The Best Robotic Pool Cleaners On The Market

A robotic pool cleaner fundamentally involves an automated machine used for scrubbing, vacuuming or filtering swimming pool grounds. The best robotic pool cleaner prides on efficiency, reliability, affordability and high performance relative to your living standard.

How To Pick The Best Robotic Pool Cleaner

Good maintenance at your pool merits your swimming experience a great deal. It is essential to considerably choose the best robotic pool cleaner that has value for your money. Before you finally take off from the dealer, you should have a strong assurance that you have bought the best pool cleaner.

Therefore, you need to have detailed and proficient information on the kind of product that suits you appropriately and provides you competitively impressive results.

Why Buy A Pool Cleaner

Pool cleaners make work easier when it comes to cleaning your swimming pool. They save you the burden and cost of hiring a skilled person or company to clean your pool, by providing you the same services in the comfort of your seat simply at the press of a button.

A Pool cleaner scrubs, vacuums, and filters your inground swimming pool depending on the type of cleaner you purchase. It effectively gets rid of sediments and debris from your swimming pool leaving your pool healthy and sparkling. Thereby preventing microorganism caused infections and enhancing your experience while at the swimming pool.

What Are The Differentiating Factors When Choosing The Best Robotic Pool Cleaner?


A robotic pool cleaner’s major function is to get rid of debris and sediments in the pool. Chose a cleaner with a good filtration rate that would save on energy, time and cost. The cleaner should be able to hold a large amount of debris to boost the comfort that the user should enjoy.


When thinking of purchasing a robotic pool cleaner it is essential to base your reasons for picking one, on its efficiency. Efficiency entails its ability to perform its function without failure and give the expected results in the long run. If a robotic cleaner is designed to clean small, medium or large debris, it should be able to deliver that precisely.

Cost and affordability

Considering all dimensions of cost, a robotic pool cleaner should save the user on the various types of costs. They include maintenance costs, initial costs, and operating costs. When going for a cleaner you aim at picking the most cost-effective robotic cleaner that would leave you with minimal initial, operational and maintenance costs.

Size and portability

Robotic pool cleaners do not remain in the pool after usage. They have to be removed. When going for a robotic cleaner, you should consider its size and portability. Some become so heavy after the cleaning process, hence you ought to consider the portability.


At the press of a button, you should be able to witness an amazingly clean and healthy pool in the end. Some robotic pool cleaners are plug and play, while some require the user to operate and control it through the entire cleaning process.

A robotic pool cleaner that allows you to simply press a button and enjoy your comfort should be the one that deserves to be termed as convenient.

Energy saving

Who would never wish to save even the smallest savings? In settling for a robotic pool cleaner, you should far much consider the energy saving capacity in its functionality.

Some save energy using an auto timer mechanism, whereas, others save energy using the efficiency and speed that they pride. You are highly advised to opt for a pool cleaner that would save you from energy wastage in the long run.

Most Appropriate Practices When Using Your Best Robotic Pool Cleaner

Correct usage

Machines can be very dangerous if the owner does not know how to correctly use them or accidentally exposes them to children. This poses a risk of hurting the owner and the children.

Therefore the users should have the various manuals for operating their specific pool cleaners to avoid risking themselves and loved ones.

General Usage Instructions For Robotic Pool Cleaners
  • Always clean up the filter cartridges after using your robotic pool cleaner to utilize its full potential.
  • Remember to remove larger items from the pool before beginning the cleaning process as they may diminish the cleaner’s performance.
  • Never start the cleaner when out of the pool water. It should be switched on when it has been full submerged in the pool.
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    Always carefully read the instructions before using the robotic pool cleaner for enhancement of your safety and your loved ones.
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    Beware of electrocution when operating the robotic cleaner. In case of spoilage, ensure unplug from the power source.

The Three Best Robotic Pool Cleaners

The choice of a pool cleaner highly depends on your specifications. From depth to affordability, to size etc. Basically purchasing a worthwhile pool cleaner, calls for custom preferences.

Below are the three best robotic pool cleaners that might meet all your preferences and add value to your choice as well.

1. Dolphin Nautilus Plus Robotic Cleaner

The intelligently built cleaner is a manageable machine that boasts an IntelliScan Technology which, facilitates the process of cleaning the walls, water lines and floors of approximately 50 feet.

Nautilus plus robotic cleaner is an advancement of the Nautilus robotic cleaner version, with a significant improvement in the performance and convenience.

The cleaner is furnished with well-built software that enables it to capture the size, shape, and measurements of your pool, hence, calculating the best and faster way to clean your pool.

Dolphin 99996403-PC Dolphin Nautilus Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner

It has a larger and accessible filter, which enhances the filtration process during removal of impurities from the pools. The Dolphin Nautilus Plus Robotic Cleaner is so much user-friendly, that in case of a breakdown or need for repair, there is no need for the hustle and tussle for a specialist.

Instead, you can easily repair the cleaner by yourself. In my perception, the user-friendliness makes it up to its value and one of the best robotic cleaners on the market in 2016. Additionally, the cleaner has a merit over most cleaners, as it saves energy a great deal. Take a look at this pool cleaner review video:

The cleaner hardly depends on your filter and pool pump, since it prides a free-standing filter that ensures its independence from the pool filter, saving you from washing your filter once the cleaning is complete.

With the super PVC bristles in its brushes, the cleaner can stretch out to nearly any position of the pool.


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    The pool cleaner automatically and independently cleans your pull at the comfort of your seat after the press of a button.
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    It is affordable over most robotic pool cleaners.
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    It has an easily removable filter, thus simplified for cleaning.
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    It works with barely any noise.
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    It practically accesses all parts of the pool.
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    It only clears up strictly debris, leaving any useful belongings in the pool.
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    Dolphin nautilus plus cleaner is independent of the pool’s pump and filter as it has its inbuilt filter for convenience.


  • The cleaner gets so heavy to carry from the pool.
  • It encounters problems when reaching out to some angles of the pool.
  • It may sometimes miss out a spot.

2. Aquabot APRVJR Pool Rover Junior Robotic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner

Aquabot pool rover junior automatically works on the debris and sediments in your pool through a plug and play operation, leaving you relaxed as it finishes up the cleaning for you. It has a powerful suction, which can filter approximately seventy gallons every minute.

The pool cleaner especially cleans above-ground swimming pools effectively, getting rid of the tiniest particles of up to 2 microns, with the help of its bottom access filtration unit with a filter bag.

Aquabot APRVJR Pool Rover Junior Robotic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner,Color May Vary

With the inbuilt filtration unit, Aquabot Rover Junior cleaner saves you on chemical, water, and energy usage by thirty percent, through great circulation of water and first-rate filtration.

Ideally, I have not experienced or heard of injuries associated with an Aquabot robotic pool cleaner, as it is tested and approved to ensure safety and performance as well. With an exclusively owned hydro-robotic technology, the robotic cleaner merits cheaper and fewer repair costs, and an amazingly good suction power.

It gratifies a fine filtration system, which may make it one of the best robotic pool cleaners, since it gets rid of the tinniest debris in the pool.

The easily usable pool cleaner has a modifiable axle pin which prevents entwining and enables the pool cleaner to cover a substantial area while cleaning.


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    It is a plug and play operational cleaner thus in a press of a button it commences the cleaning job.
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    It has a swivel device that prevents entwining hence efficiency.
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    The fine filtration system proves the proficiency of the cleaner by trapping leaves, dirt and sand.
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    The wheels are wide and heavily built; hence do not get damaged easily.
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    It prides a 2-hour automatic shut off timer mechanism that saves energy in the long run.


  • The motor is quite costly when replacing.
  • You need to keep moving it after every cleaning cycle lest you forget, you are not likely to experience the full potential of the robotic pool cleaner.
  • The modifiable axle pin is manually set in every cleaning operation.
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    It does not clean up every part of the wall.

3. SmartKleen (NC22) Robotic Cleaner

SmartKleen (NC22) Robotic Cleaner

via Amazon.com

The affordable, absolute lightweight robotic cleaner, is specifically designed for an above ground pool floor and smaller inground pools. It has an intelligent Navigation ability, which enables it to automatically change direction without the help of the pool walls.

Besides, it has a direct drive motor for greater traction, thereby making it efficient in the cleaning operation. The powerful brush-to-port suction ability enables it to work with a relatively faster pace, barely leaving debris and sediments behind. It has a forty feet electrical cord, which is ideal for above-ground pools.

Check the following video to see how it works.

The SmartKleen robotic cleaner does not easily give in when stuck. Interestingly, it smartly lifts itself up away from the obstacle, and changes its direction for a better approach and finally overcomes the obstacle, and sucks all debris.

The SmartKleen robotic cleaner cleans all types of surfaces including fiberglass, concrete pools and even vinyl liner pool surfaces ideally ranking it at one of the best robotic pool cleaners. It has a fast draining system for lightweight removal out of the pool.

Like the dolphin nautilus plus robotic pool cleaner, it has an extra-large filter bag capacity that saves the pool owner the headache of emptying the pool filter. The SmartKleen robotic cleaner also has a 2-hour auto-shut off timer that I think saves you on energy costs, lest you forget about it in the pool.


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    Affordable and effective
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    Easy to set up
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    Cleans up various types of pool shapes adaptively
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    Has a 2 hour auto shut off timer
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    Cleans even steps
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    Has a fairly low maintenance
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    Covers nearly 100% of the pool, unlike most robotic pool cleaners, which cover up to 90% of the whole pool.
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    Clears up small and medium debris from the pool
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    Has a long power cable.


  • Seldom cleans large debris
  • The electric cord can get entwined


Opting for your best robotic pool cleaner is an indication that you have fully exploited the various considerations preferably. Essentially, it is appropriate to consult a reliable and competent person when choosing a robotic pool cleaner amongst other important considerations.

In a nutshell, a pool cleaner with a brilliant filtering rate, good efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and durability might be most ideal for a comfort and budget sensitive person.

Hopefully, this article was able to help you find the best robotic pool cleaners on the market.

You could check out more information about Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner.

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