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How to Tell if Your Chlorine Tablets Have Gone Bad

Welcome back students of swimming pool ownership. In this lecture, we look at chlorine shelf life and the reasons that cause them to expire. In the ideal world, the pool care ends when you use up the last chlorine tablet, perform some “pool shock,” and adjust the balance of your water. Before you can make the […]

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How to Find an Air Leak in Your Pool Pump

The role of a water pool pump is to move water through a filter and back through water inlets in the swimming pool. The water moves through an electric motor that rotates an impeller, which is found in the interior sections of the pump.For optimal functionality, a pool pump should not contain any air in […]

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Best Pool Volleyball Nets

​It is without a doubt that swimming in pools is a great way to spend recreation time, bond with your friends and exercise. You can, however, do all of these three while playing a game. One of the best pool games you can enjoy with your friends is pool volleyball. You can easily divide your […]

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Best Pool Skimmer Baskets

Pool skimmer baskets are one of the most interesting parts of your pool’s built-in cleaning and filtering system. A skimmer basket collects and strains foreign materials on the surface of the pool that can harm your pool’s filter and pump system. You will be surprised by the things that you might see inside your skimmer […]

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Revealed: Why is My Pool Water Cloudy after Shocking?

For new pool owners who have just shocked their pool, they often ask that “why is my pool water cloudy after shocking?”. While time is also a priority, clearing a cloudy pool would require the expenditure of money. Moreover, if you aren’t a fan of a clear pool, health reasons might also change your outlook. In […]

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