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What Are The Little Red Worms In My Pool

“What are the little red worms in my pool?”  Maybe it’s your first close encounter with these wiggly creatures so that they are not familiar to you.  For sure these little red worms made you squirm (who wouldn’t?) when you found them swimming along with you in your pool!  The presence of these little red […]

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Why My Swimming Pool Has Nitrates and What Should I Do?

Lately, you notice that your pool has been consistently turning cloudy and green. You’re told that nitrates could be the probable culprit which made you blurt out “Why my swimming pool has nitrates and what should I do”? The build-up of nitrates is a common pool problem which should be addressed immediately to avoid a more […]

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When Vacuuming Pool The Dirt Comes Back In?

Did it ever happen to you when vacuuming pool, the dirt comes back in making your effort futile? Do you even know when vacuuming pool the dirt comes back in? It could be very frustrating on your part for such waste of time and effort to make your pool clean. But, before resorting to clarifiers that […]

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Why Pool Maintenance is Important?

It’s finally here! We are finally in the midst of summer, the beloved season that brings us warmth, sunshine, happiness, friendship, and swimming. Swimming, perhaps above all, is what we all seem to look forward to when the heat beats down on us. As the temperature rises, so does our eagerness for throwing on our bathing […]

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