Dolphin Escape Robotic Above Ground Pool Cleaner Review

Having a pool at home is great, especially during the hot seasons. But maintaining your pool can sometimes feel like a post-meal scenario - only one person is left with all the cleaning. Thanks to technology, some little helpers can do the right trick - these are robotic pool cleaners. A robotic pool cleaner is basically an automated vacuum cleaner that cleans your pool without the dependence to your pool's filtration system, it moves on its own and has a mind of its own.

So, the next question is, "which robotic pool cleaner should I buy?" We found Dolphin Escape Robotic Above Ground Pool Cleaner and we are sharing with why this could be your next great purchase.

In-Depth with Dolphin Escape Robotic Above Ground Pool Cleaner

The Dolphin Escape robotic cleaner is specifically designed for above-ground pools. It can keep your pool's floor clean of dirt and algae with its HyperBrush technology. It is also equipped with a dual 24-volt DC motor for maximum efficiency. This robotic cleaner has a sleek design which is suitable for any swimming pool size. The great thing about this product is that it doesn't have any bags in it. It has large and in-charge oversized debris cartridge that can hold up to 60% more debris that the usual robotic pool cleaner.

The Dolphin Escape’s design is also optimized to deliver unmatched performance in an above-ground pool cleaner at a very reasonable cost. If you look at its design, you would quickly notice that this does not work on its wheels, rather it has tracks for it to be mobile. This is another solution of the manufacturers so that the pool cleaner can travel and work with improved traction. This is the all-new HyperGrip continuous tracks that leave wheeled cleaners in its wake. The Dolphin Escape maintains constant contact even on slippery surfaces, something which a wheeled pool cleaner cannot do. The rubber track also improves directional control and adds greater force.

Its HyperGrip Active Scrubbing brush helps remove those hard-to-remove contaminants, making your pool as clean and hygienic to swim on as they could be. This technology makes your pool cleaner to be capable of spinning twice as fast as traditional brushes. For most pools, a vacuum simply isn't enough to remove algae and other build-ups attached to the pool curves and corners. Hence, the makers of this Dolphin Escape Pool Cleaner equipped it to deliver a level of clean that you can't just easily see for any above-ground cleaners.

Since this is one of Dolphin's latest releases, it is equipped with SmartNav 2.0 robot scanning which aims to optimize cleaning patterns. It simply means that you don't have to worry about your robotic pool cleaner from cleaning the same area over and over again, or to have it to miss a certain spot. The CleverClean Technology ensures that the most efficient route is used to clean your pool’s floor, and has an advanced navigation system and scanning software, as well.

The Dolphin Escape can also be powered easily with the on/off power supply with touch-screen control. Don’t worry, this kind of displays are specially designed to be waterproof and resist the hydrostatic pressure. It weighs only about 14 lbs, making it easy for you to move to and from the storage area to the pool area. This also comes with a one-year warranty.

Specifications and Features:

•    Pool Type: Above Ground

•    Cleaner Type: Robotic

•    Connection: Dual 24-volt 3,000 RPM energy efficient DC motors

•    Warranty: 1-year manufacturer's warranty

What's in the Box?

  • Dolphin Escape Robotic Cleaner
  • Standard Basket
  • Power supply
  • Power cords (40 feet long)
  • Manual and quick start guide

FAQs About Dolphin Escape Robotic Pool Cleaner

Can this be used for the in-ground pool, too?

Yes. Although it works best on above the ground of the pool, it can also be used for in-ground pools as long as the the surfaces are as follows: Concrete, Plaster, Gunite or Pebble, Tile, Vinyl Liner, Fiberglass.

Can this clean all the 33-feet area of the above ground pool?

This robotic pool cleaner can operate up to 90 minutes for one whole battery life. It basically depends on how clean or dirty your pool is and how large it is. If you have a relatively small, clean pool, then it definitely cleans the whole area.

Will the cleaner get stuck in divots of the pool floor caused by gophers?

No, it will not get stuck thanks to its tracks. It can turn efficiently on sides of the pools so it will be able to navigate correctly.

Does it tie up with the pool's skimmer basket?

No, the Dolphin Escape does not run off or tie up with anything. You don't have to worry about it running off your pump. It has its own power source and filter baskets, so it doesn't tie up with anything else.


  • Check Circle
    ​It comes with a modern and breakthrough design.
  • Check Circle
    ​Made specifically for above-ground pools
  • Check Circle
    ​It navigates smartly and properly
  • Check Circle
    ​1-year manufacturer's warranty


  • Times Circle
    ​It does initially come with a filter
  • Times Circle
    ​Does not have a swivel cord to keep it from getting tangled in itself
  • Times Circle
    ​It does not have a timer or programmable control panel

Bottom line:

The Dolphin Escape above-ground pool cleaner is probably one of the best investments you can make for maintaining the cleanliness of your pool. Gone are the days when you have to stand around your pool and scoop up every leaf and debris you could see and brushing the algae away from the sides of you pools because the Escape can do just that in a short span of time and could even produce cleaner results, too. Although the standard package doesn't come with an ultra-fine mesh, a quick stop to your nearest hardware store will do the trick. So, order up and get the best kind of pool clean with the Dolphin Escape robotic pool cleaner.

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