Pentair Rebel Pool Cleaner Review

The manufacturers of Pentair Rebel coined this model for a specific reason. It is revolutionary in terms of cleaning speed in the suction side pool cleaners league. It is a challenger to many cleaners that may look the same but perform differently. If you're looking for a badass suction side pool cleaner, then the name will surely speak for itself. A lot of pool users still prefer this kind of pool cleaner because it is 50-70% cheaper than the emerging robotic pool cleaners. There are more interesting features you need to know about, so read on.

The Pentair Rebel is an in-ground automatic suction pool cleaner that effectively fights dirt and debris that can be found in your pool. It protects your pool's filtration system by keeping all unwanted materials from the filter proper. Although it may look small, it is as powerful as you want it to be! Its compact size helps it to move easily around your pool and even go through the tightest spaces like shallow pool bottoms, 90-degree floor-to-wall angles, and tight corners. Indeed, there's nothing that this pool cleaner would miss because it can even clean out the water line surfaces. It will work on any surface of in-ground pools. It can work perfectly on vinyl, fiberglass, pebble, tile, and gunite surfaces.

The Pentair Rebel is equipped with a sure-flow turbine design that ensures clog-free cleaning of all sizes of debris. This specific technology can only be found in Pentair products, and it will surely suck away even the smallest debris in your pool. It also has an enhanced hydraulic design that makes it the most suitable pool cleaner for variable speed and low flow pumps. This means that whatever type of pool surfaces you have, the Pentair Rebel can clean and deliver a great performance. The dual-action roller skirt combines with upgraded chassis for continuous cleaning and this feature's supported with its SmartTrac Programmed Steering and Steady-Grip Tire Traction to prove thorough cleaning coverage.

After the cleaning process, you won't have to go through pesky and dirty tunnels because this equipment has its own Quick-Release Latch which will allow fast and easy to access. It's effortless to operate. Once you buy it, you don't have to assemble it anymore! You can just attach the hoses to the product, and it will clean your pool for you instantly.

What's in The Box?

  • ​Pentair Rebel Device
  • ​Hose float
  • ​Threaded Adaptor
  • ​Reducer Cone
  • ​Regulator Valve
  • ​Elbow
  • ​Flow gauge
  • ​Hose Set - 11 Sections (10 Standard Hoses, 1 Leader Hose)
  • ​Manual and quick start guide

FAQs About Pentair Rebel Automatic Suction Pool Cleaner

​Q. Will it operate with a fixed flow pump?

Ans. Most swimming pools have fixed flow pumps. And Pentair Rebel was also designed to work with variable and low-speed pumps. Any suction set will work with the Pentair Rebel.

​Q. Can this pool cleaner climb up the pool and inclined surfaces?

Ans. Yes, the Pentair Rebel can climb up any pool surface like inclined ones. It can even clean those hard to reach areas, so you're assured that this unit will perform to your expectations. All of these are possible with its dual-action skirt which allows it to move up and over obstacles.

​Q. What do I need to do to assemble the Pentair Rebel?

Ans. It's effortless to set this badass up! All you have to do is to connect it with the necessary pool lines and vacuums and have it running immediately. It should be really easy and can be done without any extra tools needed.


  • ​Easy to install
  • ​Can quickly be moved around
  • ​Debris and dirt won’t clog up the device
  • ​Durable and reliable
  • ​Cleans fast and effectively


  • ​It would be better with a swivel hose

Pools Cleaners Similar to Pentair Rebel

Zodiac MX6 review

If you are looking for a lighter and slightly cheaper pool cleaner, take a look at the Zodiac MX6. It also works on variable and low-speed pumps and is energy efficient. It can clean every corner of your pool and can climb the walls up to the waterline too. It comes with an 8.4M twist-to-lock swiveling hose. It is shorter than Pentair Rebel’s but will not tangle.

Hayward AquaNaut

Hayward AquaNaut review

Similar to the Pentair Rebel, dirt and debris will not clog the Hayward AquaNaut because of its patented V-Flex Technology: Self-Adjusting Variable Vanes that will work even when the automatic cleaner is attached to a low-speed pump. The Hayward Aquanaut will not miss any area on your pool with its pre-programmed steering system. It will even pick up dirt on uneven surfaces without losing its track. It is also almost a hundred dollars cheaper than the Pentair Rebel.

Bottom Line :

Gone are the days where you to have to clean the pool all by yourself. Save on costs because you no longer have to get professional pool cleaners which might be using the same suction side cleaner, anyway. With the Pentair Rebel, it doesn’t matter what the size of dirt and debris you are dealing with on your pool. It will surely leave every area spotless once this pool vacuum comes along its path. If you're also looking for a long commitment when it comes to a vacuum pool cleaner this one is going to be with you for a very long time as long as it is handled and stored correctly. It comes with a 2-year warranty as well. Overall, this is a sure investment that you won't be sorry for having. Ditch the old pool cleaning materials and go for an automatic and hassle-free Pentair Rebel.

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