Are you looking for tips to keep your pool healthy and clean? Are you planning for a total renovation makeover? Or are you just checking out the best products to use? Well, The RexGarden is a one-stop shop for all your pool concerns!


The RexGarden started as an idea. A few years back, we are simply having a brainstorming session about our plans to install a pool in our yard. We did a lot of research as to how can we sustain the pool and how can we make everything cost-effective without risking the quality and safety of the pool.

As we proceed with the installation and completion, we noticed how effective we were as a group working on the said project. So, we thought - “why not share this knowledge with the public and make these known to everyone?”


Since then, we were able to provide quality information and topics to many homeowners and business owners. And as we, along with the website, grow through the years, we ensure that every audience will get the best information and ideas on pool management and maintenance. Moreover, we guarantee that we stay transparent to provide you with the most appropriate tips and ideas for you.

And with these values, we gained the trust of the market which led us to showcase more of our passion for service and community when it comes to pool maintenance and management.



Here at RexGarden, we envision a community of households and commercial establishments that are worry-free when it comes to managing and maintaining indoor and outdoor pools. 

And with this thing in mind, we write different posts and topics on pool management and maintenance. Whether you are looking for tips and simple ways on how to do certain processes or you are finding for the best products to use, RexGarden can be the best help that you are looking for.