Masterbuilt Charcoal Smoker Review

Smoking is perhaps one of the most popular and reliable methods for preparing meals. An age-old technique of making food, smoking has been practiced by almost all cultures around the world. The benefit of living in the modern world is that we can easily gain access to cooking appliances that can smoke high quality food. For instance, the Masterbuilt Charcoal Smoker is an excellent suggestion for smoking your meals. It is ideal for tailgate parties, camping, or even backyard grilling. Designed to be simple to use and compact, this best cooking appliance lets you enjoy consistently cooked meals with convenience. Aside from ​being durable, this unit has an appealing black and steel finish that enables you to cook with style. Consider the following key features that can make your cooking experience convenient:

​Features Of Masterbuilt Charcoal Smoker

1. Large Cooking Surface Area

Designed to provide as much as 395.4 sq. Inches of cooking space, this is the best charcoal smoker and ​that's perfect for many types of cooking applications. You can easily cook many different kinds of foods in one go with such a large surface area. Furthermore, the charcoal smoker has several racks, which make it easy to arrange the foods as they cook. Such a unique design also does well to retain the original taste of the meals as it cooks. More importantly, this unit offers a large cooking space area, without adding any unnecessary weight to the structure.

2. Porcelain-Coated Smoking Racks and Stable Structure

The charcoal smoker also has porcelain smoking racks that provide immense room for cooking your meals. Unlike the conventional steel racks, the porcelain coated rack offers a host of unique benefits. It has as many as four smoking racks, which you can adjust to suit the nature of your foods. Also, they are durable and suitable for many different types of cooking applications. The smoker also has a three-legged physical structure, that provides optimal stability on most types of outdoor terrains.

3. Front-Access Door

Users will also appreciate the inclusion of a front access door that makes it easy to load the charcoal boiler with your food items. The front access door features an insulated handle that provides ease of access and optimal user safety. This dynamic cooking appliance can also fry, boil, and steam. As such, you can use it reliably for meats and vegetables. Unlike electric or gas smokers, this unit operates on charcoal. The charcoal smoker is highly efficient in fuel consumption and produces a small amount of emissions.

4. Built-In Lid Thermometer

Taking things to the next level, this unit also make it simple to customize the temperature. The in-built lid thermometer is designed to provide accurate temperature readings. Such high levels of customization will enhance your frying and smoking experience. On top of that, the interior section is also simple to clean and maintain. The interior has a unique steel material construction that that does well to dissipate heat to your meals.

5. Simple to Use

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced cooking enthusiast, the Masterbuilt Charcoal Smoker is perfect for your needs. The machine also sets up simple, and the user controls are easy to customize. It will also maintain a constant temperature level of 165 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature level, your meats cook tender, and within half the time you would cook with a conventional smoker.  Within minutes of removing it from the box, you should be ready to start preparing your first meals. Novice users will also appreciate the instruction manual, which allows for ease of user customization benefits.

6. Durable and Stable Physical Structure

The smoker also has a durable steel physical construction that provides several days of reliable performance. Users will also appreciate the ergonomic and insulated handle, that provides ease of access to the smoker. While this unit offers a large surface area for preparing your meals, the physical structure is durable and highly insulated. Furthermore, the unique three-legged physical structure of the smoker sits stable on various types of surfaces.


  • Check Circle
    ​Porcelain-coated smoking racks
  • Check Circle
    ​Has a front access door
  • Check Circle
    ​Comes with an inbuilt thermometer
  • Check Circle
    ​Durable construction
  • Check Circle
    ​Offers a large cooking area


  • Times Circle
    ​Produces some emissions
  • Times Circle
    ​The exterior structure is prone to staining

Bottom Line

Overall, you can now smoke your favorite meals with ease each time. The Masterbuilt Charcoal Smoker is an excellent addition to your cooking appliances. It comes with an inbuilt thermometer, and it also provides a large cooking area for your needs. The charcoal smoker has a durable physical structure and exceptional power consumption capabilities. Users will also appreciate the porcelain racks, which are easy to maintain and reliable for cooking meals. While it may produce a small amount of emissions in operation, it is simple to use and reliable.

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