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Intex Pool Cover Reviews

Taking care of your pool does not stop after it is used or maintained. It might actually need more tender love and care during downtime. You need to stop using your pool on several occasions like when you try to keep it warm. This is also true during winter or whenever there is stormy weather. What […]

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Sun2Solar 800 Series Solar Cover Review

Every pool owner knows how important it is to keep their pool heated. This problem can be solved by merely installing an electric heater. However, this could mean higher electricity bills and maintenance costs. Nowadays, being able to make things sustainable through technology is the trend. Thankfully, these innovations are already available for pool covers. […]

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Blue Wave In-Ground Pool Safety Cover Review

Who doesn’t enjoy dipping into the pool every now and then? When the swimming pool is right in your backyard, hours of fun in the water is possible. Having your own pool has a lot of advantages, but it requires a lot of maintenance work as well. A considerable chunk of maintaining comes when the […]

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Arctic Armor Pool Covers Reviews

There are two primary reasons why you need to winterize your pool. First, is to keep your pool water clean until next season so you can conserve water and chemicals. The second and most important reason is to prevent the pool water from freezing and damaging your entire pool system – from the physical structure […]

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