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After a hard day’s work, you deserve to pamper yourself. Soothe those sore muscles (or a backache) with a home spa.

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Far vs Near Infrared Sauna: What’s The Difference

From inflatable compression boots to whole body cryotherapy techniques, nowadays people are taking extraordinary measures to keep their bodies in shape. The latest in health and well-being technology? Infrared Technology that helps transfer radiation to your entire body. It’s a form of physical therapy, which is becoming increasingly common in treating various health complications. More […]

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How Much Does an Infrared Sauna Cost?

New age medicine and therapy techniques are increasingly becoming a hot topic all around the world. Being able to leverage these techniques can have positive effects on the quality of one’s life. Among some of the common technologies being used by DIY health enthusiasts and athletes are the infrared saunas. Yes, that’s right! Saunas nowadays […]

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How Often Should You Use Infrared Sauna?

A single session in a sauna might be relaxing and enjoyable. That said, only regular sauna sessions will have immense benefits for your body. In fact, sessions throughout the week will guarantee improved immune functions, metabolic rates and enhanced cardiovascular system performance. To enjoy these benefits, you have to ensure that you spend adequate time […]

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Intex PureSpa Bubble Massage Spa Review

There are thousands of options for inflatable hot tubs available in the market today. And through your research, you have probably heard of the Intex PureSpa series – its impeccable design and advanced features. Today, you will get to know more about this portable hot tub and why it is such a perfect addition for […]

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