How to Use Empty Wine Bottles in Garden: 11 Amazing Ideas

Wine bottles have been one of the popular materials that are being recycled (and upcycled) at homes, restaurants, and bars. Instead of being thrown out after bottles have been emptied, most people repurpose these as a vase, liquid soap container, water bottle, Christmas lights holder, and other uses that give this supposed-to-be waste material a whole brand new use.

Empty wine bottles are easy to recycle and can be reused anywhere. Aside from being used inside the house, though, why not step up your recycling game and use the empty wine bottles outside your home – in your garden to be specific?

Using empty wine bottles to decorate your garden allows you to become creative, artistic, and very resourceful. This particular item gives you tons of options on how it can be recycled to prettify your outdoor space. From its popular use as a vase to transforming into a tiki torch, wine bottles are indeed a genius way to liven up your garden without costing you a fortune.

Instead of throwing away those wine bottles after they have been emptied or sell them in junk shops to earn a little money, why not opt to repurpose them and follow these genius ideas to use them to decorate and liven up your garden? Not only are you saving some money from using materials that can already be found in the comfort of your own home, you are also helping preserve the beauty of the environment by reducing waste.

Know here how to decorate garden with empty wine bottles

1. Say no to pots, say yes to wine bottles!


For this idea, you have two options here to recycle the bottles into pots – first, you can just fill the bottle with soil until it is almost full and then you can proceed to plant your herbs, like mint, basil, and tarragon. Small plants are recommended for this type of pot to ensure that the wine bottle can securely support the growth of your plant.

Secondly, you can cut the bottles in half for easier planting and grow your plant. You may ask, though, what can you do with the other (top) half after cutting the bottles used for pots? Find out on #2!

2. Use wine bottles to light up your garden


Planning to put some lights in your garden to brighten it up a little bit during the night? You can use the top half of the empty wine bottle as a cover for tea candles. By using the top part of the wine bottle, you can easily replace the tea candles once everything has been lit up.

You can even cut the wine bottles in different sizes and choose different colors for the bottles for a more beautiful decoration and effect. You can also use scented candles to liven up your garden. Choose scents that will go along with the atmosphere in your outdoor space for a more pleasant ambiance.

3. What’s a good material to use as a flower bed border?


Empty wine bottles can also be used as flower bed borders! Instead of using the good old-fashioned rocks to create a border for your flower beds in the garden, why not repurpose your empty wine bottles and line them up on the soil for an instant, not to mention artistic, flower bed border?

You can even create shapes and designs for the border and mix and match the colors you want so that your garden will match your quirky personality! This idea is definitely a step up to the usual flower bed borders made from wood and stones.

4. Wine bottles for garden edging

Aside from creating a flower bed border, empty wine bottles can also be used for garden edging. Instead of using wood or rocks on the edge of your plant boxes, why not opt to recycle your empty wine bottles and paint them in different colors and designs for an instant garden decoration? Just carefully line the empty wine bottles and stick them onto the soil for an instant edging on your garden.

5. Trimming down your vines?

If you are growing vines and wish to trim them in such a way that they will not grow all over the place, you can opt to hang some empty wine bottles and grow the vines in there by cutting the bottom part of the bottles for vines to pass through. This idea keeps the vines in place while decorating the garden with hanging pots made from empty wine bottles.

6. A great do-it-yourself watering device

Going out for a while and worrying about who will water your plants? Worry no more as your empty wine bottles can help you out with this dilemma. Made from empty wine bottles, of course, copper tubing and some glass pearl gems, this genius watering device will make sure that your plants are hydrated with the right amount while you are away from home for a couple of days.

Just stick the do-it-yourself watering device on the soil of your potted plant, water will then be pushed out of the bottle into the copper tubing to water your plants. No more hiring another person just to water your plants when you and your family are out of town. Genius and cost-saving idea indeed!

7. Empty wine bottles as tiki torch!


Another genius way to light up your outdoor space is by creating a tiki torch from your empty wine bottles. It’s fairly easy to do – get an empty wine bottle, some copper coupling, a replacement wick, a copper cap, some hex nuts, a copper plate top connector, a Cooper tape, and something to hang your DIY tiki torch to then you’re good to go!

You can even paint the empty wine bottles and decorate them with paint for a more artistic tiki torch that will not only light up your space but also make it more homey and artistic. The tiki torch provides a bright light to your garden so you can use this idea when you are planning a picnic or a simple dinner right outside your garden.

8. Create your very own chandelier in your garden!

Who says chandeliers are meant to be inside houses only? Recreate this beautiful indoor decor in your garden by using empty wine bottles and hanging them into a metal wine holder. These hanging wine bottles can then be used as a planter. You can plant your favorite flowers or herbs into this planter and hang them in your garden to instantly prettify your space.

9. Repurposed wine bottles as bird feeders


A very cute idea: recycle your empty bottles to become birdhouses or feeding ground for the little feather creatures that will visit your garden. Fill in an empty wine bottle with bird food and hang it afterward on a tree. Make sure that you have drilled a hole on the bottom part of the bottle and have attached a small plate on the bottom so that the birds can eat easily on the repurposed bird feeder.

Hang a number of bird feeders on your trees to attract more little feather creatures into visiting your beautiful garden!

10. Liven up your fences

What’s a more popular idea than reusing your empty wine bottles as flower vases? Step up this idea though by hanging these flower vases in your fences in the garden to instantly liven up the look of your garden. Choose flowers and plants in different colors for a very lively look and feel in your garden.

You can have themes every week as well. For example, choose red-colored plants only to be put on these vases for a week, and another color for the next. This helps you to not get bored with the look of your garden and excites you (and your family) to see what’s the next theme of your garden will be!

11. Create your garden centerpiece from empty wine bottles

Want a centerpiece for your garden? Why not reuse your empty wine bottles to create a wine bottle fountain? You just need a big basin, made from clay or porcelain, some rocks, and a holder for your wine bottles and you can create a garden fountain that is cheap, environment-friendly, and truly unique!

With how easy this is to build, you can create several fountains for your garden (you can even bring one inside your home!).Your visitors will surely love this do-it-yourself garden centerpiece that is not only beautiful but environment-friendly as well!

Using wine bottles for garden decoration allows you to be creative and resourceful by providing you numerous choices and options as to how to reuse this material into a beautiful form of art and decoration. Ask for help from your family when you plan to decorate your garden. This is not only a great bonding activity but is also a great way to teach your kids how to recycle and reuse things instead of just throwing them.

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