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DIY Pallet Pool

Pools have always traditionally been luxury items that only the mega rich could afford. As times have changed there have been more options for those with lower budgets and now there are more options than ever to get pools in your home. Over the years lots of DIY solutions have been created to give everyone the […]

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Revealed: How to drain an above ground pool?

If you have been following the Rio Olympics Swimming competitions closely, you would have noticed the debacle which took place in a middle of one such game. With the swimmers about to jump into the pool, the water turned green, leaving the organizers shellacked. As a result, they were left with no option but to drain […]

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Above Ground Pool Reviews – What to buy?

Summertime is most definitely upon us. The sun is frolicking, the skies are the clearest of blue and the temperatures are soaring. And during such a wonderful time period, what better to invest in than an above ground pool for your garden? Let’s see my above ground pool reviews to pick one.Things to ConsiderWhen searching […]

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