6 Best Whole House Generator Reviews in 2021

From essentials such as cooling, lights, and heating, to daily needs such as laundry, cooking, and the kid's shower time, our lives are dependent on electricity. Unfortunately, our lifestyles today are compromised by various issues such as power outages, that can often catch you unawares. The effects can be devastating if you are not well prepared for such situations. 

A great example would be the brutal force of Hurricane Sandy that led to the loss of hundreds of lives. Aside from that, the Hurricane also knocked out power to ​​​​as many as 8.5 million homes and businesses. For this reason, we have prepared this best whole house generator reviews to help you make informed decisions. 

You might have come across one at a local hospital, school, or even at a neighbor's place. While these generators tend to be large in size, they provide clean and reliable power for all your essential household items. Protect your home and family by investing in a standby generator that keeps your life going without any disruptions.

Are you in search of a reliable whole house generator for your unique needs? Introducing the Generac 7043 Home standby generator that delivers reliable power for smooth operation. It comes with an exceptional 200 amp NEMA transfer switch that makes it convenient to use. Furthermore, the Generac 7043 Home Standby generator has a unique evolution controller with LED indicators. 

The LED helps to demonstrate the status of the generator, the utility power, and the functionality of the machine. Even more, sturdy and durable all-weather enclosure provides several sides for ease of access. This way, you can conveniently install and maintain the generator. The generator delivers the best power quality, with less than 5 percent of harmonic distortion. As such, you can enjoy adequate power for sensitive devices such as appliances and electronics. 

The purpose-built engine can handle various types of use, thereby resulting in reduced maintenance issues. What's more, the evolution controller comes with a multilingual LCD. This unit helps you to evaluate the status of the battery and to establish the required levels of maintenance.


  • It comes with true power technology – the true power technology provides a reliable supply of clean power for devices such as smartphones 

  • It also has an exceptional 200 amp transfer switch – the reliable transfer switch lets you power your favorite devices with convenience 
  • The generator has LED indicators – the LED indicators let you determine the operation of the machine with ease 


  • It cannot run for more than 24 hours – you might have to give the generator a rest after extensive hours of usage to avoid damage 
  • Lacks an alternator for convenient charging – the generator could use an alternator to provide improved power supply benefits 
briggs & stratton generator system

Stop worrying about any power losses in your home by investing in the Briggs & Stratton 40484 20000-watt generator. The 20Kw unit provides a reliable supply of power to your home devices with ease. Blenders, microwaves, fridges – even large AC units – are quickly and conveniently powered by this secure power supply unit. The generator also has a patented Symphony II Power Management Technology. 

The technology helps to promote the efficient use of power and to increase the longevity of the machine. It also provides power to more of your household appliances with any power surge issues. This powerful whole house generator can also manage a load of as many as 1 or 2 air conditioners with ease. Users will also appreciate the 150 amp transfer switch, that allows for convenient outdoor installation. 

Moreover, the generator has a unique automotive style system and dampening technology that provides whisper-quiet operation. In fact, you can expect this unit to be 505 quieter than most brands of generators. Designed to be durable in physical structure, this best whole house generator can withstand almost anything you throw at it. Customization and set up of the generator is also a straightforward procedure.


  • Has a 150 amp automatic transfer switch – the transfer switch makes it easy to supply your machines with power, and it’s also safe 
  • It also has a durable exterior physical structure – the machine is large in size, and it also has a durable physical design 
  • The controls are simple to customize – you can easily customize the performance and functionality of the machine to suit your needs 


  • The instruction manual is vague – the instruction manual does not contain straightforward information 
  • This unit is massive – it also has a relatively large physical structure that is not easy to move around in small spaces 
kohler standby generator

Everyone is afraid of a power outage. This is why the Kohler 20RESCL-200SELS Air Cooled Generator is perfect for your needs. It comes with a powerful 20,000-watt air-cooled generator that starts up automatically when the power runs out. Furthermore, the generator has a 200 amp whole house, load shedding, and automatic transfer switch. 

Users will also appreciate the fast response that the machine can provide to your home in a few seconds. The generator is also 100% corrosion-proof, and the enclosure offers optimal protection against various outdoor conditions. The best part about using this unit is that you can install it outside your business or home like an air conditioner. You can wire the machine into the fuel system or electrical panel. 

This is way, it comes on automatically during a power outage whether you in the house or even away. In fact, in just 10 seconds, this unit will provide clean power for your AC, sump pump, major appliances, and more. Also, the generator has a heavy-duty engine that is built to exceed your unique power demands. Every generator comes with a heavy-duty engine, that is built to provide years of reliable performance.


  • It can also start automatically – the generator starts up automatically, and it can power many different types of devices 
  • The generator also provides clean energy – it also provides clean energy to suit the functionality of many different devices 
  • The generator is powerful – this unit is not only powerful in operation, but it is also silent and reliable in performance


  • You may have to call an electrician – you might have to consult with an electrician for help in setting up or using the machine 
  • The status lights are not simple to access – you might have to walk around to the other side before viewing the status lights
kohler standby generator

Keep your food items from going bad, and your basement dry. Whatever the weather is outside, it does not matter when you have the Kohler Generators 14RESAL-200SELS. When bad weather affects your power supply needs, this power supply unit will keep you connected at all times. The generator is simple to install outside your home just as in the same way as an air conditioner. 

You can wire the machine to a fuel system and an electrical panel, such that it automatically comes on during power outages. Capable of producing as much as 14,000 watts of power in a single go, this generator is a perfect addition to your home. Furthermore, the Kohler Generators 14RESAL-200SELS Standby Generator includes a 200amp, which is suitable for whole-house indoor and outdoor applications. 

Taking things to the next level, the generator will also provide fast responses to your home and within just a few seconds. Users will also appreciate the corrosion-proof design construction, that offers several days of reliable performance. The generator also sets up simple, and the status lights indicate the current machine status and functionality. 


  • Features a 14,000-watt air-cooled automatic design – the powerful generator starts up automatically and is reliable in performance 
  • Provides fast response power – the generator offers quick responses to your home and within just a few minutes
  • Comes with a 100 percent corrosion-proof design – the exterior structure protects from even the harshest weather conditions
  • Has a 200 amp transfer switch – the 200 amp transfer switch provides a reliable supply of power to suit many different types of devices 


  • The transfer switch is not simple to use – you might have to set up the transfer switch with the help of a professional 
  • The physical size is massive – the whole size generator is large in size and you might have to use lots of effort to move it around 
generac 7040 home standby generator

The Generac brand is always impressive when it comes to producing reliable power supply units. This includes the Generac 7040 Home Standby Generator that provides many functionality benefits. For instance, it comes with G-flex technology that ensures silent operation and variable speed benefits. 

Even more, the machine has a reliable transfer switch that makes it use the generator. Designed to be durable and sturdy, the all-weather exterior offers reliable safety for your machine. It also comes with three enclosure sides that provide ease of access for maintenance, service, and installation. As one of the leading home standby generator brands, the Generac series provide automatic power backup for many applications. 

This premium backup power solution can protect your entire home. Unlike most generator brands that run at a constant 3600 rpm, this unit comes with patented G flex technology. The result is a machine that is exceptionally quiet and fuel-efficient, as well. 

Even better, this unit works well with most modern electronics and sensitive devices. Equipped with an onboard controller and multilingual two-line LCD text display, this unit is simple to view even lowly lit conditions.


  • The generator has unique G-flex technology – the g flex technology provides quiet performance and variable speed based on your electrical needs 
  • It also has a powerful 200 amp NEMA 3 transfer switch – the powerful transfer switch makes it easy to address any form of electrical shock 
  • The generator has a durable all-weather enclosure – the durable aluminum enclosure provides three removable sides for ease of access 


  • The generator takes a lot of time to set up – you might have to consult with a professional electrician for help in maintaining the generator performance 
  • Performing DIY maintenance is not easy – you might also require help in maintaining the performance and functionality of this power supply unit 
suaoki portable generator

The SUAOKI 400Wh/120,000mAh Portable Generator IS lightweight, quiet, and it produces zero emissions. Furthermore, the generator is simple to use, which make it perfect for addressing unexpected blackouts or power outages. Users can even top up this electric power unit by using an AC Adapter, car cigarette socket, and even a solar panel. 

The reliable power supply provides enough power for both outdoor and indoor appliances. As such, you can juice up your personal items, tools, household electronics, and more. The generator will also provide a continuous 300W or 600w surge for home electronics. The generator also has a Battery Management System (BMS), that prevents various issues. These include preventing problems such as over-voltage, over-temperature, over-current, and more. 

Also, the generator has an aluminum handle with ergonomic features, thereby making it comfortable in the hands of the user. The inclusion of the LCD screen and buttons with a light indicator will display various aspects of the machine performance. These include showing aspects such as power consumption, power status, and more. The Suaoki brand has also done well to incorporate this unit with several ports. These include ports such as 4 USB ports, 1 cigarette lighter socket, 1 jump starter port and more.


  • Comes with several ports – the generator has a USB port, 2 DC ports and 1 cigarette lighter socket for convenient power 
  • The machine is also durable and reliable – with a maximum 444Wh capacity, the unique Battery Management System (BMS) prevents many issues such as an overvoltage and power surges 
  • Has an LCD screen and buttons – the generator is also equipped with 3 buttons and indicator lights that demonstrate the machine performance 
  • Three-way charging – you can refuel this unit through various avenues including a home wall outlet, a solar panel, and 12/24v car 


  • The USB ports are not well-positioned – some users find it hard to locate the USB ports during the charging process 
  • The LCD screen is not bright enough outdoors – the LCD screen could use a bit more brightness for user convenience 

Factors to Consider When Buying a Generator 

Broadly speaking, generators are available in two main categories. These include the portable and standby types. Furthermore, the inverter generators are also common. The power supply unit you choose will depend on specific factors

Standby Generators

These generators typically provide between 7,000 to 20,000 watts of power for optimal blackout protection. Furthermore, they also provide power to your home until the power outage stops. The standby generators are also installed professionally, and they might draw their power from an existing line.

These generators might also require some form of professional installation. The number of circuits to which a generator can supply power and the number of devices that can run are essential. They relate to the capacity of the machine. The standby generators also have a fully enclosed design, which provides optimal protection outdoors.

Portable Generators 

While these generators provide ease of mobility, particularly during outdoor activities such as tailgating, they are often limited in power. Before investing in a portable generator, evaluate the runtime, wattage, physical size, and more. Furthermore, assess the ergonomic design features such as handle construction.

Inverter Generators 

The inverter generators are famous for combining high-end power supply features and an ultra-clean power for your devices. However, such benefits come at a significant performance tradeoff. For instance, these generators are typically higher priced than their counterparts. In most cases, these generators typically range significantly in their power categories averaging between 800 to 3000 watts.

The Ultimate Guide to Buy the Right Generator 

If you depend on your generator for medical purposes at home or even in the event of a power outage in your home, then choosing a suitable machine is imperative. The consumer market is packed with many generators for domestic and large scale applications. Such a range of machine differences might make it seem challenging to choose a reliable machine brand. However, the process is easy, and you have to consider a few key parameters.

Determine Your Needs

Since whole house generators are suitable for both industrial and domestic applications, it's crucial that you determine your needs first. To be specific, you have to identify the particular way in which you expect to use the generator for your needs.


It is vital that you determine the type of load that you need to run because this will, in turn, determine the wattage level that you require. Any issues that might lead to overloading the generator might easily lead to failure and damage the performance of the appliance. 

More importantly, just in the same way as your car can’t run at full speed all day, the same also applies for generators. Most appliances might require a large current level during startup, and this referred to as a surge. Therefore, your generator must have sufficient spare capacity to cope with the demand for power.

Fuel Type 

Generators can run and operate on many different types of fuel. It is vital that you also determine the type of fuel that your generator will run to help estimate the cost. The types of fuel are many and wide-ranging. The common ones include diesel, LPG, diesel, and more.

  • LPG – Liquid propane generators are often integrated to the primary electric house panel. You may have to consider getting this type of generator if you want a standby or portable generator. These brands of generators are affordable and straightforward to operate. Furthermore, they are also popular because they produce a small amount of emissions.

  • Diesel – the diesel generators are popular for their immense power and fuel efficiency. However, such benefits come at a significant tradeoff. The diesel generators produce high amounts of emissions, and they also require regular maintenance. 

  • Petrol – petrol generators produce a small amount of emissions and are only suitable for commercial applications. On average, these generators have power ratings that average between 1 to 15 KVA. Petrol produces clean power, and it is also an affordable source of energy. 

Load Type 

The type of load you want to run on the machine also plays a significant role in your choice of generator. For instance, you either have to choose a generator to power devices such as sensitive electronic equipment. 

These are the generators that produce low levels of harmonic distortion during operation. Usually, the inverter generators are best for this type of power supply purpose. However, if you want to run large machines such as fridges, welding machines or more, then you might have to consider a higher capacity machine.

Electrical Usage 

The electrical use of the generator is also another critical factor to consider. For instance, a portable generator is suitable for basic power supply applications, but it cannot power a whole house. 

Usually, these generators average in between 1 KW to 15KW and are ideal for small electrical machines. These include powering tools such as lights, grinders, fans, and saws. These machines are suitable for home improvement or construction projects where you need a fast and convenient energy supply. 

However, the whole house backup generator is an excellent solution for many different types of electrical usages. Otherwise referred to as standby generators, these units can supply power that averages in the hundreds of KWs.

Backup Power Using a Transfer Switch 

A transfer switch is also installed in the generator. The manual transfer switch lets you switch from utility power to back up with just a simple flip of a switch. Furthermore, the device is easy to use, but you might have to locate the button to activate the feature. 

The Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) will automatically sense where there is a power issue, and it will turn on automatically. Once you restore the power, the machine will switch back on, and the generator will shut off.

Power Requirements 

You might also have to determine the specific amount of power you might require for your appliances. The amount of power watts are often specified on the electrical equipment that you use. 

Some devices might have additional starting watts levels that you might have to combine with the overall watt level. You can find the starting watts by multiplying the specific watts of the device by 3. The following are some of the appliances and their specific watts to give you a basic idea of the concept. However, you might have to evaluate the power requirements specifically. They include:

  • Toaster – 1050 – 1500 Watts

  • Vacuum cleaner – 1000 – 3000 Watts

  • 2 HP Motor - 7500 (starting watts) and 2500 (operational watts)

  • 1 HP Motor - 3500 (starting watts) and 2500 (operational watts)

  • Fridge or Cooler - 700 - 1200 (starting watts)

Other Important Features 

If you are still not sure about your preferred generator brand, then you can still several other key factors. Among some of these factors include:

  • The power quality – the generator should provide high quality power that has minimal harmonic distortion for smooth device operation. Producing small amounts of distortion ensures your devices get quality power without any power surge or over voltage issues.
  • Generator operation – the machine should also be able to run at lower RPM for a few minutes, thereby making it efficient and silent in operation. Any loud sounds over the 75DB level are considered as noise.
  • Mobile monitoring – the generator should also let you evaluate the status of your machine from anywhere conveniently. These include monitoring the machine by using a PC, tablet, or even a smartphone. You should also be able to easily access the information such as the operating status and the maintenance schedule.
  • Engine performance – the engine should be purpose build and well-lubricated to be capable of handling the rigors of use. This way, the generator can provide reliable power and minimal amounts of maintenance.
  • User-friendly controls – the generator should also have a multilingual LCD that lets you monitor that amount of power. Also, it should allow you to track the maintenance and status intervals to ensure the machine operates in top conditions.
  • Design construction – you should also be keen to invest in a machine that has a sturdy design exterior for long-lasting performance. Even more, the generator should be appealing to let you address your power supply issues in style.


In the broad view of things, keeping your home or property free from power outages depends on your ability to make informed investments. The consumer market has many different brands and designs of power supply solutions. The best whole house generator is perfect for supplying your property with a reliable supply of clean power. 

While these generators are typically large in size, you can use them to power fridges, hairdryers, microwaves, cookers and more. More importantly, they start up automatically and require minimal maintenance as well. 

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