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best pool vacuum cleaners

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​Best Pool Vacuum Cleaners

​A swimming pool is one of the most desirable features a home could have. Nothing beats the luxury of being able to take a refreshing dip during the summer months right in your own backyard or simply just lounging around the pool area to unwind.

However, you need proper maintenance to get the most of your home’s swimming pool to extend its lifespan and keep it squeaky clean and inviting year round. Thus, one of the must-haves equipment for pool owners is a reliable pool vacuum cleaner.

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chlorine tablets


​What are the Best Chlorine Tablets for Swimming Pool

​If you are a pool owner, it is plausible that you have already wondered what are the best chlorine tablets for the swimming pool. These chlorine tablets are added to the swimming pool to kill bacteria, viruses, and protozoa.

pool paints

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​How To Select The Best Pool Paint

​Pool paint is essential for aesthetic purposes and proper maintenance of swimming pools. It is good to have a pool that has the required quality finish and which is durable to withstand has climatic or environmental conditions. This covers some of the important things you are supposed to consider when it comes to pool painting. ​

hot tub enclosure ideas

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​30 Awesome Hot Tub Enclosure Ideas for Your Backyard

​Hot tubs are in themselves luxuries and the idea of investing a few thousand dollars more on an enclosure may seem like something that you can do without, but stop and consider the benefits.

copper fire pit bowls

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​10 Best Copper Fire Pit Bowls for This Fall

​Have you thought of installing a fire pit bowl? Fire pits have become commonplace, with homeowners looking for warmth, an outdoor cooking area or an entertainment spot. While there are many types of fire pit bowls available in the market copper fire pits are ranked at the top. They are long lasting and they don’t suffer some of the common problems that you get with fire pits made out of other materials.


inflatable hot tubs

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​Best Inflatable Hot Tubs In 2019

​Imagine you can enjoy the feeling from all of these while you are soaked in warm water? If we’re on the same page, then you are probably thinking about a hot tub.

Well, we have good news for you! We have prepared a list of the best inflatable hot tubs that will surely offer what hard-side tubs can without breaking the bank. So, read on!

volleyball nets

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​Best Pool Volleyball Nets

​One of the best pool games you can enjoy with your friends is pool volleyball. You can easily divide your group into two teams, set up a reliable volleyball pool net, get a ball and you are good to go!

Getting a pool volleyball net is easy, if you still don't have any idea what to get and how to choose one, then here are some recommendations for you.

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