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Best DIY Fire Pits

Fire pits are one of the oldest concepts we have as a species. They date back to the days when fire was used daily for light, warmth and preparing food. Of course the function of the fire pit has now changed and while it’s more of a decorative feature than a practical tool, it’s still […]

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10+ Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

Fire pits have become the must have accessory of the 21st century. They’re being used to transform homes and gardens across the country, offering a feeling of style, luxury and class. The fire pit, as a concept, dates back to prehistoric times where an open fire was used to cook food and provide heat and light. […]

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Chiminea vs Fire Pit

You can now easily get comfortable outdoors with the right heating system in your back garden. Whether you are looking to hang out around a crackling fire or a fun place to roast your hot dogs, consider getting a chiminea or a fire pit.It is important that you get to know the difference between a […]

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10 Best Copper Fire Pit Bowls for This Fall

You love spending time on your Pergola but you are worried that with fall around the corner it will become too cold. Have you thought of installing a fire pit bowl? Fire pits have become commonplace, with homeowners looking for warmth, an outdoor cooking area or an entertainment spot. While there are many types of […]

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Cooking with a Chiminea: Expert Tips and Tricks

Chimineas are outdoor ovens with pot bellies. They originated in Mexico, back in the 1600s. They used to make these ovens from clay but now, they can consist of different materials. A lot of people use chimineas as an outdoor decoration as well as for entertaining in the backyard. They are great sources of light […]

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