Craftsman 24 Snow Blower Review

Craftsman 24 Snow Blower Review
  • Equipped with a 26 Inch Clearing Width – the snowblower clears snow up to 21 inches deep from your backyard and patio
  • Has a self-propelled design – the snowblower comes with six forward and two reverse speeds, along with trigger-controlled steering for enhanced performance control
  • Features an adjustable chute – you also get the choice of customizing the direction of the tube by using the included remote crank
  • Has large 15-inch tires – the large treaded rubber tires come with an extraordinary traction with skid shoes to provide optimal traction in the snow
  • Comes with gas engine with electric start – the engine is a four-cycle quiet gas engine that delivers maximum power, and it is also durable

The Winter months mark the festive season of the year, and it's often a time of pomp and glory. That said, the snow often accumulates to the point that movement outdoors becomes a challenge. Kids are not able to walk through walkways or perhaps to the backyard with ease. As such, we are inclined to invest in proper solutions to help clear the path for our kids and family members to move through.

If you are tired of using a shovel or investing or a snow removal service, then the Craftsman 24 Snowblower is an excellent place for you to start. Designed to be ultra-quiet and compact at the same time, the ideal snowblower unit helps you free your property from the hassles associated with excessive snow accumulation. It should also be simple to use and to store as well, thus making the removal process convenient at all fronts. Thus, when choosing reliable snowblowers, ensure that you invest in a reliable brand.

Broadly speaking, this snowblower embodies all the typical values of an excellent DIY tool for home care. It comes with a compact design, and it's also silent in operation. The snowblower also comes with outstanding safety features such as the adjustable chute, that allows for ease of use. Furthermore, the snowblower is also easy on the hands, and power up like the beast it is. The brand has done well to make the snow removal machine relatively silent and efficient in operation.

Within a few minutes of using this snow blower, you will notice how easy it is to free your property from pesky snow. The snowblower works fast, and the simple to use switch shuts the machine off with a straightforward flick. The Craftsman brand has also done well to incorporate the snowblower with exceptional design that makes this unit both durable and unique. Thus, with this Snowblower, you don’t have to spend several hours shovelling the snow from your patio or walkways. It is easy on the hands, and also an energy-efficient addition to your property.

What You Can Expect from the Craftsman 24 Snow Blower 

As one of the best DIY tools for home care, you can expect a reliable and convenient experience with this snowblower. It comes with many unique design features that will take your ability to clear snow to the next level.

  • 208 cc Engine 

Stand out feature right here! Equipped with a powerful 208 cc engine, this snowblower eliminates the hassle associated with removing pesky snow from your property. Use it in the morning when you wake to clear the patio for the kids – or perhaps late in the evening when you won't go out for groceries. The powerful engine lights up fast, all thanks to the convenient to use switch.

Furthermore, the engine on this unit is also energy efficient. It starts with just one stroke, regardless of the weather conditions outside. Therefore, you can rely on this unit to start easy even early in the morning, when you have to clear a pathway for your family members to use. While the engine might produce some noise in operation, this unit is much more silent than a lawnmower. You will find it easy to maintain the engine because it also consists of a small number of components when compared to other similar brands.

  • Advanced Gearing 

The gearing is a critical aspect of a suitable snowblower because it helps you regulate the speed of the machine. Thus, this snow blower boasts of an exceptional 208cc engine, that features a unique six-speed structure. Such a setting makes it ideal for customizing your own pace for clearing various heights of snow. The snowblower even features two reverse speeds, and you can use it to clear large spaces within just a few minutes. With such a unique diversity in gears, you can expect a powerful snowblower, that is also convenient to use.

  • EZ Chute Control 

Similar to Craftsman snowblowers, this unit comes with a unique chute design. The unique chute design is rugged and suitable for various snow clearing applications. More so the unique chute control, that directs the snow away from the machine. Furthermore, the snowblower also features a unique polymer material construction, that is both durable and convenient. The material helps to reduce the accumulation of snow, that might compromise the performance of the chute. The clear bevelled and taller chute height that provides a cleaner plume and farther throwing distance.

  • 24 Inch Clearing Width 

The Craftsman 24 Snowblower also comes with an exceptional 24-inch clearing space, which is not conventional for these types of machines. Therefore, you can create a clear path in no time at all, thereby making your property accessible. Maintenance of the chute is also easy thanks to the easy to access and thoughtful design of this unit. 

It also lets you remove snow at your own pace. Equipped with a self-propelling system, this unit will automatically sense and adjust to your moving speed. The steel rotor with rubber paddles also features a helical design, which will

craftsman 24 snowblower

Remove snow at your own pace. The Personal Pace self-propel system automatically senses and adapts to your walking speed. Featuring a unique steel rotor with rubber paddles with a helical design, this unit will quickly blow snow from your property. It also works well to clean the pavement and gather snow to the centre section, while directing it to the tall chute opening.

  • Deep 13 Inch Tyres 

The tires complement your ability to move around the lawn or walkway as you work to remove any accumulated snow. While some snow blowers are equipped with large tires, the brands available on the Craftsman 24 are suitable for various applications. The tires are special X-Tract tires that are suitable for snowy terrains and more. They even make it easy to move the machine through surfaces such as wooden patios and gravel. The 11-inch deep lug tires feature the ideal combination of depth, pattern and spacing to dig into the snow.

  • Simple Operation 

Ease of use is one of the critical features of a suitable snow blower for your needs. You want a machine that is just as simple to use as a conventional lawnmower. Thus, this unit comes with dynamic features that let you achieve this goal.

The Craftsman also features a single hand controller, that you can use to make adjustments to the functionality and direction of the chute. It allows you to control the direction of the chute, without having to stop the machine. Thus, the machine makes it easy to get your ability to clear snow pathways to ease, such that the kids can get to school on time.

More so, triggering the machine to functionality is also easy thanks to the easy to use trigger switch. Shut down is also as simple, and this also makes up for an exceptional user safety feature for your needs.

  • NIBODY Frame and Compression Loaded Scrape 

The one-piece welded frame also provides optimal durability for tackling harsh snow conditions. The heavy-duty frame is durable and suitable for different types of outdoor snow clearing applications. It also lets you clean snow down to the pavement like no other two-stage snowblower can. Furthermore, the compression loaded scraper also follows the terrain of the area you want to clear. This way, you can enjoy a convenient user experience when clearing up space for your kids to go to school.

  • Optional Lighting 

Perhaps the Craftsman brand thought that, as you presumably use your snowblower, it will be during the day or on a well-lit outdoor area. However, this is all appropriate for the locations that are close to you’re the house or the garage. But what about the rest of the driveway, which will likely be affected by poorly lit conditions?

Thus, you can easily fit this model with extra lights, which provide ease of use outdoors. For those who have relatively small patios or driveways, then the lack of optional lights might not be an issue. That said, if you have to work on large areas such as the backyard and more, then consider the optional lights. They are convenient and powerful enough to light up the pathway as you remove the snow.

The Dislikes

  • This snow blower does well to hurl the snow a significant distance. Furthermore, its also easy to adjust the direction of the throw as you move around. That said, this unit has a learning curve when it comes to machine operation. Ensure that you never cross your hands as you operate the machine. In just a few actions, you will quickly master the functionality of the forwards and backwards lever. Furthermore, you also have to maintain the ability to run the machine effectively, as you freehand customize other performance features of the snowblower.
  • Another significant issue is that you have to add drift cutters and composite shoes the blower. Furthermore, the metal shoes might also leave artefacts in the driveway, the and drift cutters are exceptionally usefully. Moreover, you might also have to consider investing in chains if you require them for machine functionality. Also, note that pathways tend to become pretty icy, and you need a machine that can adjust to different terrains. That said, much has to be said about the ability of this machine to adapt to grounds with large stones and gravel.


Indeed, the first drop of snow is often a good sign of the good things to come. However, whether we like it or not, any snow that accumulates outside on the backyard or lawn can be a challenge to remove. Solutions such as DIY shovelling or calling a local snow removal company are not often feasible solutions for the problem. Therefore, the best solution, in this case, is to get the right snowblower. A snow blower lets you make the most of your property, and it also enables you to maintain optimal accessibility when others are stuck shovelling. From the impressive to stage to handle, the snowblower is both lightweight and simple to use.

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