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How to Grow Rosemary

Rosemary is among some of the most appealing herbs, which makes it worth cultivating for its appearance alone. Depending on its variety, you should expect rosemary to have small and profuse flowers, which appear late in the spring. The flowers often have different colors which range between dark blue to white.With very little effort and […]

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How to Grow Mint: A Step by Step Procedure

Mint classifies as a perennial plant with fragrant and pointed leaves. Also, mint often has small white, pink and purple flowers, with a unique fruity taste. There are various types of mint, with all of them being fragrant, and with different physical characteristics. That said, you can always distinguish a mint plant by evaluating the […]

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How to Grow Lemongrass

Lemongrass is a plant that thrives well in places that have a tropical habitat. The plants prefer lots of light, heat and moisture. Also, the plant classifies a tropical herb, which has a strong citrus flavour. The unique taste of lemongrass makes it popular condiment in various cultures in Asia, and all over the world. […]

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How to Grow Cilantro Seeds and Plants: Expert Tips

Cilantro is a plant that requires full light and sun, especially when growing in the southern zones. The plant grows well in well-drained and moist soil. The plants, on average, should be placed 6 to 8 inches apart. Furthermore, the best sowing should be in between 2 to 4 weeks late spring.The plant also grows […]

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How to Grow Basil: Planting, Growing & Harvesting

Basil classifies as warm weather and fragrant herb, that works well for Italian dishes, and even meals such as homemade pesto. The best time to plant seeds or perform a transplant would be after the winter season passes through the year. Using this approach will provide an exceptional harvest, in just a few weeks. Maintain […]

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