5 Best Toddler Snow Boots to Buy in Winter 2021

  • Few childhood experiences can match the joy of moving around in the snow. However, that joy depends on how warm and comfortable your child is in the snow.
  • Before buying winter boots for toddlers, consider some few pivotal factors relating the design of the boot and whether it suits your child
  • The Northside Boys Girls Toddler/Little Kids/Big Kids Frosty Winter Snow Boot are a top pick because they are comfortable, warm, and durable.

Winter apparel technology has improved significantly over the past few years. Also, the commitment of shoe companies to produce high-quality gear for children has improved dramatically. Take, for instance, the best toddler snow boots, which are designed to help your child make the most of the snow. There are a few experiences in life that match up to being able to spend time outdoors in the snow. While the temperatures at such times might even hit below zero, you can still spend quality time outdoors with the right equipment. 

To be specific, you want to get the best winter snow boots for children, because of various reasons. These boots are designed to help your child get through most types of snow or thick winter. They are comfortable, easy to wear and best of all – warm. More so, the brands we have on this list are waterproof, which makes them ideal for when the snow starts to thaw. If the glut of toddler snow boots overwhelms you, don’t worry – this guide will help.

Let’s get started.

5 Best Toddler Snow Boots Reviews

zoogs kids snow boots for toddlers

Keep your little one's feet warm this winter by getting them the ZOOGS kids snow boots for toddlers. These shoes will make your little one look forward to winter because it gives them the freedom to enjoy the snow. Made using 100% waterproof material, this unit will withstand any amount of snow. The high-quality rubber soles also provide optimal traction and ensure that your kids are always safe in the snow. The boots are available in two distinct types, which are the lace-up and Velcro closure designs. The unique lace-up closure does well to keep the shoes secure as the kids enjoy spending time in the snow.

Whether you spend your winter hiking, sledding, or perhaps enjoy the skis, these boots are perfect for your child. Thes winter boots will provide a fit and secure fit while also keeping your child's feet comfortable on the snow. The perfectly fitted boot plus traction system means that your child will never slip on the snow or slippery ice. 

The waterproof material is sturdy and will provide optimal protection for your child's feet. The shoe brand has also done well to develop the boot in various finishes. With such a diverse selection of designs, you can be sure of finding the perfect shoe for your child.


  • Waterproof and fast-drying boot material
  • Lightweight plastic in the rubber boots
  • Easy to clean and long-lasting safety
  • Available in various boot finishes


  • Could use light-reflecting material
  • Exterior finish is prone to damage
ubfen kids women snow boot

Make your kinds winter even that much more enjoyable by getting them the UBFEN Kids snow boots. These boots come with a durable rubber sole and heavy-duty design that makes them ideal for outdoor purposes. More so, the waterproof synthetic and fabric upper will reduce any issues you experience with wet shoes. The other feature backing this up is the non-slip rubber soles that provided added traction to reduce any instance of injuries. 

As a parent, you have to get boots for your child that are comfortable when used for long treks or activities outdoors. This is why the UBFEN kid's snow boots have a specially engineered design for optimal comfort regardless of your child's playing habits. 

The snow boots are also when it comes to providing warmth, especially in the cold winter days. Aside from being suitable for winter, the shoes are ideal for running, playing, hiking, and more. The lightweight design makes them suitable for convenient walking. On top of that, the boots come with an easy to pull on and off design, which is ideal for negligent children.


  • Waterproof and synthetic fabric upper material
  • Non-slip rubber sole for added control
  • Waterproof and durable boots design
  • Easy pull loops for a snug shoe fit


  • The interior lining is too thick
  • The easy pull loops can trap a lot of dirt
femizee baby girls infant toddler

Warm, comfortable, and easy to clean. These are just some of the main benefits associated with the Femizee Baby Girls Toddler Shoes. These shoes are made using faux fur lined and waterproof material that will provide years of reliable performance on the snow. Whether you spend your winter hiking, sledding, or having fun with the kids outdoors, these shoes are perfect for them. Furthermore, they also come with a waterproof material structure that will keep issues such as wind and snow at bay. These shoes are also easy to clean and will stay warm all day long.

The inclusion of a double hook and loop makes the snow boots convenient to wear. The kid's winter boots also come with a non-slip rubber sole, and for optimal traction. This way, you can forget about issues such as your child tripping or slipping as they play around in the snow. 

Cleaning these boots is also easy, thanks to heavy-duty vinyl finish on the exterior of the shoe. The Femizee shoe brand has also done well to make the shoes comfortable even when used for several hours in the thick snow.


  • Waterproof and easy to clean polyester upper
  • Warm faux fur lining on the inside of the shoes
  • Double hook and loop closure
  • Warm Animal-Friendly Fur Lining


  • The shoes are somewhat heavy
  • Could use an improved fastener structure
northside boys girls toddler snow boots

Be at ease this winter in the knowledge that your child is safe with the Northside Boys and Girls toddler boots. These shoes come with various diverse features such as a fully adjustable vamp strap for a comfortable fit. Furthermore, the shoes also feature an elastic cord with cinch toggle, to provide a snug fit as they play outdoors. The kids will also enjoy additional features such as the easy on and off features, that provide a large foot opening. The unique help and pull loop means that the shoe is comfortable regardless of the amount of time your kids use the shoe. 

The shoe also features all-weather protection and a toasty layer of insulation to make it comfortable even when the snow starts thawing. The Northside Snow Shoe brand has also done well to incorporate the shoe with a reflective heel pull. The material will reflect light, thus making your child visible even when its dark and frosty outside. 

You will also appreciate that the boot has a waterproof upper that comes with a unique hoop and loop strap. This way, your kid's food can stay chilly, even when the temperatures drop to 25 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Lightweight and waterproof TPR shell material
  • Reflective heel pull and adjustable cord
  • Fully insulated and water-resistant nylon upper
  • Removable EVA sole and upper


  • The reflective material is not durable
  • Could use improved lacing structure
kamik kids snowbug3 snow boot

Sit and enjoy your child enjoy their time outdoors this winter with a good pair of Kamik Kids boots. Made using lightweight rubber and waterproof bottoms, these boots are sure to keep your little one dry throughout the snowy season. For those who are not aware, the Kamik brand is famous for producing heavy-duty boots that never compromise on boot quality. 

The Snowbug 3 boots come with non-slip feet, which makes them perfect for slippery or even icy conditions. While these boots have a heavy-duty design, they are comfortable and without adding unnecessary weight to your child’s foot. The shoes are also complemented with a unique hoop and loop closure, which makes them exceptionally comfortable on the feet. 

The boots are also designed to adjust according to the size of your child’s feet. This way, the boots guarantee all-day comfort, without compromising on your child comfort. Aside from winter conditions, these boots are also suitable for use for hiking, sledding, and more.


  • Synthetic and non-slip sole design
  • Heavy-duty polyester and fur-lined inner
  • Reliable hook and loop closure
  • Waterproof and insulated shoe inner


  • N/A
hobibear kids winter snow boots

Toddler snow boots have certainly come a long way. Realize the genuinity of this statement with the HOBIBEAR kid's winter snow boots. These boots are made using a durable textile upper and water-resistant material for the best performance. More so, the boots are also equipped with a soft plush fur lining that keeps your feet toasty warm and comfortable. 

Similar to most of the best boots for your kids, you will find out there, these shoes are suitable for various activities. These include hiking, running, and skiing outdoors. Thanks to the synthetic anti-collision toe cap, these shoes offer optimal user protection. 

Snow boots are only perfect when they can offer stability regardless of the changing texture of the snow or ground surface. For this reason, these boots come with sturdy antiskid flexible outsoles that will provide optimal traction. Even more, the lightweight design of the shoes makes them suitable for all-day use and fun outdoors on the snow.


  • Waterproof and durable textile upper material
  • Soft plush fur lining keeps the feet warm
  • Sturdy antiskid flexible outsole provides optimal traction
  • Hook and loop closure for a comfortable fit


  • The fur lining is not warm enough
  • Should be available in many finishes
cior winter snow boots

This is going to be one of the most memorable winters for your kid. Why you may ask? Well, the CIOR winter snow boots are the perfect way for your child to play snowball with rest outside. This massive duty set of boots are both comfortable and durable at the same time. Furthermore, the boots come with a bungee cord closure at topline, that helps to seal out issues such as cold air. Even more, the fur-lined design provides exceptional warmth, even when the temperature decreases.

Equipped with a waterproof oxford upper, these shoes work well to keep the snow and wind at bay. The high heeled shoe design also provides added room for your child to enjoy this winter. Also, the easy to wear hoop and loop closure makes it easy to customize the shoe for a snug fit. The inclusion of reflective piping at the back of the shaft will maintain visibility for added safety. You will also appreciate the non-slip rubber sole, that makes the shoe stable on most type of surfaces.


  • Bungee cord closure at the topline
  • Waterproof oxford upper keeps the wind at bay
  • High heeled design for enhanced comfort
  • Non-slip rubber sole for traction


  • The boot sole is too dense
  • Could use an improved reflector heel

Best Toddler Snow Boots Buying Guide

Getting winter boots for the kids when winter is around is an important task. However, winter boots are available in many shapes, sizes, colours, and more. As a starting point, you might have to consider the unique needs of your kids. If you need boots to withstand the rigorous issues associated with hiking in the snow, hiking boots are an excellent place to start. 

Factors to Consider When Buying Snow Boots

  • Tell your child to try them on with the socks they want to use with the new boots. If they try the boots with thicker socks, and they usually use thinner socks, then boots might not provide a snug fit. 

  • Buying boots is best in the afternoon when the fit is likely to be their largest. The size of the feet usually changes significant as the day progresses, and this might cause discomfort on your child's feet.

  • Ensure that your child tries both types of boots. It's normal for the feet to somewhat different in size. Thus, ensure the shoes are comfortable on both your child's feet.

  • Get boots that are waterproof and fur-lined. The waterproof aspect is important; it reduces any likelihood of exposing the feet to wet conditions. Also, the fur-lined interior provides added insulation, which is perfect if your little spends lots of time in the snow.

What To Look For When Buying Toddler Snow Boots

The body loses most of its heat through the hands, feet, and head. Thus, investing in a pair of winter boots to keep their feet warm is ideal for preventing any winter cold. More so, traditional linings such as shearling are excellent for maintaining warmth in the feet. The synthetic versions are typically used on the higher end snow boots, to provide compact comfort. Before buying winter boots, ensure that you evaluate the material construction.


While going after the latest shoe trends might be a key area of focus, you are better of going for a comfortable and warm shoes. Watching your kid struggle in boots that cause them to walk barely is not a reasonable solution. Evaluate the fit of the winter shoes, and ensure they offer optimal support for the ankles. Also, consider the fact that your little has to put on the socks with thick socks to provide added insulation


While not all toddler winter boots are waterproof, choosing brands with such types of material can be beneficial. You can do a lot to ensure the shoes provide a perfect fit even on wet or slushy days. Furthermore, leather, when treated with a special spray, will give durable protection a classic appeal. The material can last for years, and you can also go for a wide diversity of synthetic alternatives on the market.


Being able to maintain stability on the ground is vital for your child, especially since they will be playing a lot outdoors. Thus, consider getting a pair of shoes that offer exceptional grip on the snow. Most grips are rough and spiky, which work well to stick onto the ground. You must also note that at times the ground starts to thaw, or the child sometimes wanders off onto frozen water bodies around. Thus, the shoes must be able to help stay stable without compromising on their mobility.


There are various types of fastening mechanisms, and each has a unique effect on the way the boots fit the child. For instance, the lace-up are excellent because they can adjust to the shape of the leg, especially if you little one has to walk long distances. Most winter boots come with zippers, which makes them easy to put on for children. Thus, consider zipping these boots up a few times before determining whether they are suitable for your needs. Even more, the pull-on boots are much more convenient to put on and off. Look for shoes with elasticated panels in the sides, because these can stretch to provide improved access and a snug fit.

Best Winter Boots Features

  • Leather or leather-look uppers – these provide a unique level of waterproof, while also offering a unique appearance like dress shoes

  • Bogue styling – these are styling components on the toe, which also offer personality to the shoes

  • Dark colours – these are also excellent for situations such as boots for school 

  • Moisture-wicking lining – these are the materials that help to keep the feet warm and to keep moisture from around the foot area

Best Toddler Snow Boots Tips

There are a few key factors to consider when getting shoes for your little one. They include:

  • Fit – a child's foot is delicate, and you should get the shoes that provide the perfect fit. Also, it’s a good idea to put on thick socks when getting new boots. If necessary, consider investing in a slightly larger size for enhanced comfort

  • Flexible – rubber soles with grip are the best when it comes to investing in snow boots. These are design features that will ensure even your sugar high kids maintain stability on the snowy terrain


Winter is often one of the most exciting seasons of the year. The snow, the festive mood, and the holidays – all these factors make up for a memorable experience. Make your child's winter experiences even that much more fun with the best toddler snow boots. These are unique boots that are both comfortable and warm at the same time. Also, when buying boots for kids, you should note that their feet are delicate, and their level of activity in the snow is often high as well.

Thus, the best boots should keep them warm, comfortable, and also offer a stable grip regardless of the texture of the surface. The boots we have in this list are designed to meet all these design aspects and more.

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