch Smartbase mattress foundation. This unit is 14 inches high, and with a durable frame to support different types of users. The bed is also an excellent replacement for a bed frame and box spring structures. It can accommodate large users comfortably, of as much as 250 pounds. The ideal queen bed frame should also be simple to set up and without any tools required. Thus, this bed is comfortable to set up within a few minutes of fully unpackaging it.

The zinus brand has also done well to ensure that this unit is simple to set up and carry around, even in small spaces. The durable aluminum alloy construction with the unique epoxy finish means that the bed will be durable for years to come. While this bed is durable, it offers longevity without being overweight.

You will also appreciate various that the Smartbase Zinus bed frame eliminates the need for items such as memory foam, spring, latex mattresses, and more. The unique design of the bed frame means that it will provide enhanced support and durability for your needs. Best of all, the bed features plastic caps that work well to protect the floor from any damage. The bed also has an innovative folding design that allows for easy storage and assembly.


  • No tools required and can assemble in minutes
  • Replaces bed frame and box spring structures
  • Can accommodate large users easily
  • Simple to set up without any tools required


  • Could use ergonomic handles for ease of transportation
  • The bed is only available in one finish
mellow 9 inch metal platform bed frame

Behind every comfortable and reliable mattress is a stable bed frame. This is why the Mellow Queen Metal Platform might be an excellent solution for your needs. The queen bed platform with a steel slat mattress foundation is both durable and reliable for long-lasting performance. Even more, the noise-free and heavy-duty steel construction offer optimal bed stability and durability benefits. 

Thanks to the modern and low-profile design of the bed, with rounded edges, this bed makes up for a safe addition to any contemporary property. The inclusion of an easy, quick-lock assemble design means that you can set up the bed without any tools required. You will also appreciate that the bed has a complete mattress support system. The unique mattress support system makes the bed comfortable, regardless of the amount of time you spend resting. 

To make things much better, the mattress brand has also done well to incorporate the bed with a unique metallic gray finish. With such a unique finish, this bed makes up for an excellent addition to any interior décor setting. Besides that, the bed also provides adequate space underneath, which you can use storage for items such as shoes. You will appreciate the inclusion of plastic caps on the edges of the bed, which helps to reduce any damage to your floors.


  • Steel slat mattress foundation is exceptionally comfortable
  • Noise-free and heavy-duty steel construction for stability
  • Modern low-profile design with rounded corners
  • Easy, quick-lock assembly without tools required


  • The quick lock on this unit is prone to jamming
crown mark upholstered panel bed

What are some of the qualities of the best queen bed frame? Well, you can find these qualities in the Crown Mark Upholstered Panel Bed in black. This unit comes complete with a headboard, footboard and rails, to make it ideal for various types of interior décor. These are all unique components that enhance the aesthetics and overall functionality of the bed. More so, the bed is easy to assemble, and you don’t need any particular expertise to get the process completed. 

Ass one of the best queen bed frames on the consumer market, you can be sure that it can offer long-lasting user performance. The heavy-duty design of the bed provides optimal support and durability, thus making it a stable platform even for extra-large users. The Crown Mark Upholstered Best queen bed frame is 14 inches high, and with 13 inches of clearance under the frame. Thus, you can enjoy under the bed storage for personal items. The inclusion of the neutral black faux leather upholstery also does well to ensure the bed matches your home.

It also has a clean-lined simplistic design and upholstered design that complements various types of home décor factors. With such a unique combination of features, you can be sure that this bed frame will be with you for several years to come.


  • Comes complete with headboard, footboard, and rails
  • Neutral upholstery means that this bed fits various décor types
  • Made using plywood frame and manufactured wood
  • Black faux leather upholstery


  • The headboard detaches rather easily
  • The neutral leather addition is too small to notice for some users
zinus suzanne metal and wood platform bed

Realize what you have been missing when it comes to rest at home with the Zinus Suzane Metal and Wood Bed. This unit sits 7 inches high, and it comes with a sturdy steel frame structure. More so, the bed also has a wood slat that provides optimal support for the mattress and longevity. The inclusion of the wood headboard means that this bed is both durable and appealing for most interior settings.

The bed even has a foam added tape on the steel frame that ensures noise-free and non-slip usability. Even more, the wooden slats on this bed will prevent any issues such as the irregular mattress movement when resting or sleeping. 

It as a cherry finished pine wood headboard, wood slats, and sleek metal structure to provide optimal user support for your needs. You can use any platform on this bed frame, including latex, spring mattresses, memory foam, and more with ease. 

With such a unique combination of design features, you can be sure that the Zinus Suzanne Metal Bed Frame will instantly complement any interior space. Foam padded tape is added to the steel frame for noise-free use, and non-slip tape on the wooden slats prevents your mattress from moving.


  • 7-inch high strong steel frame structure with wood slat
  • Wood headboard detail and simple to assemble
  • Foam padded tape added for noise-free functionality
  • Can be used with or without a box frame


  • N/A
dhp rose linen upholstered platform bed

The DHP Rose Lined Upholstered bed has a contemporary design, with a unique headboard to suit most types of interior décor.

Furthermore, the bed also comes with a bentwood slat support system, which will provide exceptional ventilation. The unique slat bases make it easy for air to pass freely through the bed, thus keeping the mattress and the user fresh at all times. The bed even comes with plastic caps that make it simple to move around delicate floors. 

Thanks to the highly stable design of this bed, you can be sure that it can offer optimal support for various items. These include things such as memory foam, mattress, latex, and more. Thanks to the compact yet durable design of this bed, you will find it easy to use in small spaces. With this bed in your room, you will have enough space for additional items such as a makeup table, shoe wardrobe, and more. Assembly and set up is also a simple procedure, all thanks to the basic design of the bed. You can have this unit ready for sleep with a few minutes, and with a small number of tools required for the process. 

The bed even comes with side rails and additional legs, that make the bed much more stable on various types of floor surfaces. It even has a beautiful linen upholstery and thick cushioned padding to make any modern room appealing. The DHP brand has also done well to ensure the bed is available in many colors to provide you with choice


  • Contemporary design with unique headboard
  • Has a bentwood slat support system for ventilation
  • Side rails and additional legs for improved stability
  • Upholstered and thick cushioned bed design


  • The finish paint on the bed is not appealing for some users
  • The upholstered structure is not durable against sharp objects

Final Verdict 

Sleeping comfortably is a necessity for any individual. The first step in sleeping well is to own the appropriate sleep regimen. Thus, we have identified some of the best queen bed frame reviews for you to consider. Furthermore, we have also outlined a host of various other types of useful information, such as a buyer's guide and valuable questions to ask. Choosing such a bed frame involves considering more factors than you might think. 

You have to consider features such as ease of assembly, the bed durability, the slats, and more. Once you are sure the beds meet these aspects, proceed to choose one from a reliable brand. Also, consider the significance of the given bed frame will have on your interior décor. Not only do you want a bed that is simple to set up, but you also want one that adds value to your space. Get the best queen bed frame and instantly take the quality of your sleep to the next level.

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