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Craftsman 24 Snow Blower Review

Craftsman 88173 24 Snow Blower Features at A Glance Check Price On Amazon Equipped with a 26 Inch Clearing Width – the snowblower clears snow up to 21 inches deep from your backyard and patio Has a self-propelled design – the snowblower comes with six forward and two reverse speeds, along with trigger-controlled steering for […]

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Ariens Compact 24 Snow Blower Review

Ariens 920021 Snow Blower Features from a Glance Comes with a massive 24-inch clearing width that can move loads of snow Has a powerful 223cc Ariens Engine Blows up to 40 feet and equipped with a tall housing height Cap adjustment for ease of use and locking handles for one-handed operation Heated handlebars and durable […]

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How To Choose A Rain Barrel

​A rain barrel is a water container that collects rainwater running from your roof, gutter, and downspout. Its storage capacity ranges from 30 to 250 gallons but the biggest delivery-ready ones are 100 gallons. The rainwater saved using your rain barrels can serve as your garden and utility water and can last you for a […]

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Water Fountains and Noise Pollution

Over the past decade or so there has been a sudden increase in water fountain application bordering on mania. We see water fountains in gardens and living rooms, little small fountains for a desk or a reception counter, huge fountains for displaying company logos and soothing fountains for hospitals and dental clinics. Residential developments and areas […]

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