6 Best Toddler Bed to Buy in 2021

Moving from a cot to a toddler bed is one of the most remarkable moments in time for your child. Not only does it show that your child is growing, but it also indicates that you are a good parent. This best toddler bed guide review has the goal of helping you find the best bed for your child.

For most parents, you will often have a memory bank of moments that make you proud of your child's growth and development. Their first step is a big one, and so is the first time they say “mama.” However, when you notice your little munchkin climbing up their crib and getting on to the bed with excitement- this is the moment you will notice that they are no longer a baby.

It’s a process that occurs seemingly overnight, whereby your baby grows into a toddler within no time. That said, you don’t have to worry about the transition process. You can easily get a bed that will instantly take your little one's resting experience to the next level. 

This is where we can help you in choosing the best bed for your little one.


Feature Highlights

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Safety rails included

Sturdy guard rail and sturdy steel construction


High quality wood construction

Equipped with playful colors and patterns


Comes with tools for ease of assembly

Gently arched head and footboards


Unique pixar car patterns are appealing

Heavy duty bed design is durable


Sturdy steel frame and high-quality plastic construction

Easy assembly and heavy-duty bed design


Designed to be low on the floor and includes safety rails

Smooth and flowing lines boast of an appealing bed design 


​Toddler Bed FAQ

Q. What is a Toddler Bed?

A. A toddler bed is a bed your child transitions to once, they stop sleeping in a baby crib. The toddler beds are often classified as transitional beds which rank between a standard cot and standard size bed. The typical design of a toddler bed includes a low profile design, with rails to act as safety measures,

Q. Why Does your Munchkin Need A Toddler Bed?

A. The saying goes learn to crawl before you can walk. The same principle applies when it comes to investing in the best toddler bed. You will notice your child is ready for a toddler bed when they are no longer comfortable in a cot. That said, some children might still require custom beds. Many parents don’t consider single beds to be suitable children as they don’t have every feature available for resting. 

Q. What is a Toddler Bed Made From?

A. Here is where things start to get a bit technical for parents shopping for solutions for their kids. The common types of toddler beds include the ones made using wood, metal, plastic, and more. Wood is excellent because it’s easy to modify and complements the structure of most interior spaces. More so, plastic is also ideal because of its portability and ease of setup.

Factors to Consider When Buying The Best Toddler Bed

Balancing Safety and Storage 

Since we are talking about toddlers, safety is an essential factor to consider. A toddler is at an inquisitive age, where you need to watch their actions closely. Most of them are often oblivious to the dangers associated with a lack of proper safety mechanisms on resources such as beds.


It's essential to get a sturdy toddler bed, one that has smooth edges and safety rails. These are components that help protect your little one, especially if they tend to roll and move around during sleep. Thus, a robust toddler bed design can even withstand the roughest of playtime, while also preventing issues such as knocks or bumps. Also, components such as rails and high sides will ensure that your restless toddler won't stumble from the edge of the bed. 


The ideal toddler bed should have a height level that is relatively lower than a conventional kid's beds. This way, your child finds it easy to climb on or out of bed while also promoting optimal safety.


If you have a relatively small space in your home, or your child seems to have their toys closeby, then consider under bed storage. Some beds feature spacious drawers underneath, which you can use to store personal items of your kid. A good bed that offers optimal space will easily make your child's room fully functional and convenient. 


Toddler beds are available in various colorful and fun designs. While most of these designs are meant to appeal to your little one, they can also complement the design aesthetics of your child's room. Thus, ensure that you don’t get carried away when it comes to selecting the perfect toddler bed. Among some of the conventional designs you will come across on beds include action figures, simple, colorful designs, customized patterns, and more. 

Sleep and Stimulation

One tricky aspect of the process of buying beds if coming across the ideal balance between sleep and stimulation for your child. Yes, that's right, the best bed has to stimulate the imagination of your toddler, while also ensuring that they don’t get overcome with excitement.

A good suggestion would be to involve your child in the process of shopping for the bed. Alternatively, you may also consider learning about their personal preferences when it comes to cartoon characters or anything else. Some toddlers will feel extremely overwhelmed when you purchase action figure theme beds.

​Top 6 Toddler Bed Reviews

delta children plastic toddler bed

Every good night’s sleep starts with a solid foundation. This is why the Delta Children Plastic Toddler Bed is the perfect addition to your resting regimen. The bed can hold as much as 50 pounds, and it features 2 attached guardrails. The guardrails enhance the quality of the bed, and also make it secure for small kids. Even more, the sturdy steel frame and high-quality plastic construction offer optimal longevity benefits.

The producers of this bed have also done well to incorporate the bed with unique design patterns and aesthetics. The unique Disney Minnie Mouse designs will make a good impression on your child. More so, such a unique design also does well to blend with the appeal of your room.

You will also appreciate the fact that the bed is simple to set up, and without any tools required to complete the process. The bed also has a heavy-duty design, meaning that you can even use it with your other kids, or perhaps hand down the bed to a close acquaintance. To make things better, the compact yet spacious design of the bed makes it an ideal addition to small spaces.


  • Suitable for users of as much as 50 pounds
  • Comes with two attached guardrails
  • Sturdy steel frame and high-quality plastic construction
  • Easy assembly and certified to meet specific quality standards


  • N/A
dream on me brookside toddler bed

What happens when you want a top-notch addition to your interior space? Well, the Dream On Me Brookside is an excellent addition to any bedroom space. The bed provides your child with a fun, colorful, and comfortable bedroom for rest purposes. Furthermore, the unique frame of the bed also does well to blend with most bedroom designs and decors. 

For reinforced stability, the bed comes with center legs, and it also features two unique side safety rails. The unique physical structure of the bed will provide optimal security, and it's also available in unique finishes. It also features a unique combination of playful colors and outstanding comfort. This way, the bed makes up for an excellent addition to any modern bedroom. The makers of this bed also have spacious design underneath, thus making it easy to store items such as shoes or extra clothing underneath the bed. 

The bed even features special plastic caps, that work to protect your floor from any form of damage. You will also appreciate the durable yet heavy-duty design of the bed that makes it a long-lasting addition to your home. You will also find it exceptionally easy to set up the bed, even in small spaces.


  • Wooden mattress support rails complement any room
  • Made using New Zealand pine wood
  • Designed to stay low on the floor and with safety guard rails
  • Has a brilliant combination of playful colors


  • Lacks plastic caps on the legs of the bed
  • Somewhat heavy to carry around for some users
dream on me classic design

The quality of your sleep can easily make or break your day. Make your toddlers day exceptional with the Dream on Me Classic Design Toddler Bed. This unit comes with two side safety rails, that will take your child’s safety to the next level. More so, the bed can also accommodate the standard size mattresses, and it’s also simple to set up. The bed also sits low to the floor and can be adjusted to suit rooms with small interior spaces. 

It is the perfect bed for a toddler as the transition from a crib to a bed. The toddler bed is a no-nonsense and unpretentious addition to any modern space. It even comes with a gently arched head and footboards, which take the appeal of the bed to the next level. Weighing in at just over 16 lbs. and made using solid wood, the Classic Toddler Bed can accommodate large users comfortably. In fact, the bed can provide users of as much as 50 lbs., and it's also available in various finishes to offer optimal choice. 

The Dream on Me Classic Design Toddler Bed also has a gently arched head and footboards.


  • Two side safety rails provide added security
  • Comes with tools for ease of assembly
  • Gently arched head and footboards


  • N/A
delta children wood toddler bed

Getting good sleep is an essential resource for your child. This is why we recommend the Delta Children Wood Toddler Bed is the bed swap solution for your needs. The toddler bed sets up simple and complements well with various types of interior décor. 

Pedal to the metal for your child with the beautiful design of this bed. The bed comes with a brand new authentic lighting car design and a sturdy wood frame. As a result, your little one will be rushing to enjoy bed rests each time. 

The bed also comes with safety rails, which ensures that your child is safe at all times when resting. Furthermore, the bed also has an appealing Disney Pixar Car design that offers the perfect blend of stimulation and comfort. As one of the best beds of toddlers, setup, and assembly is also simple.


  • Simple to assemble bed within minutes
  • Durable bed construction
  • Disney Pixar design is appealing
  • Durable wood structure offers longevity


  • The Disney Pixar patterns are prone to damage such as scratches
  • It’s a massive bed, you may need an extra pair of hands
delta children plastic toddler bed

The Delta Children Plastic Toddler Bed is also an excellent recommendation for your child's rest time needs. To be specific, the bed comes with two attached guard rails, and it can also accommodate the standard mattress size. The bed also features a sturdy steel frame and high-quality plastic for optimal longevity. Assembly is also easy, thanks to the basic design features of the bed.

Your child will appreciate this bed that comes with his or her favorite characters on the bed structure. Furthermore, the sturdy plastic and steel frame on both sides ensure that your child sleeps each night safely. The bed even evokes the characters that kids love to dream about. The Delta Children Plastic brand has done well to incorporate these unique designs on the headboard and footboard. 

Cozy and design to be “just their size,” this bed will provide the perfect space for your time to spend time resting. It is even low to the ground, thereby making it easy for your loved one to climb in and out of bed. The two attached toddler guardrails will also ensure that your child rests safely throughout the night.


  • Comes with two attached guardrails and can accommodate a standard mattress
  • Sturdy steel frame and high-quality plastic construction
  • Easy assembly and heavy-duty bed design
  • High-quality cartoon patterns and bed design


  • The patterns on the bed are not durable
  • The safety rails are too large for some users
dream on me emma 3 in 1 convertible toddler bed

What is an excellent way to make a good impression on your child? Well, consider getting them a good bed such as the Dream on Me Emma Convertible Bed. To be specific, the bed is designed to be low on the floor, and it comes with safety guard rails for optimal user protection for the user. Furthermore, the inclusion of wooden mattress support rails means that the bed sits stable, regardless of your child's weight. 

Made using high-quality New Zealand Pine Wood, this unit offer both longevity and style for your needs. It even has an exceptionally stylish design, which conforms to the weight of your child. You can also easily transform the bed into a two-child size chair or table for added convenience. Whether you want a richly decorated nursery, or you want a simple styling, this toddler bed is the perfect solution for your needs.,

The developers of this bed have certainly done well to make a thoughtful bed design that adjusts to every growing child's needs. It is even available in a wide selection of finishes that will instantly take the appeal of your child's bedroom to the next level.


  • Wooden mattress support rails for optimal comfort
  • Made using New Zealand Pine Wood which is durable
  • Designed to be low on the floor and includes safety rails
  • Smooth and flowing lines boast of an appealing bed design


  • The edges on the bed can easily cause injury
  • Set up takes up a few minutes to complete


There is no way you will stop your little one from becoming a walking and full actualized individual, so you need to be ready for the big bed sway moment. For this reason, we highly recommend the best toddler bed reviews as the best place to start. A good toddler bed offers various design beds, unlike the conventional bed for an adult or even a grown child. The toddler bed should have appealing designs to stimulate your child's imagination.

Even more, the bed should have a design that features safety components such as rails, and a low profile design that relates to your child's height. You will benefit by getting a bed that features your child's favorite action figures, cartoon characters, drawings, and more. 

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