5 Reasons Why You Should Plant Trees In Autumn

You’ve probably had garden centers advise you that fall is the best season to plant trees. You probably take the expert advice, purchase your saplings, and pop them into the ground. In case you didn’t get the whole story of why from the garden center, here are the top 5 reasons why you should plant trees in autumn.

You may wonder why you’d want to plant a tree. Here are the top 5 reasons why we love trees:

  • Trees provide natural shade to keep your home cooler.
  • Ornamental trees add beauty and curb appeal.
  • A tree can be the focal point of a beautiful yard.
  • It’s fun to sit under the shade of a tree and sip sweet tea on a hot afternoon.
  • You can’t hang a tire swing without a tree!

1-It's Cooler Outside

As summer gives way to early autumn, the temperatures start to drop. This is very beneficial to newly planted trees. This is a two-fold benefit.

First, it is optimal because the hot temperatures aren’t baking the soil around the tree. The soil retains more moisture so your tree can thrive.

Second, just as we humans cool down by sweating away our fluids, trees lose moisture through the branches and leaves in the heat of the summer. Therefore, you will also retain moisture loss from the tree itself.

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2-Autumn Is A Rainy Season

In most parts of the world, autumn is a rainy season. Obviously, this means that the sapling tree can have a steady, consistent stream of moisture.

It’s also easier on you! If you have a typical rainy autumn season, you don’t need to remember to water as often. Keep in mind, however, to water your new tree if your area experiences unseasonal heat or dryness.

3-Root Structures Grow More Quickly In Autumn

The root structures of your tree will grow more quickly in autumn than any other time of the year.


This happens because the soil is still very warm under the surface. In fact, September is the peak time for planting because the days are still warm (but not hot), and the soil is warm and lovely for root growth.

On the other hand, trees grow roots more slowly in the springtime. This is because the soil is still cold from the winter in spring. The roots need that warm soil to thrive.

4-The Leaves Fall

We all see the glory of the fall leaves. The bright golds, oranges, and reds as the leaves begin to change colors and fall.

What does this mean for a sapling tree?

It means that the tree will re-focus its energy to establish strong roots instead of trying to make leaves.

5-Fewer Insects

There is nothing that can destroy a newly planted tree like insects! One swarm of beetles or an infestation of carpenter bees can literally kill a young tree.

In most climates, there are fewer insects to contend with in the autumn.


If you have been thinking about planting a tree or two in your yard, this is the time to do it! Your local gardening expert can give you tips and tricks on how to plant in your planting zone.

AUTHOR BIO: Deborah Tayloe is a professional freelance writer and the publisher of DIY Home & Garden. She loves gardening vegetables, landscaping projects, and all things DIY. She resides in North Carolina, USA with her husband and an energetic toy fox terrier.

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