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Revealed: How to Clean a Pool Filter

If you’re the owner of an in-house pool, it is plausible that you have already encountered this question regarding how to clean a pool filter. While pools are a beautiful source of enjoyment and exercise, cleaning them is a formidable task. For this purpose, filters are installed in a pool to make our life easy. However, […]

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How To Keep Chlorine Levels Up In A Pool?

It’s summer again, and we all know that means getting your pool ready for backyard BBQs and good times spent with friends and family! As the lucky owner of a pool, you definitely don’t regret your decision to invest in something that makes entertaining a breeze and allows you a bit of enjoyment when the weather […]

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How To Open An Above Ground Pool For The First Time?

Contemplating on opening an above the ground pool by yourself for the first time? If you decide on that, then start gearing up with your pool supplies and follow the simple steps on how to open an above the ground pool. In no time, you’ll realize that your pool has been opened just like a pro […]

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Revealed: How to drain an above ground pool?

If you have been following the Rio Olympics Swimming competitions closely, you would have noticed the debacle which took place in a middle of one such game.  With the swimmers about to jump into the pool, the water turned green, leaving the organizers shellacked. As a result, they were left with no option but to […]

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