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Best Corner Bathroom Vanity – For Small Spaces

What would it take to make a luxurious statement out of an otherwise plain-looking bathroom? How about a corner bathroom vanity? A vanity is a piece of furniture that brings a sense of sophistication to any space. You do not need lots of bathroom space to consider having one. A stroll up and down the furniture/hardware […]

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8 Corner Laundry Hampers for Small Spaces

Corners of a room used to be a dreaded space where dirt just pile up.   These days, with interior design trends aggressively saving spaces left and right, furniture makers and home accessory companies go with the flow producing space-saving items as well.  We’ve seen it everywhere – from corner medicine cabinets or corner floor lamps, to […]

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10 Best Short Throw Projectors for Movies and Gaming

Projectors used to be the go-to system for presentations in the office, church, and other similar environments, but the technology has gradually made its way to the living rooms of people from around the world.  Today, there are hundreds of home projectors to choose from to level-up video games and movie watching experiences.  Of course, the downside […]

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10 Best Copper Faucets

A faucet is not just a tool of necessity but serves as an aesthetic tool as well. A shallow and dull looking faucet can degrade the look of your kitchen or bathroom which is why you need to get copper faucets installed in your home. Copper faucets are shiny, durable and can blend in with almost […]

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10 Best Copper Table Lamps: Reviews & Buying Guide

 The demand for copper table lamps has skyrocketed in recent years as they not only help illuminate dark and dull corners of the house but serve as a decorative piece as well. While there are many types of table lamps you can go for, there is something attractive about copper lamps. They look rusty, vintage, and […]

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