9 Best Tent Heater Reviews You Can Buy In 2021

There is no better way to enjoy spending your time at camp than when you have the right resources. To be specific, a campsite might make up for an excellent way to spend leisure time, but it's also associated with various challenges. A good example of a problem would be staying warm, especially during cold winter or rainy nights. The good thing is that there are numerous suitable solutions for your needs at such a point.

For instance, the best tent heater brands on the market. When you have one of these units with you, it becomes easy to address any cold issues that might compromise your experience. For people with health complications such as asthma, or if you perhaps brought your kid along to the trip, you will notice the benefits of having such a resource.

Wait one minute! Before you dive in and start shopping for one, we recommend that you start with the guide below: 

How to Buy the Best Tent Heater? 


Avoid Going for Cheap Options

Even if you are shopping on a budget, avoid going for cheap options when shopping for a tent heater. Why? Well, it’s because cheap is associated with various challenges when it comes to using a tent heater. Usually, the price relates to the wattage level of your chosen tent heater. While a large capacity heater will increase your bills, it will seem like quite the bargain in a few months. It is because a cheap heater is associated with several maintenance costs, and it is also not a fully-featured tool.

Determine the Size of Your Space

Do you need a heater that will warm your small spaces fast? Consider investing in a fan heater, as it ensures the air moves continually. Plus, it also does well to ensure the air won't accumulate close to the ceiling. If you have to heat a large room for long durations, consider an oil heater, as it's efficient for heating large spaces conveniently. 

Do You Have Kids or Pets? Go for Safe Option

There are various types of tent heaters, each with its unique merits and demerits. When shopping for a tent heater, consider investing in safe use, especially if you have kids or pets. Why? Because kids and pets are negligent, keeping them around such tools is not always a good idea. In this case, oil heaters are the safest to use around babies and kids because they won't produce flames. You just have oil that heats the interior columns, which in turn circulates the air. More so, they are the most ideal for use in rooms, as you won't have to leave the heater on for a long duration of time,

Gas Vs. Energy

If you are looking for a reliable source of energy that's not demanding, consider going for the gas types. Why? Because gas heating is highly affordable, it's convenient compared to energy sources such as electricity. More so, gas is also kinder to the environment and an easily available energy source for places such as campsites.

Factors to Consider

Type of Heater

Perhaps the most critical aspect to consider is the type of heater you require for your heating needs. While there are many heater types, they all usually fall into three main categories. These include:

  • Convection heaters – these are powerful heaters that can provide whole room heating functions
  • Radiant heaters – these types will provide quick and focused heating, which is ideal for warming small spaces
  • Fan forced heaters – these types feature an internal fan, which blows air through a heating element to produce warm air
Pro-tip: Choosing the best heater type for your needs is the only way to ensure you get a tool that provides optimal performance. In some cases, you can also go for the wall heaters, which you can set up on your campsite walls. Before settling on a specific type, consider the tips mentioned above to ensure the best results.

Heating Capacity

When shopping for the best tent heater, consider the surface area the heater can cover. Various factors come into play when determining the average size of space; you can use the heater. For instance, the heater rating. A room heater that uses 10 watts of power can heat 0.8 square feet of tent space. It's also important to remember that a tent is not necessarily ventilated in the same way as a house, thus requiring more heat for a specific space. That said, this perspective is only a rule of thumb, and won't apply to every brand of tent heater. 

Energy Efficiency

Energy consumption is a crucial factor to consider, especially when you have to camp long distances away from civilization. Thus, before buying a tent heater, consider comparing efficiency before investing in a suitable brand. 

While some portable electric heaters won't provide optimal efficiency, such as the EER rated brands, you will find it easy to calculate heating costs with a simple formula. To ensure your bills won't skyrocket, it’s good to invest in the correct tent heater for your environment. Furthermore, features such as energy-saving modes, low wattage motors, thermostats, and timers can control energy costs.

Safety Features

Failing to maintain your tent heater means that it could be prone to fire hazards. For this reason, ensure you consider safety factors. To reduce any risk of issues such as fires, most brands include cool-touch surfaces and various other features for safety. 

For instance, a significant number of space heaters come with an internal switch, will shut off the power automatically. The shutdown might occur when you accidentally tip over or knock down the tent heater. Also, overheat protection is another vital feature, which is available on most tent heaters. 

Noise Level

Similar to most electrical resources, a significant number of portable heaters will produce noise when in use. Some brands will produce more sound when compared to other types. Consider investing in the non-fan forced types, such as the oil-filled tent heaters. Why? Because they are silent in operation – perfect for use in places such as the office or bedroom.

Best Tent Heaters Under $50

camping tent heater

Keep warm whenever you have the Stansport Portable Outdoor Propane Heater. This unit boasts of all the unique features you need to keep your tent warm at all times. For instance, the heater features a convenient carry handle, making it easy to move around the campsite. It even has a metal dish that does well to focus on the heat you need the most. 

Even more, the tent heater can supply an exceptional 3,100 BTUs of heat. It’s also highly portable, and the heavy-duty design ensures longevity. Thanks to the convenient 4 step control mechanism, regulating the functionality of this unit becomes a breeze. Plus, the heater features 16 oz propane heaters, which will provide a reliable supply of heat.

Being one of the most convenient heaters on the market, this unit is easy to start and use each time. To be specific, it is easy to start with a matchless ignition, and it features a stable plastic base with fold-out feet. The fold-out feet mean that the table can sit steadily on most surfaces and accommodate a large user weight level. 


  • Comes with a convenient carry handle
  • Has a metal dish to help focus on the direction of the heat
  • Can supply 3,100 BTUs of heat
  • Equipped with a unique four control setting 


  • Does not have a matchless ignition

Best Tent Heaters Under $100

electric tent heater

Keeping warm in your tent has never been this easy. The Mr. Heater F232000 Portable Propane heater makes up for a convenient way for you to stay warm. It features a 4,000 to 9,000 BTU heater, which is effective in up to 220 square feet. Even more, the powerful heater is also suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. It also ensures clean burning and offers well over 100 percent efficiency levels.

You will also be pleased with the auto shut off mechanism, making the tent heater highly convenient to use. Thanks to the highly convenient fold-down handle and swivel out regulator, this tent heater is perfect for different outdoor applications. The heater size is suited to the BTU ration to provide optimal output and a minimalistic footprint.

Equipped with a convenient swivel regulator, you can adapt this heater to suit different applications. It even comes with an integrated piezo sparking mechanism that will take care of the rest. Plus, the unique Oxygen Depletion Sensor ensures that you can enjoy many years of reliable performance.


  • Comes with a powerful 4,000 to 9,000 BTU heater
  • Has an auto shut off mechanism for convenience
  • Easy to connect to a propane tank for use


  • Tip over sensor is overly sensitive
safe tent heaters for camping

Realize how easy it is to stay warm when you have the Mr. Heater F215100 MH4B Propane heater. It's an indoor safe and portable heater ideal for use in up to 95 square feet. More so, the heater offers continuous odor-free and unique heating angles. 

With all these unique heating functions, it's easy to see why this heater is ideal for small enclosed spaces. The average run time of this unit also averages at 5 hours. As far as safety goes, this unit's makers have done well to incorporate highly convenient mechanisms. For instance, the heater features a low oxygen sensor and accident tip-over switch.  

While this unit can provide outstanding levels of heat, it's also compact and portable. The heavy-duty exterior construction means that this unit won't mind toggling around in the trunk of your car. 


  • Indoor safe portable propane heater
  • Has simple to use buttons for convenience
  • Compact design takes up a small footprint


  • Takes a little while to get going
camp heater

You should know that Honeywell is among some of the leading tech product brands around the world today. Thus, this is why this list would not have been complete without the Honeywell HCE100B Ceramic Heater. It's a highly efficient heater, with a 250-watt power rating – perfect for use in small spaces. As one of the best tent heaters on the market, this unit's secondary features are simply exceptional.

For instance, the filter comes with ceramic technology that ensures fast and even heating results. More so, it comes with two heat settings and buttons that are simple to use. The heater also has a tip-over switch and cool-touch housing – meaning it won't be susceptible to overheating issues. 

Using this portable heater will improve the comfort levels and supplement heating needs at your campsite. 


  • Energy-efficient 250-watt ceramic heater
  • Has two convenient heat settings
  • The easy one-button controls are effective


  • N/A
best portable heater

Take your camping experience to the next level when you have the PELONIS NTH15-17BRA portable tower space heater. It has a unique design, which features vertical and horizontal heavy-duty heaters. These are ideal for most indoor activities, such as when resting in your tent. As one of the most fully functional tent heaters on the market, this unit boasts various other unique features.

For instance, the PTC electric heater is made using flame-resistant material, which offers exceptional longevity. It’s also available with a standard socket, which you can easily plug into a power outlet. Plus, the overheating mechanism ensures this unit is safe to use at all times. 

Ceramic heaters are among some of the most effective heaters in the market. Thus, you can expect heat up times of 3 seconds, with temperatures rising to as much as 70°F. You will also be pleased that this unit supports three heating options (High, low, and eco-mode). As such, you can be sure of customized temperature settings, with exceptional warmth and efficiency benefits. The ECO-setting lets you save energy automatically based on temperature factors.

To make things more convenient, this unit also has a heater remote control. When it comes to portability, the cool touch carry handle makes everything a breeze.


  • Has a heavy-duty ceramic heater
  • Made using cool touch ABS and flame-resistant material
  • Comes with three heating options for customized temperature


  • Does not display the room temperature
camping heater

The Trustech Space Heater is also another excellent resource to help you stay warm during those cold nights at camp. It's a room heater with a compact size, to ensure effective, consistent, and high-quality heating performances. It can provide optimal warmth for rooms as large as 200 sq. ft in size. More so, the heater warms up fast and ensures you stay warm at all times.

Even more, it's easy to control all thanks to the convenient three modes. These include the 1500 high heat, 750W Low heat, and natural wind mode. You will find it easy to adjust between these modes until you settle on the best temperature level for your needs. Thanks to the easy to adjust thermostat, this room heater ensures you maintain optimal room temperature levels – regardless of the tent size. 

Designed to be a low noise mechanism, it provides you with a quiet space, with optimal comfort. As such, the fan won't compromise your sleeping, reading, work, or more. It also comes with a convenient inbuilt carry handle, and it's lightweight (3lbs). Thus, the heater is easy to set up in any room or to perhaps move from the table to the floor. When you have this unit, you won't be concerned about taking up too much space in your campsite.


  • Fast warm-up and 200 SQ ft coverage
  • The compact size ensures you stay warm at all times 
  • Silent in operation


  • N/A

Best Tent Heaters Over $100

portable propane heater

Our list of tent heaters would not have been complete without the Mr. Heater MH18BB Propane Heater. Why? Well, it boasts of all the unique features you would need in a convenient tool to use. For instance, this unit can produce as much as 18,000 BTUs of heat per hour. You will find it easy to use in small spaces, even those of 450 sq. ft. Yes, it may be a small tent heater, but it makes up for this issue with its heavy duty construction.

Furthermore, the temperature settings on this unit make it highly convenient to use. To be specific, the heater has "hi, med and low" settings. As you would expect with a high-end tent heater, this unit also has automatic low oxygen shut off mechanism. Thanks to the integrated fan in this heater, you can be sure of excellent radiant and convection style heat.

The Mr. Heater brand has also done well to incorporate this unit with two swivel regulators. These are mechanisms that allow you to adapt the usage of the disposable cylinders to suit your needs. Also, it has an in-built piezo sparking mechanism, which makes it easy to start the heater. To light this unit, you just push and rotate the knob.


  • Comes with an automatic low oxygen shut off system
  • Can heat up to 450 sq ft of space
  • Has three convenient temperature settings


  • Opening the battery section is not easy
battery powered heater

When it comes to portable heating solutions, nothing quite does it like the Mr.Heater MH12B Portable Space heater. It's a powerful tool with all the unique features you need to keep your space warm. The heater has a swivel regulator and single control mechanism, to make it highly convenient for your heating applications.

Also, the makers of this heater include a high-end safety mechanism. These include the automatic low oxygen shut off system and an accidental tip-over shut off function. You will also be pleased to know this unit can run off a 1lb cylinder, and it's easy to connect with the optional hose.

As far as starting this heater goes, the inbuilt silent electric ignition makes things a breeze.


  • Has a swivel regulator and single control mechanism
  • Comes with an automatic low oxygen shut function
  • Easy to connect with an optional hose and filter


  • N/A
mr. heater corporation vent-free

Powerful and reliable. These are just a few good words you can use to describe the Mr.Heater Corporation Vent Free Propane Heater. Capable of producing well over 10,000 BTUs of heat, this unit can heat spaces of up to 250 square feet in size. Furthermore, the propane heater comes with an automatic low oxygen shut off mechanism, which ensures optimal heater performance.

It can even operate at altitudes of well over 4,500 ft above sea level and is reliable for use in small spaces. The Mr. Heater brand has also included thoughtful features such as the convenient legs and wall mounting hardware.

The heater is vent free and won't require any external power to function – making it ideal for power outages or applications with no electricity. You can even adjust the temperature level of this unit to suit your needs. The heater does not warm the air in the same way as a blue flame, because it's highly efficient in heating applications. 


  • Capable of producing 10,000 BTU of heat
  • Comes with an automatic low oxygen shutoff system
  • Has an automatic low oxygen shut mechanism
  • Available with legs and a mounting hardware 


  • Slightly heavy in size than most heaters

Best Tent Heater – Final Verdict 

Overall, keeping warm is important because it contributes towards your overall health and comfort. There is nothing better than when you are outdoors at camp and are free from any cold weather issues. Aside from owning the correct gear for cold weather, you will also benefit highly when you have the best tent heater. Why? Well, it's a convenient tool that you can use to heat your space, and most of them have several unique features. 

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