3 Best Slim Kitchen Trash Can Reviews in 2021

Waste products from our home kitchens, offices, or even restaurants can sometimes be challenging to dispose. In fact, we sometimes don’t have the time to walk all the way to the primary trash can. Unfortunately, most people often opt to dump their water bottles or even waste food down on the ground. While this may be convenient, it can pose various environmental issues and also make your given space untidy.

For this reason, a slim trash can might just be the perfect way for you to complement the quality and functionality of your kitchen space. It’s a compact tool, which you can use to store waste conveniently, and you can store it anywhere you like. However, before you can get the perfect one for your needs, you may have to consider a few critical factors for the best results.

  • Capacity – you want a trash can that has an excellent capacity level to store waste products such as food material and more comfortably. Ideally, the best capacity level averages at 20 liters, and you should be able to operate the machine using a foot lever for convenience,

  • Lid construction – you also want to evaluate the structure of the lid since it determines how well you can access the trash can. A soft close top will reduce any noise issues when you open, or close the lid, such that it won't startle other users in the home

  • Interior instruction – aside from its weight capacity, you also want to evaluate the construction of the interior unit. You want an internal bucket that is easy to remove for convenient disposal of waste material.

Top 3 Slim Trash Can Reviews 2021

amazonbasics rectangle soft-close trash can

With the Amazon basics Rectangle Slim Trash can, you are sure of a reliable and stable addition to your kitchen space. Why? This unit comes with many features to make it ideal for waste disposal. For instance, it features a stainless-steel structure with a manual foot lever to make it convenient to use. Furthermore, the soft-close lid also does well to reduce noise when opening or closing the lid on the trash can. 

The trash can also features a smudge-resistant, finger proof, and durable stainless steel exterior for longevity. You can also remove the heavy-duty plastic interior bucket, to make waste disposal convenient.


  • 20-liter stainless steel trash can with manual foot lever
  • A soft-close lid to reduce noise when opening the trash can
  • Heavy duty plastic interior bucket is easy to remove
  • Fingerprint proof and smudge-resistant design


  • Should be available in many finishes
  • The soft close lid slips when wet

Editor’s Choice

rubbermaid step on lid slim trash can for home

Discover the excellence of the Rubber Main Step On Lid Slim Trash Can. This unit comes with a convenient step-on lid, which lets it stay open without you having to hold the pedal down for foot free operation. Furthermore, the unique linerlock bag wires will easily secure the trash bag to the rim of the can and prevent the bag from slipping into the can. 

To make things better, the waste can have a durable and seamless construction, along with plastic resin material, to make it long lasting and convenient to clean. As one of the best trash cans on the market, this unit is ideal for bedrooms, nurseries, garages, and more. It has been designed with convenience in mind, and it also features a sizeable 11.25-gallon capacity. This way, you don’t have to go on many trips to empty the trash can.


  • Comes with a step on opening lid
  • Seamless and intelligent design
  • Linerlock technology to stop the bag from slipping
  • Suitable for various types of small spaces


  • N/A

Runners Up

sterilite fba_sterilite

Change how you get rid of waste in the kitchen by using the STERILITE FBA wastebasket. This unit comes with various unique features to make it a compact yet spacious addition to your already limited kitchen space. The STERILITE brand has done well to include an attached white lid to make it easy to close the wastebasket. Even more, the wastebasket is made using durable and sturdy materials.

Thanks to the exceptional 11-gallon capacity of this unit, you are sure that you have more than sufficient space for storing waste material. The STERILITE brand has also done well to make this trash can convenient to empty, thus making it ideal for use in small spaces. It even comes with a non-skid base, which sits stable on most types of floor surfaces. 

This way, you have a solid trash can that you can use for various types of waste storage applications. On top of that, the wastebasket is also available as a handsfree option, which is perfect for your kitchen.


  • Comes with attached white lid
  • Made using durable and study material
  • Made using durable and study material
  • Non skid base is suitable for use in different floor surfaces


  • Exterior sections stains rather easily
  • Could use a non-slippery lid


Being able to get rid of waste from your kitchen or even from your home office should be a convenient process. Never throw waste materials such as bottles, damaged pencils, food, or even pieces of paper on the ground. Get a slim trash can, and instantly complement the functionality as well as the convenience of your personal space. While it may be a compact waste disposal mechanism, it makes up for an excellent addition to your already limited indoor space.

Even more, most trash can brands have done well to incorporate their products with various unique additional features. Thus, get a slim trash can and enjoy convenient waste disposal benefits.

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