Water Fountains and Noise Pollution

Over the past decade or so there has been a sudden increase in water fountain application bordering on mania. We see water fountains in gardens and living rooms, little small fountains for a desk or a reception counter, huge fountains for displaying company logos and soothing fountains for hospitals and dental clinics.

Residential developments and areas are increasingly putting up more water fountains and then parks, roundabouts and even kids playgrounds have fountains. So why is there such an increase in the attention given to fountains?

Everyone loves water fountains! Why?

It is insidious and subversive, the modern environments we inhabit are replete with nerve-wracking noises and jarring sounds that bombard our ears and psyche. This can make people irritable and hostile, but when the sounds of a babbling fountain or flowing waters washes over the ambient noise the moods is somehow soothing and calming. In fact fountains are a great method of reducing the impact of road noise.

Imagine sitting by the ocean or by a river doing nothing but listen to the sounds of the water rippling by and feeling how fresh the air feels right about here. You can begin to sit back and relax just thinking about it. A moment's respite from TVs, twanging music, blaring traffic, irate motorists and inconsiderate neighbors can pile up after a while and sometimes we won’t even notice it.

In our line of business, the sound quality of a fountain is an important factor to our most discerning clients. They want to know about the noise they can expect from their water fountain and many factors come into play. Different fountains can be made of different materials and have different specifications that make their sound softer or greater, such as the number of objects the waterfall encounters on its way down and how far down the water falls.

Then other factors will play in the amount of noise made by the water fountain, including external elements of the environments, the acoustics of the location and the presence of other noise creating devices in the vicinity.

When I began my first fling with the water fountain, I went berserk. I would even set up a sizable water fountain (handmade) on a table during public conferences and especially in a location that I knew would receive much foot traffic. To my surprise, very few people took much notice and would stride past the attractive display, but that was only at first.

While initially many failed to notice, they soon came back around for another glance. This is when I noticed it wasn’t the aesthetics of the fountain that made the impression but the lulling sound of water that can be heard above the dull roar of a busy conference house.

If you add an indoor waterfall you’ll realise the sound creates a restful pause. I notice many passersby stop to take a deep breath and I sometimes witnessed a small transformation in their countenance, posture and demeanor. It was truly priceless.

Is it any wonder that water fountains are a popular adornment for heavily populated areas like the town squares and other popular gathering places? I suspect it is that the sound of flowing water reaches deep within the human fibers and reassures us that deep down, as long as there’s water, everything else can be worked out.

Water fountains also disperse water into the air and keep the atmosphere from becoming too dry, this also helps to cool things off and helps to settle the dust. Have you ever noticed how terrific it feels after a thunderstorm? This is a similar cleansing affect by a water fountain.

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