8 Best Bed Frame for Heavy Person: Top Picks Reviewed

Are you naturally tall or big-bodied? Do you find it challenging to find a simple to use bed that suits your already limited bedroom space? Well, you are in luck, because we have an excellent solution for your needs. Sleep is an essential aspect of the quality of your life. Thus, a necessary aspect of how you enjoy rest at night relates to your sleeping regimen. Yes, that's right, with components such as the best bed frame for heavy persons, you can easily take the quality of your sleep to the next level.

For those who are not aware, purchasing your sleeping regimen might involve more than what you think. A good bed frame provides the perfect platform upon which you can place your mattress. More so, a good bed frame also takes up a small amount of space in your home and also complements your interior space. Thus, we have identified some of the best bed frames for you to consider, along with some useful additional information.



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7 Leg frame with center support

Adjustable bed frame with lockable wheels

600 LBS. weight

Heavy-duty steel frame construction 

Foldable platform metal bed frame

800 LBS. weight

Tool-free assembly and heavy-duty bed design

Sturdy steel construction can support 600lbs of weight

600 LBS. weight

Reinforced square tubular steel frame with center support

Space-saving design with 16-inch height storage

700 LBS. weight

Easy and seamless assembly without any tools required for the process 

Compact, yet heavy-duty design for your convenience

1000 LBS. weight

Heavy-duty 7 leg frame with center support

Lockable wheels with self-locking mechanism

600 LBS. weight

Easy to assemble bed with Fit2lock system

Sturdy and durable steel slats offer stability


Comes complete with footboard, rails, and headboard 

Upholstered with black faux leather material

800 LBS. weight

​Top 8 Bed Frame for Heavy Person

kings brand furniture 7-leg adjustable metal bed frame

You spend close to a 1/3 of your life sleeping. This is why the Kings Brand Furniture 7 Leg Adjustable Metal Bed Frame is the perfect solution for your needs. The bed frame comes with a heavy-duty 7 legs adjustable metal bed frame design, with a center support mechanism. Thus, the bed is not only suitable for a heavy user, but it can also accommodate the weight of several large people at the same time. 

Even more, the bed comes with a solid metal steel frame that will offer exceptional support to the structure of your mattress and headboard. Furthermore, the bed frame is simple to move, and it is made using wheels to provide optimal longevity. For optimal strength, durability, and quality, this bed frame has a heavy-duty design that is also compact. The unique matte black finish on the bed also blends with various types of interior décor. 

This bed frame for a heavy person also features rug rollers and locking wheels for added bed functionality. Thus, you can be sure of enjoying enhanced bed strength, quality, and durability benefits. Thanks to the inclusion of two locking wheels, this unit does well to sit stably in most types of floor surfaces. Assembly is also easy, and you won`t need to bring your toolbox along for the entire process.


  • Easy to move with lockable wheels
  • The adjustable bed frame is suitable for different users
  • Heavy-duty 7 leg frame with center support
  • Lockable wheels with self-locking mechanism


  • Could use protective caps on the bed legs
  • Rug rollers are not durable enough
mellow metal platform bed frame

Give your mattress the support it requires. This is why the Mellow Metal Platform Bed Frame is an excellent recommendation for your needs. To be specific, this super sturdy bed frame is stable and durable to suit various entertainment purposes. Furthermore, the bed comes with a complete mattress support system that will not only provide optimal support but also enhance the aesthetics of your room.

The bed also features plastic caps on the legs, which helps to protect your floor from damage. You can also adjust the profile to the bed to suit your height preferences and more. Designed to be both compact and durable at the same time, this bed makes up for an excellent addition to your bedroom space. The matte black finish on the couch is also durable and blends well with most interior décor designs. 

Now, you can enjoy a full night of sleep, wake up refreshed, and repeat the same process as you enjoy the day. The inclusion of the unique fit2lock feature does well to make bed assembly a simple process. All you have to do is to insert a rubber cap metal slat on the friction fit support caps for your needs. The sturdy and durable steel slats will provide not only stability, but also level support and prevent any issues such as mattress sagging.


  • Easy to assemble bed with Fit2lock system
  • Sturdy and durable steel slats offer stability
  • Modern low-profile design with rounded corners for added safety
  • No box spring need and durable bed structure


  • N/A
zinus demetric 14 inch elite smartbase mattress

Are you a heavy person? Well, the Zinus Demetric 14-inch Elite Smart base might be the perfect solution for your needs. This bed has a unique design that eliminates the need for a traditional box spring and bed frame. More so, the exceptional 14 inches and 13.5 inches of clearance under the bed provide optimal room for item storage. The bed is also a low-stress tool, and you can assemble it in minutes without any tools required for the process.

All you have to do is to ensure that all support arms are well installed and in the proper position. The unique folding design also allows for secure storage and movement through tight spaces. You will not need a smart base when you have this bed frame for heavy persons. Even more, the bed is uniquely designed to provide optimal support and durability. 

The steel mattress also provides many points of contact with the floor for stability, and it can support weights of as much as 400lbs. Thanks to the inclusion of plastic caps, this unit protects your floors with an innovative folding design for easy storage. You will not need a box spring when you are equipped with the Smartbase. With two capable hands, a few minutes of assembly, you should have this unit ready to go. The mattress also offers multiple points of contact with the floor, thus making it the perfect solution for heavy people.


  • 14 inches high with 12.5 inches of clearance under the frame
  • Steel bed frame provides solid support
  • Folding design allows for easy storage and movement
  • Plastic caps to protect your floor from damage


  • The plastic caps are easily prone to damage
  • Heavy bed is not easy to move around
classic brands hercules heavy-duty

Sleep in style and comfort with the Classic Brands Hercules Heavy-duty bed frame. This unit has a heavy-duty steel construction, that will provide optimal support for most types of mattresses. Furthermore, the foldable platform bed frame with the durable and rigid surface is exceptionally comfortable. As a durable black metal frame bed, this unit can support various types of mattresses and offers 13 inches of ample space. As one of the best bed frames on the market, this unit is uniquely designed to provide optimal contact with multiple points on the floor. Thus, the bed offers the ideal weight support benefits for heavy people, regardless of the type of floor surface. 

The Classic Brands Hercules Bed is an exceptional alternative to the conventional mattress foundations you might come across. To be specific, the bed frame replaces the conventional box spring, thus giving your bed a more appealing look and under-bed space. The frame is also available in different sizes, and the metal frame can support any mattress. These include mattresses such as latex, memory foam, or an innerspring. 

Also, the unique bed design does well to prevent issues such as sagging and will enhance the longevity of the mattress. The metal foundation even has a sleek and contemporary design while offering optimal support for your mattress. All standard bed sizes are available, and the metal frame can support various types of mattresses. These include the latex, innerspring, and memory foam mattresses. The unique bed design also prevents any issues such as sagging and enhances the longevity of your mattress.


  • Heavy-duty steel frame construction offers superior support
  • Foldable platform metal bed frame with a durable surface
  • Fits inside most types of bed frames and can be used without a box spring
  • Supports different types of mattresses


  • The bed edges are not ergonomic
  • Could use bed slats to support the mattresses
crown mark upholstered panel bed

Change how you rest at night for the better with the Crown Mark Upholstered Panel Bed in Black. This is the ultimate bed for your personal space because it comes complete with a headboard, footboard, and rails. Furthermore, the neutral upholstery design of the bed also fits various types of modern décor. Made using manufactured wood and plywood frame, this best bed frame for a heavy person offer optimal longevity. The bed also comes with black faux leather upholstery, that easily complements most types of interior spaces.

For easy assembly, all components for producing this bed are placed on the back section of the headboard. The makes of this bed have also done to make it a heavy-duty structure that offers many years of reliable bed performance. Even more, you can use this bed frame with an existing box spring, which makes it ideal for many mattress types. The bed also has a padded headboard, which makes it comfortable for your needs. 

Thanks to the clean, simplistic design of this upholstered bed, you can be sure of an excellent solution that lends itself to various décor designs. Thus, matching this bed to your modern interior space is a simple process. The bed also sets up easy, and within a few minutes without any tools required.


  • Comes complete with footboard, rails, and headboard
  • Upholstered with black faux leather material
  • Easy assembly with all components on the back of the bed
  • Clean-lined and simplistic bed design


  • The leather material is not durable enough
  • Using a box spring with this bed frame is not easy
naomi home idealbase platform metal bed frame

Ergonomic, simple to assemble, and durable. These are the main qualities associated with using the Naomi Home idealbase metal bed frame. This bed has an ergonomic design that makes it simple to handle in small spaces. Furthermore, the heavy-duty structure of this bed ensures optimal longevity. The bed will also provide as much as 13 inches of spaces for storage underneath, and a clearance level of 14 inches. 

To make things much better, this bed frame also allows for tool-less assembly. Yes, that's right; you can have this unit ready and raring to go within a few minutes. The foldable mattress foundation makes up for a reliable addition to most types of modern spaces. The bed also has a durable design that can support as much as 600 lbs. of weight. The reinforced tubular steel frame is a heavy-duty frame that is compact and will take up a small space in your already bedroom space. 

The Naomi Home Bed brand has also made things better by making the bed durable and coated with a unique epoxy finish. The unique finish on the bed makes it durable, and an excellent solution for those who want long term bed frames.


  • The ergonomic bed design is comfortable and suitable for large people
  • Designed to provide as much as 14 inches under the bed storage space
  • Tool-free assembly and heavy-duty bed design
  • Sturdy steel construction can support as much as 600lbs of weight


  • Folding the bed takes up a lot of effort and time
  • Could use a headboard
tatago 3000lbs max weight capacity

Are you searching for a reliable bed frame brand for your needs? Well, consider getting the TATAGO Maximum Weight Capacity bed frame, which is perfect for your needs. This unit features a reinforced square tubular steel frame with center support bracing for optimal stability. Furthermore, the sturdy steel slats can also provide optimal support for heavy mattresses. The bed has a space-saving design that offers as much as 16 inches of height storage under the bed space. Thus, it can easily fit various types of boxes, thus making it easy to store your personal items.

Each leg pole and support frame are seamlessly welded at both ends, thus making the entire bed safe and firm. The unique bed structure also does well to prevent issues such as structural twisting and provides noise-free operation benefits. Thanks to the heavy-duty design of this best bed frame for heavy people, this unit can provide support for as many as 4 to 6 people. 

The bed assembly process also does not require any box spring, which is affordable for most people. Furthermore, the leg height averages up to 16 inches high, and the bed frame is made using cross square beams. Such a unique bed design will provide sufficient height and provide a stable level of support for your needs.


  • Reinforced square tubular steel frame with center support
  • Space-saving design with 16-inch height storage
  • Seamlessly welded support frame and leg pole support
  • Simple to assemble and bed headboard attached


  • Somewhat heavy for some people to carry around
  • The exterior finish is not durable enough
olee sleep 18 inch tall heavy duty steel

Being a significant person does not mean that you don’t have to sleep well. Sleep well at night with a proper bed frame such as the Olee Sleep 18-Inch-Tall Heavy-duty bed frame. This unit has a sturdy design and frame, that does well to enclose the mattress to prevent such problems as slipping. Furthermore, the bed also allows for easy assembly, thanks to the straightforward and easy to use design of the bed. The entire structure also comes with all hardware and tools included to make it convenient for your needs.

For added flexibility, the bed also features a headboard, which enhances the appeal and quality of the bed. The bed also has an extra 4 inches of height, which makes it a relatively high-profile bed structure. Thus, you have sufficient under the bed storage, and you can forget about issues associated with box springs. This bed is just the right size for easy assembly, yet firm and reliable for your unique resting needs. 

With this bed frame for heavy people, you can also forget about issues such as squeaking wood slats, as well. Similar to some of the best bed brands, this unit has components that are welded to make it stable regardless of your weight. The heavy-duty structure of this bed also means that it can support more than two users.


  • Unique and sturdy bed design offers longevity
  • The high-quality frame encloses the mattresses to prevent issues such as slipping
  • Easy and seamless assembly without any tools required for the process
  • Compact, yet heavy-duty design for your convenience


  • N/A

How to Setup a Bed Frame for Heavy Person

A good bed frame should be simple to assemble and should be put together within a few minutes with no tools required. You will have to unpack, assemble the frame, and attach the appropriate bed hardware. Usually, these are the specific steps involved in the process:

Step 1 – Remove all the bed components from the box, and place them on a flat surface

Step 2 - Unfold the bed frame, and lay each component flat on the floor

Step 3 – Raise the legs of the bed in an upright position. Usually, each of the legs of the bed should have separate support arms

Step 4 – Rotate the supports arms and install the proper components such as the bolts

Step 5 - Flip the base of the bed over to assume an upright stance. Then place the two halves of the bed close and ensure the keyhole is in the right position.

Step 6 – Place your mattress on the bed frame, and start enjoying high-quality sleep.

How to Buy A Bed Frame for A Heavy Person

A bed frame is not just a foundation that you get a good night's rest, it's also an essential aspect of interior décor for your bedroom. Being able to choose the right bed can provide a host of unique user benefits. The following are some critical tips to consider when you want a good bed frame for heavy people:

The Size of the Mattress

If you already have a proper mattress, then investing in a proper bed frame becomes a much simpler process. If you own a full-size mattress, then consider getting a double bed frame. Alternatively, if you own a queen size mattress, consider going for the queen size frames. Ensure that you determine whether the mattress classifies as a California King or an Eastern King. This is because these mattresses tend to be slightly different in characteristics. However, if you want to purchase a new bed entirely, then you have to consider the amount of room available for the bed. Also, consider the amount of space you have available in your room.

Determine the Size of the Room

There is no denying it, a bed is usually the largest item in any interior space, and a large bed can easily compromise your bedroom space. Thus, you need to determine the size of the room before getting a bed frame. If you have a mattress around, place it on the floor, to help improve your perspective on the bed selection process. For those who have a small amount of space, consider a simple low profile bed frame. A low profile bed frame is likely to leave a small footprint in your room space, thus making it safe for small spaces. 

Go for A Platform Bed or A Box Spring

With most platform beds, you might only require a mattress, and without any box spring structure. Such a unique design makes it easy to get a platform bed, which is an excellent solution for most shopping enthusiasts. Furthermore, some platform beds can also work with a box spring if you want, thus providing you with added ground clearance. The option between a platform bed and box spring also relates to the firmness of the mattress. Most people tend to prefer had foundation beds, that are excellent for rest purposes.

Consider the Height and Bulkiness of the Bed

If you want a more elaborate bed frame, such as a canopy bed frame, then consider going for frames with higher ground clearance. However, before investing in the bed, also ensure that you evaluate the space that you have available in the room. Others who prefer a sleigh bed or a bed frame bed might also have to perform additional measurements for the best results. Remember that you might also have to disassemble the bed as you move through the rooms in your house.

Consider your Decorating Style

Since the bed tends to be a focal point of interior décor, investing in a proper bed is imperative. For those who want to produce a welcoming and comfortable feel in the room, opt for unique bed frame structures. An excellent example of wood is the wooden bed frames, which usually have an appealing finish. More so, if you want a sleeker and more attractive look, then go for a bed that has keen attention to detail. Once you determine the unique designs that are suitable for your needs, also research more on the various models. The research should even include beds that come with upholstered structures.

Double up for the Guest or Kids Room

When you want to furnish a kid’s room, you have various options available. For instance, you can go for a day bed for the guest room, with an appropriate bed frame. Furthermore, a bed that has a trundle is also ideal for when you have overnight guests or kids that want to a sleepover. Bunk beds are also handy resources for your kids’ room. 

Wood Or Metal?

When you want a proper bed frame for a heavy person, the common materials available are metal and wood. A metal frame won't work quite as efficiently as a wood bed. That said, some users prefer the wood beds because of their appealing finishes. Furthermore, metal is also a popular option and is less likely to be costly. Also, you might need to get personal to ensure that you get a suitable bed material for your room. 


Another factor to consider is that bed frames are available in various heights. If you want to make a more practical bed choice, you must get a frame that matches your height. If the user is short, a tall bed might it difficult to climb on to the bed for some sleep. More so, the height of the bed also determines the amount of space you will have available underneath for storing your items. However, such a bed is likely to require a relatively large space in your bedroom.


There is no space for poor decision making when it comes to the quality of your sleep. You need to make informed decisions because adequate sleep improves your overall well-being. For this reason, the best bed frame for heavy person is an excellent solution to enhance the quality of your sleep each night. 

Aside from that, investing in a bed frame is also about choosing a proper mattress, evaluating your space, and needs as well. Also, consider aspects such as material construction and the brand manufacturers of the bed for a quality guarantee. This way, you get an excellent bed frame that you can use for many years reliably.

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