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How to Fix a Sprinkler Head that Won’t Rotate

A rotating sprinkler head is an excellent tool for watering your yards, gardens, lawns and more. However, while they might be excellent watering tools, they are prone to damage, because they have several moving components. You should know that rotating sprinklers leverage water pressure to move several small gears in the body of the sprinkler. Thus, […]

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The Complete Guide to Garden Hose Fitting

Your garden hose fittings may seem as simple as it is. Turns out, when you look at everything that goes on behind it, you would notice that choosing hose fittings are not as easy as they appear to be. If you have not yet checked how garden hose fittings can make watering the garden as […]

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Deep Water Culture: The Purest Hydroponic System

Deep water culture is a special and distinct system for growing plants indoors. DWC systems involve the roots of plants being deeply suspended in a solution. This solution must be well- oxygenated to support the plants. It also consists of water and special nutrients to keep the plants healthy. The mixture has 3 important parts. […]

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