Toro SnowMaster Review: Is This The Ultimate Snow Blower?

  • Powered Using Toro Premium 212cc OHV 4 Cycle Engine which is ideal for various terrains
  • Has a 24-inch clearing width and 18-inch intake height
  • Easy to manoeuvre thanks to the innovative self-propelled system
  • Equipped with a quick chute control system

For those who reside in areas that experience relatively small amounts of snow, then shovelling is an excellent way to start. However, if you are not able to use the shovel or if you perhaps need a convenient way to get rid of the snow, then the Toro Snowmaster 724 QXE is perfect for your needs. Designed to be perfect for both DIY and professional uses, this unit is ideal for various snow clearing applications. 

This is no entry-level machine that comes with basic features for snow removal. The Snowmaster is indeed a cut above the rest. The snowblower is powerful and features a powerful two-stage engine that produces a relatively small amount of sound during operation.

Anyone that feels like a snowblower might run off with them, or if you perhaps want a convenient machine that is easy on the hands, then this unit is also perfect. The Toro brand has done well to ensure that the machine is compact and straightforward to customize for snow clearing applications. It is also a self-propelled machine, which means that it moves in relation to your pace on the ground. The machine also features ergonomic and heated handles, which are incredibly comfortable on the hands. 

Another crucial aspect to consider in the snowblower is that it's designed to provide ease of use in various ways. For instance, the snowblower makes it easy to adjust the direction of the chute to suit your specific snow clearing projects. Equipped with a unique Quick Stick, you can easily adjust the height of the chute, and angle of the deflector to relate to your preferences. Even more, there is a well-detailed user manual included taking your experience to the next level.

Stand Out Features

  • Tires and Steering 

Manoeuvrability is a key factor to consider when you want to use a snow removal machine. This, the Toro Snowmaster 724 QXE brand has done well to include convenient features that make it simple to manoeuvre this unit. 

Featuring 11-Inch Deep lug tires, this machine boasts with tires that are larger than you can expect in the conventional snowblower. It also features an automatic steering, such you can maintain focus on the path ahead with struggling with the snowblower. The machine also needs minimal pushing or pulling, and you won't have to worry about the performance of each trigger or lever. Once the machine starts operating, you can easily place it in a specific direction and also adjust the chute to suit your needs.

  • Efficient Snow Chute Design 

Based on information from the ToroMaster brand, this unit can blow away as much as 25% more snow than the conventional snow machine. The unique design of the chute plays a vital role in the ability of the snowblower to deliver such high levels of snow clearing benefits. More so, the design of the auger is also extensive and open, and it can also accommodate large loads of snow.

Some snow blowers come with a host of sophisticated controls that make them difficult to use, especially when adjusting component such as the chute. Such issues can easily cut into your time and become issues when you want to get the driveway cleared. Thanks to the inclusion of the unique Quick Stick Chute control, you can easily adjust the Snowmaster to suit your needs. Yes, that's right! You will just change the snow machine and literally forget about the cleaning process.

  • Light to Medium Duty Snowthrower 

Even though this snowblower is a medium-duty machine, it works well for various snow clearing applications. The machine works and sounds like a champ. The machine works fast, regardless of whether your area has experienced light or heavy snow. More so, the unique design construction of the auger means that you are less likely to come across snow that will clog the machine.

The machine also has self-propelled functionalities, in that it can adjust to your pace of motion. This all thanks to the self-propel system that lets you use your machine without having to change levers or gears. More so, the gear is sensitive and adjusts to the amount of pressure that you apply to the Snowmaster. To take advantage of this functionality, you can just use the Snowmaster with your arms bent. The machine will handle the rest of the Snowblowing process.

  • Unibody Frame 

A machine that comes with many components is likely to break down over time. However, with the Toro Snowmaster, you can expect a machine that has a Unibody Frame. Thus, such a unique design of the Snowblower features of a small number of components, thus reducing the likelihood of breakdowns. The unique design, therefore, means that you are less likely to have to invest in replacement parts and components for your individual needs. Even more, the unique physical structure of this unit is durable, thus ensuring years of reliable longevity.

Things We Didn’t Like while Reviewing the Toro SnowMaster 

Similar to any product that you might come across on the consumer market, this unit also comes with a few features that are not necessarily impressive. For instance, the chute direction control is not well-positioned. Thus, such a design can be inconveniencing for some users. You might have to reach over and adjust the direction of the machine manually. However, this can be a complicated process, especially since you might be on a tight schedule.

Furthermore, the machine also tends to perform poorly in uneven terrains. In particular, the skid guides are not customizable, and it would be excellent if it would be easy to adjust. To make the most of the uneven terrains, consider investing in tire chains or all terrain tires. This is inconveniencing, and some consumers don’t have the proper DIY skills to achieve such a task.

Being able to use the start button feature, would also be a convenient solution for some users, especially during tough mornings. However, since the machine features a pull string type setup, you might have to get used to the prospect of working with a cold engine. The machine struggles to start when the engine is cold, and you might have to pull the stroke a few times.

What are the Perspectives of Consumers?

We also noticed that consumers appreciate the exceptional and reliable performance of the Toro Snowmaster Snowblower. While the machine has some slight perks in functionality, the benefits of this machine definitely make it a worthwhile consideration for your needs.

Most users appreciate the machine starts up simple, and it also comes with a self-propelled system. They also liked the fact that this unit is compact in design, and without causing a compromise on its overall performance. 

toro snowmaster

Even more, the users also liked that the snowblower is energy efficient than most of the snowblowers on the consumer market. It also has an amply sized chute that will help you get rid of snow as though you had hired a professional removal company. We also liked that the snowblower works perfectly for small to large amounts of snowfall, and without the need for all the extras. It also sets up simple and requires a relatively small amount of maintenance on your part. As such, this machine will help you get rid of the snow, even if the winter reaches its peak.

Snow Blower Buyers Guide

When purchasing a snowblower, the first aspect you want to consider is the location of your power source. There are three main types of power sources, including the corded, gas, battery and cordless electric. The gas snow blowers are the most unique, powerful and expensive solutions for your needs. More so, they also require a small amount of maintenance than the standard snow blower options available today.

The corded electric blowers are typically affordable and don’t rely on the use of fossil fuels. That said, you have to consider the cord as you remove the snow, and they are not suitable for longer driveways. Furthermore, the battery power helps you escape the cord problem. One issue with the battery models is that only last for a specific duration of time before recharging. You can invest in additional batteries, such that you have sufficient power to address your needs.

The snow blowers are also classified into three main categories, including the single, two and three-stage snow blowers. The single-stage snow blowers consist of an individual, two or three-stage design. The single-stage snow blower comes with an auger that moves fast and can send the snow out through the chute in one step. The two-stage blowers comes with augers that direct the snow into the chute, where the propeller throws the snow out. More so, the three-stage devices come with augers that direct snow to the centre, where it is shredded and directed to the propeller. The snow blowers with several stages tend to be much more costly and can handle large jobs as well as throw the snow further.

While researching for the best snow blowers, we considered various types of buyer and expert reviews for the best performance. The specific brands we have on this list are famous for providing dependable performance, durability and ease of use. Some of the other key features to consider when researching for a good snow blower for your needs include:

  • Several Speeds

The single-stage snowblowers and some affordable two-stage models only come with a single-speed function. The multiple speed brands let you travel faster when the conditions are suitable, thus allowing you to complete your projects quickly. Being able to adjust the speed also helps to prevent any complications that can affect the performance of the machine.

  • Single-Handed Operation 

With the conventional multi stage snow blower, you can expect a lever on the handlebar, that lets you trigger the wheels. Furthermore, the single-handed operation also enables you to adjust either of the levers by using just a single hand. Thus, you can your hand gets sufficient freedom to change the structure of the chute, while maintaining optimal machine control.

  • Chute controls 

Over the years, the inclusion of joystick controls has made it relatively simple to regulate the performance of the discharge direction with ease. In particular, the unique controls let you adjust the vertical and horizontal direction of the snowblower with ease. While this feature is convenient, the lever is sometimes challenging to manoeuvre, especially if you have thick gloves. We are also coming across enhanced turn crank controls that you can adjust with your hands. This makes up for a much more convenient option, especially in frigid environments.

  • Headlight 

A good recommendation is to consider paying extra for the light feature, especially if you have to remove the snow during dark conditions. Additionally, there is a significant safety benefit of using a snowblower that has a headlight. You won’t have to invest in an extra headlamp, which can be convenient to hold or place, as you focus your hands on the vital task.

  • Accelerator 

The accelerator is also a critical component of a good snowblower because it helps to have it if you have to move a lot of snow in a short duration. It works the same way as a large corkscrew perpendicular to the auger, that works to spear the snow and draw it to the chute. Just as the name suggests, the accelerator helps to speed up the clearing process, by changing the direction of the snow from the auger and directing it to the impeller. Otherwise referred to as multi stage snow blowers, these are among some of the most efficient snow blowers on the consumer market.

  • Electric Start 

Yanking the cord on a snowblower in below temperature conditions can be a hassle. Thus, the ideal snowblower should come with an electric start feature for ease of use. It’s a feature that helps to improve the life of the pull cord. Unlike the pull cord, the electronic start feature lets you start your machine even when the engine is cold.

  • Easy Turn Capability 

Otherwise referred to as freewheel turning, this feature is an essential component on different types of snow blowers. The easy turn capability helps to improve your ability to handle the snowblower to suit your needs. Besides that, if you are not big like a line-backer, then you will love this feature on the small snowblower machines. The feature is usually activated through the use of specific triggers that exist under each handlebar. The function makes it easy for the outer wheel to turn faster as when compared to the interior wheel, thereby providing convenient turning.

  • Heated Handgrips and Wide Impeller 

Sure, owning a good pair of winter gloves will provide optimal warmth for your needs. That said, if you reside in extreme environments, and are often clearing large spaces, then you will love the heated grips. Furthermore, the heated grips are also complemented with ergonomic designs that make them comfortable in the hands of the users.

The conventional snowblower features a 12-inch wide impeller, that is suitable for various outdoor applications. However, if speed is a significant issue, and you usually come across large amounts of snow, then consider investing in a 14-inch large impeller. That said, the 14-inch impellers tend to be relatively large, which can make them difficult to store or manage.

  • Airless Tires and Wide Impeller 

The tires are crucial because they determine the ability of the snow blower to move through different terrains. For this reason, the Toro SnowMaster comes with heavy duty wheels, that can withstand any type of winter challenge. 

The Troy-Bilt developed this novel feature, with the 2017 snowblower flagship model. The feature is beneficial if you have an unpaved driveway with stones or abrasive items, that can compromise the tire. More so, these all terrain wheels are durable, and will rarely require any replacement. The Troy Bilt models come with standard pneumatic tires, that are durable and suitable for various outdoor purposes. Other similar brands include the Cub Cadet, Yard Machines and MTD.

Toro Snow Blower Review Conclusion 

Shovelling is an excellent form of physical exercise. When the snow starts, some people might intend to shove their way out of each snowfall perhaps to stay fit. However, after the first few snowstorms, your intermittent back pain might decide to pay you a visit, thus inclining you to give in to the calls of a snowblower.

Compared to other similar snowblowers in its class, this unit can handle various types of snow removal projects. The gears and controls are intuitive, while the steel dashboard is free from any from of clutter. Therefore, users have the freedom to operate and customize the machine with ease. You can even expect a snow blower that produces a relatively small amount of noise or sound that might affect your performance.

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