How To Find And Fix A Pool Leak: Tested Methods

Maintaining a pool is easier said than done as it requires a significant amount of effort and money. In this article, we will guide you on how to find and fix a pool leak.

How to find and fix a pool leak? Well, you need to know what pool leaks are first. Pools appear with different shapes and sizes and have to face with thousands of gallons of water days after days. That means the leakage or even the damage happens to the swimming pools is an obvious consequence. If you- the owner pools do not know the way to realize the signs of swimming pool leaks to have timely response solutions, it undoubtedly costs lots of money for you. Naturally, the pool leak is not always obvious and it's a mistake when most pool owners wait until the leakage occurs clearly and they start to fix it after that. Hence, concentrating on these signs to distinguish the pool leak is necessary:

  • An unusually high water bill: as usual, your water bill remains at a constant rate, but suddenly, you are so surprised at looking an unusually high water bill, the main reason for this surely comes from your pool leak.
  • You cannot maintain the pH in your pool: it is true that if the pH changes regularly, it may be a sign that your pool has a leak.
  • The automatic filler cannot stop: it is better for you to pay regular attention to your automatic filler because if it never stops running, the big problem of the pool leak is taking place.
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    Mushy grass is an essential sign of pool leak: Normally, if there is a mushy grass in your pool, it is an obvious evidence to help you realize your swimming pool is attacked by the leaks. In fact, this mushy grass does not mean that it's a kind of camouflage that leaks out there.

How to find the pool leak?

Losing water occurs days after days at the swimming pool with all kinds of the pool types. The main cause of this problem may come from the normal evaporation and even the existence of the leak containing inside and outside the pool. Overcoming the problem of water leaks in the pool is a necessity, however, before making a phone call to professional pool repairers, you - the pool owners can do these simple tasks so as to self-repair your pool and save up a considerable amount of money. When it comes to the ways to find the leak in the pool, 3 essential tips mentioned below is considered as the 3 premium solutions that most of the swimming pool owner should equip themselves!

a) Using buckets of water to locate leaks

bucket test

Equipment to be prepared:

  • The plastic bucket of 5 gallon ( it is better without a handle)
  • Painter’s tape
  • Pool water

How to do it:

  • Fill the 5-gallon bucket with pool water and place it on the step of your pool. (It is recommended to place this bucket of water on the second step.) Remember that the water onto the bucket is equal to the amount of water in the pool. And then, use the painter’s tape to mark the level of water in the bucket and in the swimming pool.
  • Turning off the recirculating pump as well as any other auto-refill device you have for your pool. (This step is to be sure that the level of water is kept stable at the time of marking in order to come to an exact result).
  • Checking the result after 24 hours: Now, if the water level onto the bucket matches the water level of the pool, this means your swimming pool is losing water due to the evaporation and it is a normal phenomenon. Whether by contrast, the water level of the pool and the level in the bucket is much different, it is not a normal thing, it is surely a leak!
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    To delineate the scope of leaks, you may repeat the process of this test for another 24 hours, but now with the turning on of the pump. At this time, if the water level in the pool is higher than the water circulating under pressure, the leak is certainly somewhere in the plumbing of your pool.

b) Exploring leakage holes thanks to the electrical and filtration systems

With leaky suspicions involving power supplies and the filtration, you had better check at the electrical conduit lines that lead from the pool’s lights for moisture or leaks. Is there any water on the wires? If there is, contact immediately with a professional to locate the position of the leak and fix it quickly.

Moreover, turning off the filtration contributes to finding out the place of the leak. Checking around all pipes, fittings and the pump for moisture to make sure that there is not anything leaking. If there are some, you may be able to replace a new thing by yourself or you want to make sure, it is a good idea to call a professional.

c) Searching for the leaks in a vinyl liner with the ink method

Equipment to be prepared:

  • A pair of swimming goggles (in case you need to dive into the pool to find out the leak).
  • A snorkel ( for those who desire)
  • Safety ink ( maybe the ink used in the food processing)

How to do it:

  • Maintaining the water level in the pool to discover the leak which may be to be found at the bottom of the lake.
  • Taking much attention to the pool’s floor to see whether it’s squishy so as to realize a leak.
  • Wherever you suspect a leak, pour a few drops to find the clues. (You may continue this way at any corner of your pool until you find the leak.)

Here is a wonderful dye tester that each swimming owner should have:

Anderson Manufacturing FT601 Dye Tester Pre-Filled

anderson manufacturing ft601 dye tester pre-filled

How to fix the pool leak?

There is a variety of methods to fix a pool leak but for us, the Fix A Leak Pool Leak Sealer - 32 oz is the most effective way to cope with the leak in the swimming pool.

Fix A Leak Pool Leak Sealer

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Fix A Leak Pool Leak Sealer

Below is the step by step introduction to help you clearly understand the way to apply this best products to your pool leak:

  • Shake well before using: as you can know, this Fix-a-leak is a blended concentrated material used to seal the leak virtually. So, this shake step before use is really important so that the mixture is mixed again before use.
  • Open the skimmer and the sump valves
  • Select recirculate by-passing the filter : before starting pump switch to manual operation, with the pump off,
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    Turn on the pump: this step is to prepare a suction hose for the leakage.
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    Pour the Fix-A-Leak solution into the skimmer: in some cases, if it is not easy to pour the solution, you can use a special kind of bottle like a ketchup to help you pour the liquid into the skimmer conveniently.
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    Sweep into sump drain for 48 hours, every 4-6 hours: Because the Fix-A-Leak is a very heavy material and it may sink to the lowest point immediately, the usage of a pool broom or even mechanically with an automated pool cleaner is surely important.
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    Checking the result: after 48 hours, set to normal filtration.
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    Repeating the procedure if it is necessary: you can even continue this process until the leak has stopped. To make sure the leak is fixed, it is a good idea to repeat the marking of water level in the pool and check for 2-3 days.

If you still find it is a bit complicate to follow the instruction, this video will properly instruct you the way to use the Pool Leak Sealer:

A+B Epoxy 9904K White A+B Rezolin Epoxy Kit

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A+B Epoxy 9904K White A+B Rezolin Epoxy Kit

Below is a very useful video instructing the way to find out the leak and apply the A+B Rezolin Epoxy Kit to fix the leak:

HydroTools by Swimline 4-Ounce Vinyl Pool Linear Repair Kit

HydroTools By Swimline 4-Ounce Vinyl Pool Linear Repair Kit

Jed Pool tools Inc 35-242 Pool Liner Repair Kit

Jed Pool Tools Inc 35-242 Pool Liner Repair Kit

With plenty of meaningful information recommended about the ways to find out the pool leak and the step by step introduction of the procedure in order to deal with these pool leaks, we hope that you will find now it is so simple to detect any types of the pool leak as well as to follow the procedure to repair these unexpected leaks. Obviously, searching for the problems happening to the swimming pool and facing up to these kinds of problem is not an easy task, and even costing you a great deal of money if you have no knowledge about the swimming pool.  Thus, we also suggest some premium products to help you fix your pool leak.

Among them, the Fix -A- Leak Pool Leak Sealer - 32 oz is head and shoulder above the rest! Thanks to the superior functionality and clear introduction in use, this product becomes the best choice of many pool owners. If you have any questions regarding how to find out the pool leaks and how to fix those leaks, do not hesitate to leave the comments as well as share the problem, our consulting team will quickly update and support the necessary solutions for you.

May this article on how to find and fix a pool leak was able to help.

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