Suaoki G500 Review

  • 500 WH Mega-capacity rating can charge laptops or small appliances
  • 300 W Pure sine waves for sophisticated devices such as CPAP machines or speakers
  • 3 Quick charge USB ports
  • Durable and impact resistant plastic exterior construction
  • 12V/3A DC ports and 12V/10A carports
  • 3 ways for recharging including cigarette light socket, wall outlet or solar panel

Suaoki G500 Review

How many times have you struggled to find a reliable power supply for your smartphone, laptop, or even portable speakers when outdoors? More often than not, right? Well, whether you are outdoors camping, tailgating, backing, or you just need a convenient power supply, you have to make good choices. There are various options available for you on the consumer market.

For instance, the Suaoki G500 portable inverter, which is perfect for various types of power supply applications. This compact machine can produce high quality power to power your favorite devices. The Suaoki brand has done well to create a reliable and robust power supply unit. To be specific, you can recharge this unit in as many as three ways, and it can produce clean power for all of your devices. 

More so, it is also quiet, clean, and will produce no fumes when in operation. Thus, it makes up for the perfect power supply unit for outdoor parties, boat life, road trips, and more. The following are some of the key features of this unit:


500WH Mega Capacity

The ultra-high capacity of this unit means that you can use it to charge various types of devices. You can use the G500 to charge smartphones, laptops, and multiple kinds of small appliances. The machine gets its power from a 500-watt lithium battery pack that will provide years of reliable longevity. In fact, it has adequate power for daily use of RV`ers, ocean anglers, campers, and more. Aside from its exceptional capacity, this unit also has various other unique features you should consider.

300W Pure Sine Wave

More so, the machine also features 2pcs 110V/300W, 600W surge AC outlets for producing a pure sine wave output. Such an output level is ideal for devices such as speakers, CPAP machines, and computers. There are various benefits of the sine wave for your devices. It helps to protect them from undesired heat and issues associated with excessive heating.

Quick Charge USB Ports

Equipped with 3 PCs USB ports with fast charge functionalities, this unit is perfect for use on various types of devices. The ports classify as the Q3.0 quick charge ports, the USB-A ports, and the USB-C ports.

quick charge usb ports

To be specific, it has two direct DC outlets, which allow it to charge various types of devices, including fans, headlamps, wireless routers, and more conveniently. You don’t need any adapters for the process. On top of that, the QC3.0 USB-C port can also charge Type-C devices such as smartphones. The USB-A function is a fast charge port for the conventional USB-A devices. The QC3.0 charging protocol is downward compatible, which means it can charge almost any type of electric apparatus.

Dynamic DC Output

Each power supply port on this unit can support a 12V/3A output level. Furthermore, this unit even comes with a 12V/10A carport, which you can use to power various types of devices when you are not close to the car. The durable design of the power outputs ensures that you receive a reliable and high-quality power supply for your needs.

3 Ways of Recharging

As a dynamic power supply unit, you can also expect this invert to come with dynamic ways of recharging. For instance, you can use AC wall outlets, 12v cigarette light sockets on your car, and even a solar panel. The invert comes with a lithium-ion battery, which provides adequate power for supplying several devices with reliable power. 

3 ways recharge

This unit is solar chargeable. You can get the optional 100 w solar panel to make it easy to charge when you are outdoors. More so, the G500 features an inbuilt MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking Technology) controller, which enhances the efficiency of the solar charging results.

Heavy Duty and Durable Generator Design

To make things better, while this portable generator might seem compact, it has a durable design, which means that it does not mind getting tossed around in the trunk of your car. It also features an ergonomic handle, which makes it easy to carry around small spaces. On top of that, the heavy-duty design means that this unit can withstand high impact forces such as falls from a table. The components on this portable generator are also durable and can provide years of reliable power production benefits.

The Good

  • 500WH ultra-high capacity can charge various types of devices
  • 300W pure sine wave AC outlets
  • Quick charge USB ports for modern devices
  • Heavy duty and durable generator design

The Bad

  • Takes time to charge upto full
  • Could use LED indicators for convenient use

Suaki G500 Machine Specifications


  • AC: 300W (peak 600W) 

  • DC: 72W, 12V/3A * 2 

  • Car:10A / 12V 

  • USB: 5~12V/3A (QC 3.0) 

  • Type-C: 5~12V/3A (QC 3.0)


  • AC: 14~40V 
  • Car: 12/24V 
  • Solar: 10A(Max)/14~40V 
  • 500Wh Ultra Battery Capacity

What’s in the Box:

  • 1 x G500 Power Station 

  • 1 x MC4 Solar Charging Cable 

  • 1 x Adapter 

  • 1 x Car Charger Cable 

  • 1 x User Manual

Portable Generator Safety Tips

There are various key safety factors that you should consider to ensure the best generator use results. Being able to adhere to these factors will improve your ability to make the most of generators, while also staying safe. They include

  • Never leave the device outdoors – leaving your machine outdoors means that it's exposed to dangers such as snow or water. These can easily compromise the internal electrical components. 

  • Avoid plugging sharp metal objects into the ports – placing sharp objects into the ports can cause an electric shock, or damage the machine entirely

  • Keep the vents in a well-ventilated area – the vents should also be in a space where they receive clean and quality air. 

  • Avoid using the machine for high power output projects – using the generator for high power output projects might easily productivity of the machine. Check the user`s manual for advice into how you can use the portable generator.


There are various useful solutions available today on the consumer market, which you can use for your unique power supply needs. Take, for instance, the Suaoki G500, which is a portable power station, that can provide an exceptional battery capacity level for your needs. Even more, this unit offers several ways of recharging, and it is also highly efficient in power consumption. Unlike the conventional diesel generator, the G500 Is quiet, clean and it won’t produce any noise during operation.

Thus, it makes up for an excellent power supply unit for camping sites, outdoor parties, boat life, road trips, and more. Get a portable generator and enjoy the convenience of a reliable power supply outdoors.

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