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How Often To Use Compost Tea

With the number of microorganisms and nutrients compost consists of, it is considered to be an awesome meal for plants. But for plants to better digest this meal, you can also steep compost in the aerated water to create a compost tea solution. Compost tea is a perfect method to naturally enhance the growth of your […]

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Sta-Green Potting Mix Review

Potting mix is an essential product which you need when planting. Although garden soil already contains nutrients, your plants need more. This is especially true if you’re planning to grow your plants in pots or other types of containers. Out of all the potting mix products out there, one of them stands out – the […]

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How To Create Carbon Dioxide For Your Plants

Carbon dioxide is an essential component to plant growth. Plants grow through a process of photosynthesis which requires light and carbon dioxide. During photosynthesis, the plant produces ‘food’ that it needs to grow and gives off oxygen as a by-product.In a sealed grow area plants are not exposed to fresh air from which they can […]

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How To Reduce Nitrogen In Soil

The most noticeable sign visible to the naked eye that you have a overabundance of nitrogen in your soil is beautiful, lush, green plants with very few or unreasonably small fruits or flowers. You may also find some leaves wilting, then turning yellow to brown, and looking burnt.To be sure, though, you should test the […]

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