Kreepy Krauly Inground Pool Cleaner Review

One would think that Pentair would slow down after releasing a lot of pool-cleaning products - however, the brand is just starting. They have embraced their fun side and came up with interesting model names, like the Kreepy Krauly in-ground pool cleaner. The great thing about Pentair is that they do not just name their products randomly - there are great reasons why this pool cleaner is called the Kreepy Krauly, and we're here to have a closer look.

In-Depth ​Review Of Pentair Kreepy Krauly Inground Pool Cleaner

The Kreepy Krauly is one of the latest releases of Pentair for their pool cleaner line. Its modernity is shown by how it is designed and enhanced by the rugged overall construction of the unit. Now, you might think that the design is the only thing that has been changed with this pool cleaner, but there's actually a whole lot more.

First off, there is only one operational moving part - yes, that's right. A pool cleaner can do its job by just moving one part! The Kreepy Krauly is the only one that can do this.

Pentair has thought of further lengthening its long service life by focusing on just one part that will be affected by major wear and tear in the long run because of its repetitive use. This means two great things for consumers: their pool cleaner will have a longer than the usual service life, and that this unit would require less maintenance. In the event that you would actually need one, the replacement or repair of the parts would only require just one part instead of having to work with different assemblies.

How the cleaner works is a question that begs to be answered. If only one part of the cleaner moves, then how can it perform its task? Well, to leave you more in awe, this unit does not have any wheels, gears, or diaphragms to help it move. The cleaner comes with a dive float which helps guide the Kreepy Krauly while cleaning the pool. It also has a roller strap which maneuvers the cleaner around steps and ladders for uninterrupted cleaning. It has wings that direct where the collected dirt and debris are to be stored - directly into the skimmer and pump basket, keeping it away from clogging the filtration system.

With the latest model, Pentair's Kreepy Krauly was redesigned even further to provide a more powerful suction that can leave your pool's surfaces spotless in no time. The cleaning done by this unit is methodological and systematic, meaning the way it cleans its optimized to make sure that your Kreepy Krauly covers all the parts of your pool – from the waterline to the deepest part, it will surely be reached by this fantastic cleaner.

We all know how tiresome and time-consuming cleaning a pool would be, that's why this particular unit will make your cleaning job a hundred times better than it was before. It has an automatic regulator valve which adjusts the water flow to set the ideal speed for maximum pool cleaning performance. With that, it's safe to say that you can significantly save a lot on your utility bills! You also do not have to buy expensive and energy-draining booster pumps, as it could work well on its own. What's even better is you can assemble and install this unit in just a matter of minutes! And you won't even need tools while doing so, talk about convenience, right?

Specifications and Features:

  • ​Pool Type: In-ground
  • ​Cleaner Type: Automatic, suction side
  • ​Warranty: 2-year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • ​Pool Surfaces it can Cover: Pebble, Tile, Vinyl, Gunite, and Fiberglass

What's In Th​e Box?

  • ​Pentair Kreepy Krauly Device
  • ​Automatic Regulator Valve
  • ​Dive Float
  • ​Roller Strap
  • ​Wings
  • ​Manual and quick start guide

FAQS About the Kreepy Krauly Great White Inground Pool Cleaner

​Q. Does the Kreepy Krauly have the tendency to get stuck on raised anti-vortex drains?

Ans. No, it does not get stuck on raised anti-vortex drains. Although you can encounter this mostly with older and outdated pool cleaners, rest assured that it won't happen with the Kreepy Krauly simply because it has been taken to consideration when the new design was built.

​Q. Does it clean the sides or walls of the pool?

Ans. Yes, it cleans from the bottom of your pool up to its waterline. It also works great in shallow surfaces.

​Q. Will this work with an above ground pool?

Ans. Since it is specifically designed for use with in-ground swimming pools, there would have to be considerations and adjustments if you were to use it for an above ground pool. What usually dictates whether this would be possible is the wattage capacity of your pool's pump, since the pool vacuum is dependent on it. Generally, above ground pools tend to have small pumps with about 0.5 or 0.75 hp. This is not sufficient enough to supply the suction the unit needs. However, if your above ground pool's pump runs on higher wattage, then you can try to connect the Pentair Kreepy Krauly. Do note that you only do this at your own risk!

​Q. What is the pump flow rate required for proper operation?

Ans. The flow rate of the pump should be set at least 50% of its rated capacity. You can increase it after your first use.


  • Check Circle
    ​Easy to use
  • Check Circle
    ​Low maintenance cost
  • Check Circle
    ​Longer service life


  • Times Circle
    ​Unregulated flow rate can get it stuck

Bottom Line :

Overall, Pentair’s Kreepy Krauly Great White in-ground pool cleaner is something simple – which all pool cleaners should be. It is also most-definitely durable. Its features are made simple and yet effective when all other brands make theirs complicated. The Kreepy Krauly is revolutionized to go back to the basics and answer the pool cleaner’s primary goal: to clean your pool as much as it could. It is modern and it is also chic and functional. No other words needed, it just simply gets the job done for you.

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