16 Best Wooden Bed Frames to Purchase In 2021

Looking for a new bed for your home? A wooden bed frame can be a great choice – it’s sturdy and even looks good. 

Wooden bed frames come in a huge range of sizes from twin to California king, and a variety of styles from a traditional sleigh to modern platform frame. Either way, you should put a lot of thought into the type of wooden bed frame you need. 

The wrong type of wooden frame can disturb the entire outlook of a room, whereas the perfect frame can lift the aura of the space.

The bed frame you’re sleeping in every day also should be comfortable – you don’t want a slippery frame that doesn’t hold your mattress well or a headboard that creaks too much. 

There are many other things to consider before buying a wooden bed, and we’ve covered them in this best wooden bed frame guide. Next, we’ve listed the sixteen best wooden bed frames to consider before deciding on the best wooden bed frame.

Let’s have a look:

Product Name





Available Sizes

72 pounds

81.5 x 62 x 15 inches


Tulip poplar wood

Twin, XL-Twin, Full, Queen

50 pounds

85 x 61 x 51 inches


Steel, Wood, Linen

Full, Queen, King

70.4 pounds

76.7 x 53.7 x 37 inches


Acacia wood

Twin, Full, Queen, King

79 pounds

81.5 x 60 x 40 inches


Poplar wood

Twin, Full, Queen

82 pounds

82.2 x 15.8 x 6 inches


North American Pine

Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

8 pounds

86 x 15.5 x 4 inches


North American Pine

Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

66.8 pounds

1281 x 60 x 14 inches3 pounds


Wood & Steel

Twin, Full, Queen, King

61.8 pounds

59.5 x 79.5 x 12 inches



Twin, Full, Queen, King

70 pounds

81.5 x 57.6 x 38.6 inches

Box Frame

New Zealand Pinewood

Twin, Twin/Full Bunk, Full, Full/Full Bunk

87 pounds

64.5 x 85 x 39 inches


Solid wood & faux leather upholstery

Twin, Full, Queen, King

33 pounds

46.8 x 14 x 6 inches


Plantation hardwood

Twin, Full, King

14.75 pounds

82.8 x 44.2 x 73 inches

House Bed Frame

Poplar wood

Twin, Toddler

77.2 pounds

77 x 42 x 37 inches




62 pounds

83 x 41.2 x 47.2 inches

Sleigh Panel Bed


Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King

130 pounds

81.8 x 61.2 x 11.8 inches



Twin, Full, Queen

48.5 pounds

56.4 x 77.4 x 14.2 inches



Full, Queen, King

Wooden Bed Frames Buyer’s Guide

Before embarking on a shopping journey for your new bed frame, you should know the essentials. 

Picking the right frame is important, and since there are so many different types of wooden beds on the market, it might become a hassle. That’s why we’ve put together a brief buyer’s guide. 

This guide will ensure you find a suitable bed frame that provides the best support for the mattress and for you.

Wooden Bed Frame Styles

A wooden bed should mix well with your room and its décor. Some beds tend to create an open and spacious feeling, while others can cramp up the area. Here are the common wooden bed frame styles to know so that you can choose the best frame for the desired space:


A platform bed doesn’t have a box spring but uses evenly spaced slats or latticed slats to support the mattress. Since these beds are lower, they are not suitable for someone with back issues. On the other hand, their low height provides a better, cooler environment for sound sleep.

Storage Platform or Captain’s beds

This type of bed frame is similar to a platform frame but has additions such as drawers on one side or on both sides. These bed frames are great for freeing up space in the bedroom and can be great for small rooms.

Box Spring or Panel Frames 

A box spring or panel bed frame is made of flat wooden headboard and footboard panels and side rails that help support the mattress. These beds are taller than most others since the box spring lifts the mattress up. The solid box spring support helps keep your mattress in good shape and can significantly extend its life.

Canopy Frame

A canopy bed has four posts connected to an overhead canopy. You can hang drapes and curtains or any other décor on the frame. These beds can come in a traditional outlook with ornate designs, or a modern outlook with thin minimalistic, thin frames.

Four-Poster Frame

A four-poster frame has four individual posts that don’t combine through a canopy. Four-poster beds have four tall posts, low-poster beds feature four shorter posts, and half-poster frames have two tall head posts and two shorter foot posts.

Sleigh Bed

A sleigh bed possesses an arched headboard and footboard with a similar shape to the traditional wooden sleigh. These beds are more comfortable because the curved surface allows you to sit up more easily.

Choose the Correct Frame Size

  • Once you know which style you want, determine the size. 
  • Measure the space you plan to put the furniture in, especially the height. 
  • You don’t want a bed that takes too much vertical space or disturbs the aesthetics of the room. 
  • Any piece of furniture should blend naturally into the room.

Maximum Weight Support

It’s necessary to determine the amount of weight the frame can handle. 

Some bed frames have considerably lower weight capacities than others. Checking how much you and your partner weigh is a good start to figuring out how strong your bed needs to be. 

If you’re searching for a bed for guests, you might want to opt for higher weight capacity. Most decent beds can handle up to 500 pounds but some single frames may not go above 250 pounds.

What’s Your Budget?

Wooden beds come in a wide range of price tags mainly depending on the frame material and style. 

Deciding your budget before starting your search for the best wooden bed can be a good idea because it will narrow down your options. Platform, storage platform, or panel beds are usually cheaper than other bed styles.

​Top 16 Wooden Bed Frames Review

nomad plus platform bed

The KD Frames Nomad Plus is a fantastic platform bed with 600-pound capacity, wooden slats placed 2.8 inches apart, and unfinished tulip poplar wood construction. 

What’s great about the material is that it’s very solid. The unfinished surface poses a great opportunity for buyers to personalize the bed by painting, varnishing, or using clear lacquer on the wood. 

You can paint it any color to match the décor of the room or apply varnish that will highlight the natural wood grains.


  • Closely placed slats offer more support for the mattress
  • Comes with a limited five-year warranty
  • Has a reasonable capacity of 600 pounds
  • Ability to add drawers or trundle


  • Might be a little squeaky

The KD Frames Nomad plus Platform Bed is one of the best wooden frames. It can be a great choice for those searching for an eco-friendly wooden bed that they can customize. Due to the unfinished bed surface and the ability to add drawers or a trundle, this bed is highly customizable as well.

life home premiere classics

The LIFE Home Premiere Classics bed is a beautiful bed made from a combination of steel, wood, and linen. 

This three-inch-high wooden platform bed is covered in light beige cream linen and has a 51-inch headboard. The LIFE Home Premiere Classics linen-covered platform bed exhibits a classic, attractive design and a sturdy build. 

Its slats are placed far apart which is suitable for all types of mattresses except foam. The bed gives you the option of adding a box spring in case you require more support or height.


  • Attractive design that can brighten up any room
  • Comes with a five-year warranty
  • Easy to set up


  • No extra storage space

The LIFE Home Premiere Classics is a classy platform bed with sturdy slats and a solid headboard. It is one of the best wooden frames due to its affordable cost.

zinus cassandra 12 inch wood

The 12-inch Zinus Cassandra Wood Platform Bed features a secure, creak-free wood platform and a practical headboard that provides enough support to prevent pillows from falling.

The bed’s wooden slats offer optimal support for any type of mattress you choose, guaranteeing a restful night’s sleep. 

Non-slip tape on the slats ensures that the mattress doesn’t slip. This warm and inviting Acacia wood bed frame isn’t only very robust, but it exhibits an aesthetic vibe as well. 

The bed must be assembled but it comes equipped with free tools to make the process easier.


  • A comfortable, secure bed frame that lets you sleep well
  • Durable frame with sturdy slats
  • Comes with a limited five-year warranty


  •  None

The Zinus Cassandra is one of the best wooden frames out there. With a premium Acacia build, simple and charming design, and high comfort, this wooden bed is sure to fit nicely in any home.

kd frames lexington platform bed

The Queen sized KD Frames Lexington Platform bed allows you to sleep without any problem with its solid and sturdy structure and long-lasting, durable 2.5-inch slats. The slats hold various types of mattresses and you will not require box spring support. 

The bed is available in twin and full sizes and comes with a five-year factory warranty covering all types of defects. 

Made of solid and chip-resistant tulip poplar wood with subtle grains, this platform bed features a unique unfinished outlook. 

Whether you decide to paint or varnish the wood or keep its completely natural appearance, the bed is sure to lift any room.


  • Made of high-quality poplar wood that will last long
  • Includes a limited five-year warranty
  • Heavy-duty, supportive slats
  • Drawers or trundle can be added to the frame


  • Slightly complicated to put together

The KD Frames Lexington is a very solid platform bed that comes in an unfinished design that you can customize. The bed is comfortable, supportive, and can hold any kind of mattress. We think it is one of the best wooden frames since it’s not very heavy and can handle a lot of weight.

cardinal & crest wood

The full-sized Cardinal & Crest Wood Platform Bed Frame features a heavy-duty design made completely from North American Pinewood and a classic stained finish. 

Cardinal & Crest have come up with a reliable piece of furniture that will not chip or fade with time. 

Solid and sturdy wooden slats ensure the frame can hold up a considerable amount of weight. 

The frame comes in three beautiful color variations; walnut, grey, almond. 

Setting up the bed is fairly easy and with a convenient design that can be put together with simple screws, it takes nearly four to five minutes.


  •  Very quick and effortless to set up
  • Classic stained look
  • Strong and sturdy legs and slats


  • Higher than the average price tag

The Cardinal & Crest Wood Platform Bed Frame is one of the best wooden bed frames thanks to its ease of assembly and look. Even with a high price tag, the excellent quality material, beautiful stained outlook, and durable structure make this bed worth the expense.

eluxurysupply wood bed frame

 The ExceptionalSheets Wood Bed Frame is a large, cozy, and inviting frame made entirely from American pine wood. 

The bed is available in almond, grey barn wood, and walnut finish options. 

It offers a durable structure with evenly spaced, sturdy 3-inch pine wood slats and can bear up to 900 pounds weight. 

The bed supports all types of mattresses, and regardless of the type you choose, the ExceptionalSheets platform bed is sure to create a soothing, comfortable sleep environment. 

The frame is also easy to assemble, with some tools required for tightening a few screws.


  • Considerable weight capacity of 900 pounds
  • Well-spaced pinewood slats that can support any mattress type
  • Does not require a box spring
  • Made of 100% solid American pinewood


  • High price range

The ExceptionalSheets bed frame from sustainable American pinewood material. It can hold up to 900 pounds and comes in four beautiful finish colors, making it one of the best wooden bed frames.

zinus mia modern studio

The queen-sized Zinus Modern Studio 14-Inch Platform Bed Frame offers a simple design that can mix well with nearly any type of décor. This highly affordable bed is made from a combination of wood and steel with a sturdy frame and 500-pound capacity. 

This platform bed is fourteen inches high and the gap between the slats is 3.43 inches. 

There’s an ample amount of storage under the frame, so you will be able to keep your things neatly organized. The product also comes with a 5-year warranty.


  • One of the most affordable wood beds
  • Minimalist, modern design
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Sturdy frame


  • Gaps between slats seems a little too big

The Zinus Modern Studio 14-Inch Platform Bed Frame is a great choice for those searching for an affordable and simplistic bed that offers extra storage. We think it is one of the best wooden bed frames due to its low price tag.

mellow platform bed frame

The Mellow Classic Solid Wood Platform Bed Frame comes in cherry, pine, espresso, antique espresso colors and offers a neat and sturdy wooden structure. 

This bed frame has solid wooden slats that are adequately spaced for the best comfort and support. 

Mellow puts forth a spacious and powerful design with this wood bed frame’s 3.5-inch wide mid-century structure and excellent durability. 

This solid wood platform bed is wobble and creak-free and features non-slip tape to ensure your mattress remains secure. 

The product is very easy to assemble with snap and bolt pieces and comes with a 5-year warranty.


  • Well-spaced slats for maximum mattress support
  • Thick, sturdy 3.5-inch wide frame
  •  Includes a five-year warranty
  • Very easy to assemble


  • Slightly low-quality wood 

The Mellow Classic Solid Wood Platform Bed Frame is a robust piece of furniture that will last a long time and will look good in any room. We think it is one of the best wooden bed frames due to its sturdy build.

max & lily solid wood

The Max & Lily Solid Wood Full-Size Bed, made from solid New Zealand wood, has a wonderful space-saving design and comes in a variety of interesting colors such as blue, clay, espresso, gray, natural, and white. 

The full-size bed can comfortably fit two adults, and if you need to accommodate more people or choose a bed for your children, you can opt for a bunk bed. 

The Max & Lily Solid Wood Full-Size Bed can hold up to 400 pounds of weight. The durable metal fittings and sturdy wood frame ensure the bed won’t warp, creak, or break with time.

This solid wood bed is perfect for all types of rooms, especially small spaces. The compact, simplistic design with a slatted headboard and spacious underside allows you to save space. Moreover, you can purchase add-ons such as underside drawers to extend the storage capacity.


  • A stylish slatted headboard that contributes to an attractive design
  •  Long-lasting, durable build with high-quality materials
  • Can add trundle or drawers as extras
  • Great for saving space and placing in small rooms


  • Slightly lower capacity than similar products

The stylish Max & Lily bed is overall one of the best wooden bed frames due to its compact, versatile design.

dhp dakota upholstered

 The Dakota Faux Leather Tufted Upholstered Platform bed by DHP is a stylish and elegant looking piece of furniture that comes in black, brown, and white colors. 

It’s the perfect solution for those looking for a standout bed for their room but want to remain within a reasonable budget. 

With the headboard and side rails upholstered with padded faux leather and button tuft detailing, this unique bed can instantly liven up a plain room.

Not only is the Dakota Faux Leather Tufted Upholstered Bed elegant and attractive, but it offers great comfort as well. 

The platform consists of 24 wooden slats that provide sufficient support and can hold memory foam or coil mattresses. 

The strong and sturdy side rails are made from metal and add to the bed’s durability and stability. 

The faux leather upholstery also makes this platform bed easy to manage. You can also opt for twin or full size for this bed frame.


  • Affordable price
  • Elegant, plush appearance and excellent detailing
  • Faux leather material is easy to clean
  • You can also buy a version with drawers


  • Assembly might be a hassle

The Dakota Faux Leather Tufted Upholstered Platform is a luxurious bed perfect for brightening up any room. It offers excellent support at a very reasonable price, hence is one of the best wooden bed frames.

leggett & platt murray

The twin-sized Murray Platform Bed with Wooden Box frame has a minimalist design made up of solid environmentally friendly plantation hardwood. With a neat seven step finish, this frame comes in black or mahogany colors. 

The platform bed is sturdy, supportive, and has well-built side rails, cross slats, and a center rail. These elements work together to help support you and your mattress. 

With a frame only eleven inches in height, this Murray Platform bed does not feature a headboard, giving off a simple, uncluttered appearance. We loved its warm, homey vibe that makes it perfect for most rooms.


  • Reasonable price range
  • Looks great in any room
  • Simple assembly


  • Legs are not too durable

All in all, we'd say this platform bed is wonderfully designed with its minimal structure and simple style that would suit any room. This is why we think it is one of the best wooden bed frames.

south shore sweedi

The South Shore Sweedi Natural Poplar Twin House bed is a unique, minimally designed piece of furniture that's perfect for your children. 

Available in twin or toddler size, this sleek and spacious wood frame gives an open and airy vibe.

The South Shore Sweedi Natural Poplar House bed has a canopy-like frame with a pointed roof and is made from high-quality natural poplar wood. The versatile design allows you to be creative and add various decors to the frame.

This modern South Shore bed can add an exciting touch to any kid’s bedroom. The wood frame includes a one-year limited warranty and requires assembly.


  • Minimalist, sleek design helps save space
  • A great choice for children’s bedroom
  • Lightweight and durable


  • The frame isn’t too sturdy, won’t support too much load

The Sweedi Natural Poplar Twin House bed is a superb option to brighten up a child's living space. It offers a unique, simplistic and modern design with a great natural wood appearance and is among This is why we think it is one of the best wooden bed frames for children.

wood platform bed frame

The Merax Wood Platform Wooden bed frame is constructed with Pinewood and comes in three beautiful colors; white, espresso, and walnut. 

This twin-sized bed is perfect for small bedrooms and children's rooms. The outstanding headboard craftsmanship, accent curvature on the sides, and refined finish all contribute to the bed’s classic look. 

This wood platform bed frame is very durable due to the solid material and wide double plank footboard and headboard. 

The wood bed also includes drawer storage underneath the frame so you can save space and maintain an organized room. The bed is also easy to put together with clear instructions enclosed within the package.


  • Very sturdy construction
  • Solid, long-lasting wood material
  • Space-saving design with drawer storage


  • It is time-consuming to assemble the drawer portion

The Merax Wood Platform Bed Frame with Headboard and Storage can be the best wooden bed frame for users looking for a unit that offers storage options.

homelegance quincy sleigh

The Homelegance Quincy Sleigh Panel Bed is made from top quality material showcasing a classic Louis Philippe sleigh bed structure. The traditional bed has a strong, unique looking frame that comes in black or cherry colors. 

You will get a separate footboard, headboard, slats, and rails that you'll need to assemble. You can choose from full, queen, king, and California King sizes as well and separately purchase Quincy nightstands that match the wood and complete the stunning set.


  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Beautiful, high-quality wood material
  • Very portable at just 62 pounds


  • Could use more slats for support

The Homelegance Quincy Sleigh Panel Bed features a distinct, traditional design that's sure to stand out in any room. If you're looking for a piece of bedroom furniture that consists of excellent quality wood and can be put together easily, then this can be the best wooden bed frame for you.

nordik queen size

The Nexera Nordik Platform bed presents a uniquely designed frame with a gorgeous natural maple laminate finish. 

What's special about this platform bed is the floating vibe it gives - the bed appears like it effortlessly hovers above the ground. This helps give the entire room an open, airy feel. 

This Queen size platform bed has a 500-pound capacity and is also available in twin and full sizes.

This platform bed offers adequate support for nearly any type of mattress without the need for a box spring. You can pair the wooden frame with a Nexera headboard matching the size of the bed. The product, however, requires assembly.


  • Beautiful, high-quality maple laminate gives a very natural wood look
  • Budget-friendly product
  • Durable and sturdy


  • Takes a while to put together

The Nexera Nordik Queen Size Platform Bed in Natural Maple is one of the most budget-friendly yet incredibly high-quality wooden bed frames. We love the look of this and we’re sure you’ll like it as well.

olee sleep smart

The chic and stylish Olee Sleep Smart Wood Platform Bed is made from a solid wood frame exhibiting a sturdy, unique design. 

This platform bed’s wood slats provide a strong base for your mattress and the wooden frame prevents it from slipping and sliding by securely enclosing the mattress. You’ll be sure to get a good night’s sleep without worrying about squeaking sounds or wobbling.

This piece of furniture also features sufficient under-bed storage space. Apart from full size, the Olee Sleep Smart Wood Platform Bed Frames comes in queen and king sizes. You can also opt for simplistic brown, light brown, and dark brown frame colors.

The bed requires considerable assembly but the process is easy and straightforward. The necessary tools and hardware come with the package and the product includes a 5-year limited manufacturer's warranty.


  • Solid, sturdy design that doesn’t make noise or wobble
  • Affordable price
  •  Very easy to assemble


  • Not the most durable option out there

Overall, this Olee Sleep Smart bed is a wonderful addition to any bedroom – it is easy on the pocket and comfortable to sleep in, and offers a very stylish yet functional design. Hence, some call it the best wooden bed frame.

Best Wooden Frame: Our Best Pick

Out of these sixteen top products, the best would be the 12-inch Zinus Cassandra Wood Platform Bed. The bed frame comes at a super reasonable price and has the perfect blend of features. 

It is secure, durable, and comfortable, ensuring sound sleep. The Zinus Cassandra Wood Platform bed is sure to satisfy any type of customer and the brand is well-known for providing top quality products. The bed is warm and inviting and it is both robust and attractive looking.

However, if you want something truly unique, then consider the Nexera Nordik Queen Size Platform Bed, Natural Maple. It may be a little expensive but the look is worth the price.

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