Troy Bilt 2410 Review 2021

When the weather forecast indicates an increase in snow levels, you need the right resource to maneuver around your home with ease. We recommend that you start with the Troy Bilt 2410 snowblower. 


Well, all the reasons you need to get this snowblower are underlined below. The dynamic and outstanding features of this unit make it a reliable addition to your home. While it may not be like a shovel that you can place over the shoulders, it makes up for a powerful clearing snow solution.

Yes, that's right!

If you have ever shoveled late at night when rushing to the clinic, or early in the morning before work – you will know the excessive physical demands of such a task. For this reason, we have developed this guide to help you make an informed decision. It includes a review of the Troy Bilt 2410 and an essential guide on the key features that you need to consider when shopping. 

Before buying a snowblower, it's good for you to consider a few key factors to ensure the best results. We have outlined this information out below:

Troy-Bilt 24

There are various reasons as to why it makes it on the list of some of our best snow blowers. The most significant aspect of this unit would be the design-build. At first glance, this unit seems like a heavy-duty machine, making a good impression on any prospective user. The tires and the unique finish on the components in this unit are amazing. 

The next aspect would be the diversity of features that are available in this unit. With all these features, you can expect a reliable user experience when you have one of these units in your hands. Below is a review of some of the top aspects for you to consider.

Features Of Troy Bilt 2410

208 CC 4 Cycle Engine

Perhaps the most significant aspect of this unit is that it features a powerful four-cycle OHV engine. An OHV engine is also commonly referred to as a pushrod engine. It includes a unique piston mechanism, whereby the valves are placed in the cylinder head on top of the combustion section. It is also a tool referred to as the camshaft, which sits in the engine block compartment. The camshaft's power travels through pushrods and rocker arms, which in turn direct the power to the valves that sit on the top section of the engine. 

You will also be pleased to know that you can use this engine for long durations without worrying about overheating complications. The engine is powerful and can work for many hours scraping off dense snow. The only challenging aspect about using this unit is that you would have to replace the oil after a specific duration of time. Gas engines require oil replacements, as it’s a key component in the functionality of the machine.

All Wheel Drive

In most cases, you will have to remove snow in thick dirt, debris, or even more. As such, there is nothing better than when you have an all-wheel-drive snowblower. It’s a convenient machine which will move easily through different terrains – making it ideal for the rugged outdoors. More so, this unit features robust wheels that work well on different types of terrain. The wheels are durable and do not add any additional weight to the structure of the snowblower. The tires on this unit are referred to as the 13" x 4" X-Trac™ tires.

To back this feature up, this unit is self-propelled, with six forward and two reverse speeds. Thus, you can maintain optimal control and versatility when using the snowblower in different winter conditions.

Powerful Steel Auger

The auger is an important aspect of any snowblower, because it’s the component which works to break down the snow. Thus, remember to always check the auger before settling on a specific snowblower brand. Thanks to the inclusion of a sturdy steel auger, you have a powerful tool that is highly efficient at snow removal. The auger is an exceptional 12-inch serrated auger, which is durable and compact at the same time. This unit can provide an exceptional 24" clearing path and 21" intake height to be specific. These are all unique functions that will take your snow removal productivity to the next level.

Self-Propelled Drive

If you have a large lawn, or a backyard or just an open space that needs snow removal, consider going for the self-propelled types – they are convenient! The self-propelled lawn mowers feature a unique drive system, which functions almost in the same way as a vehicle. Usually, it requires the user to activate a mechanism referred to as the bail, which sits on the handle. It's a mechanism which will trigger the functionality of the mower. Once it's complete, the mower moves forward automatically.

Capable of pushing well over 160 pounds of weight with a self-propelled drive system, the Troy Bilt 2410 is a highly efficient tool. It's a feature backed by the six forward and two reverse speeds, which are exceptional for such a compact unit.

Easy Handling System and Excellent Ergonomics

The Troy Bilt 2410 might be a large unit, but it's easy to handle, thanks to the unique drive train system. Most users are often concerned with heavy units, which don't have power steering mechanisms. In this case, you don't need a power steering mechanism when you have the Troy Bilt Snowblower. It's easy to handle regardless of the snow density!

As far as design ergonomics go, the Troy Bilt brand has also done exceptionally with the unique grips that sit on this unit. In particular, the grips are contoured and encased in plastic. Why? The plastic is much more comfortable than the steel structure, and it also complements this unit's aesthetics. Thus, you have a fully functional snowblower and one that even boats of style.

Remote Turn Crank Chute

The discharge chute in this unit is easy to control, all thanks to the convenient remote control. You can expect this unit to achieve a 180° turning radius, which is exceptional when you think about snow removal procedures. Furthermore, you will find it easy to operate with a hand crank, which works well for most people. Plus, while the turn crank chute might stiffen up, you can use some lubricant to make it easy to maneuver.

Thanks to the heavy-duty plastic material construction of the chute, you can be sure of several years of reliable performance. The snowblower is also well built, to make it a solid addition to your property.

Push Button Electric Start

When it comes to start-up, this unit comes with a push start mechanism, making it easy to operate even in the cold weather. Yes, that's right! No more struggling with pull cords when you have this snowblower in your hands. Why?

It comes with a push-button electric start mechanism, which is highly convenient. While the engine might start slow when left in the cold for long durations, you can still hold the choke mechanism for a quick start. Yes, it is that simple when using this snowblower.

What Conditions is the Troy-Bilt Storm 2410 Best for?

Designed for use outdoors in different terrains, the Troy Bilt 2410 is built for almost any outdoor setting. It is not suitable for covering large areas of ground, such as a professional service provider would require. It'sIt's a snowblower which only suits people that have small backyards or spaces to mow.


  • All-wheel drive is perfect for use on different terrains
  • Comes with reversible deluxe skid shoes
  • Has a powerful 208cc 4 cycle OHV engine
  • Has six forward speeds and two reverse speeds
  • The self-propelled drive is highly efficient
  • The snow cab offers optimal safety against harsh weather issues
  • Comes with a snow thrower cover which you can use to protect equipment


  • Gas snowblower produces slight emissions
  • Has cold starts when left in the cold for long durations

Factors to Consider When Buying the Troy Bilt 2410

What Is A Single Stage Snowblower?

A single-stage snow blower features a mechanism referred to as the auger, which operates at high speeds. At such high speeds, the auger works to scrape the snow off the ground and then directed through a chute. The single-stage blowers are best for use in small areas such as driveways. They are excellent for removing and breaking up compacted snow, primarily when you can target them early enough.

Plus, the auger on this type of blower often features an auger with a rubber leading edge, which works to propel the machine as it scrapes snow from the ground. That said, a single-stage snowblower does not meet all the requirements of a self-propelled machine. If you have a steep grade driveway, consider going for a two or three-stage blower. Remember that all gas-powered snowblowers feature four-cycle engines, which means you won't necessarily have to mix gas and oil.

What is A Two-Stage Snowblower?

Two-stage machines feature a slow turning corkscrew-like mechanism referred to as the auger. It functions to gather snow and then directs it to the central section of the compartment. Next, the machine moves the snow at high velocities, and out through the chute. Usually, chutes can handle large depths of as much as 12 inches. Furthermore, most two-stage brands are self-propelled with forward, and reverse speeds included. The Troy Bilt 2410 best snowblower falls into this category.

What is a three-stage snowblower?

The three-stage blowers feature an auger which rotates at relatively low speeds, but with large torques of force. The force works to scrap and remove the snow, which the machine directs to the housing's central section. That said, the second stage auger functions differently when compared to the traditional two-stage snowblower. How possible is this exactly?

A three-stage blower can move large amounts of snow, and complete the process in a record duration. The three-stage blowers can remove large amounts of snow two times faster, than the amount you expect from a two-stage blower. 

The three-stage blowers are powerful and can remove large snow depths of up to 20 inches on driveways. Remember that all categories of snowblowers feature a drive belt, which is prone to wear and tear.

Factors to Consider


The construction and slope of the driveway are crucial factors to consider when investing in a snowblower. An excellent single-stage snowblower is only suitable for flat concrete and small driveways. It won't be the right choice if you have rough terrains with dirt or concrete. Usually, this occurs because the augers often have tips that will remove snow from the pavement. 

For those who prefer using the single-stage types, avoid using them on harsh terrain for the obvious reasons. A single-stage snow blower will require high amounts of energy when used on a steep slope area. If you have harsh terrains in your property, go for the two or three-stage snow blowers. The Troy Bilt 2410 is a two-stage snowblower.

Auto Chute Functions are Convenient

You may have to adjust the chute's direction because it's the mechanism responsible for directing snow. To specific, you may have to adjust the chute direction due to factors such as changes in the wind and density of snow. 

The basic snow blowers feature manual chutes, which you have to adjust by hand. The higher-end models feature chutes that have automatic rotation mechanisms, which let them rotate automatically. You will control the snowblower through a remote control, joystick, or the snowblower control panel. The Troy Bilt 2410 comes with an automatic chute control mechanism.

Plastic Chutes Function Better Than Steel

While steel might seem like a serious contender for this job, the plastic types are much better. That said, plastic chutes work better and last longer when compared to the steel chutes. More so, the plastic chutes often have a slippery surface area so that snow won't accumulate or compromise its efficiency. Furthermore, plastic is also flexible, and it is not prone to changing weather conditions. However, the steel made chutes are prone to dents and chips – which can be inconveniencing.

Airless Tires Are the Best 

Pneumatic tires are a regular issue when it comes to its suitability for different terrains. Usually, these tires require frequent refilling and repairing, which is not always an easy process. Furthermore, both tires need the same levels of air pressure, or this might compromise their functionality. Why would airless tires be great in this case? Well, it’s because they won't ever go flat. Most brands make their tires using materials such as a polymer, which is durable and suitable for use in various outdoor settings. These machines offer maintenance-free performance and also eliminate the need for sidetracking procedures.

Electric Start is Highly Convenient

A convenient mechanism such as electric starts is excellent, especially if you have physical issues or don't have DIY tools. Why? The electric start mechanisms are simple to use. The only other option would be the pull cord mechanism. While they are also useful, they can sometimes be a nuisance, especially if you have to start the engine when it's cold. In such a case, you have to get a hold of the choke mechanism, making it easier to start the engine.

Electric Blowers are Suitable for Small Spaces  

If you live in a place that experiences small amounts of snow, consider getting an electric version. It's convenient to use, but such machines are only suitable for small spaces. However, if you have a large area, consider getting a large snowblower, such as the gas models. These types might produce some emissions when in use but are powerful enough to work in large spaces.


If you know the winter season is around the corner, you will also know the importance of getting prepared ahead for the thick snow. Yes, that's right! It's not all about festivities and having a good time, but also getting prepared for the hassles associated with such a type of weather. Thus, the Troy Bilt 2410 is among some of the top brands you should consider. It's a powerful gas and two-stage snowblower with many unique features. Get one and start preparing for fun and convenience throughout the oncoming winter season.

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