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Every household should have a corner medicine cabinet installed strategically at home. This piece of furniture isn't prioritized much, but a space to organize medicine, First Aid supplies, and doctor-prescribed drugs will ensure they're kept in a safe and dry place away from your beloved children and fur babies at all times.

Medicine cabinets can also store your vitamins and supplements, grooming and hygiene products, and other items you might want to keep away from kids, such as razors, condoms, pregnancy test strips, oils and so on.

Most Affordable 

Best Corner Medicine Cabinet Under $200

renovators supply manufacturing corner medicine cabinet
  • Triangular shaped corner cabinet 
  • Stainless steel 
  • Shipped assembled 

Most Versatile

Best Corner Medicine Cabinet For Any Room Design

sawdust city corner cabinet
  • Available in 18 colors 
  • Two types of finishing to choose from 
  • Made of sturdy wood 

Most Luxurious 

Best Corner Medicine Cabinet Made With Best Materials

medicine cabinets mirror cabinet
  • Rounded medicine cabinet 
  • Modern design 
  • Adjustable shelves 

Top 5 Corner Medicine Cabinets in the Market this 2019

corner mirror bathroom cabinet
  • Why Buy: Simple, modern stainless steel design
  • Highlight: Adjustable shelf gives more storage space for tall items
  • Dimensions: 6.9 x 11.9 x 23.6 inches

This corner medicine cabinet is made of 100% stainless steel with a brushed finish, which looks much better in person. It's an ideal bathroom medicine cabinet, since it was built to last rust-free.

The Renovator's Supply brushed stainless steel corner medicine cabinet is triangular-shaped, as most corner cabinets are, so expect that the three layers of space inside reflects this depth and measurement as well. Two shelves separate your items, but the second shelf can be removed for maximum storage, especially if your stuff require more height allowance.

The mirror door is designed with a right knob and full-length left piano hinge. Interestingly, this version has no left knob variation, but if your space can accommodate it as is, this shouldn't be an issue. (Check #4 of this list if your space requires a right-hinge cabinet).

You don't need to worry about assembling this medicine cabinet because it is shipped already assembled. It does come with flush wall-mount screws for installing the cabinet onto your corner wall.

This medicine cabinet comes from Massachusetts-based company The Renovator's Supply, Inc. (Yield House Industries), which has been providing construction supplies to homeowners, developers, and contractors since 1978. They're based in New England, MA, so possible issues with the medicine cabinet can easily be addressed.


  • Removable shelf - Allow users to mix and match items, from tiny medicine bottles to tall alcohol containers. 
  • Rust-free stainless steel - Designed for installation in the bathroom, so you don’t have to worry about rusting 
  • Modern design - The silver steel design may be simple, but it is easier to match with most home interior 


  • No left knob, right hinge version available 

corner medicine cabinets
  • Why Buy: For those who like multiple color options, Sawdust City has this in 18 styles
  • Highlight: Made of high-quality wood
  • Dimensions: 24.75" W x 10.5" D x 34.75" H

If you're looking for a wooden medicine cabinet, this piece from Eau Claire, Wisconsin-based Sawdust City will surely make your head turn. It's an ideal medicine cabinet for a lake cottage or homes with a traditional cottage-style interior design.

Unlike other medicine cabinets on this list, this one is available in 18 colors. Yes, there's red, black blue, white, burgundy, and everything else in between. You even have choices with the finishing - old (a bit distressed) and solid (comes in double thick paint).

This cabinet comes with a single door, which has grooves designed at the front. If you want the smooth side of the door featured in front simply call Sawdust City and have it requested.

Inside, there are two fixed interior shelves. All three layers have identical storage space: about 10 and a half inches from front to back of the unit.

Made from a long line of cottage-style furniture, the Sawdust City corner medicine cabinet is made of rustic, solid knotty pine. The company is known for not using highly-processed wood, which means they don't look like big-box-store cabinets. Minor imperfections will be present, but these make the pieces of furniture look one-of-a-kind.

The Sawdust City corner cabinet will arrive at your doorstep fully assembled, but you do have to install it on your own. In some cases, the door knob will be packed loose; you can easily add it to the door.

Measuring like a triangle, the cabinet measures 24 inches across the front, 15” on both sides and 10"depth. Note that if you have this pushed back into the designated corner completely, you'll need about 17.5 inches along the wall for this to fit.


  • Mounted high up on the wall, or left on the floor: This cabinet was designed as a floor piece, so  you can leave it on the floor as a base cabinet. However, it can also be hung in a corner spot as needed
  • Phenomenal workmanship: Handmade, high quality and one of a kind 
  • Tons of options: Choose from 18 different colors with 2 types of finishing 
  • Roomy storage: All three layers offer a lot of storage space for your medicine, toiletries and other supplies 


  • No mirror  

corner mount medicine cabinet
  • Why Buy: Contemporary design
  • Highlight: Combines wood with stainless steel and hard plastic shelving
  • Dimensions: 25.6 x 13.8 x 13.8 inches

There's something magical that happens when you combine the sleekness of stainless steel with wooden accents, so if you're looking for a contemporary corner cabinet for your bathroom, this mirrored cabinet can be the perfect choice for you. 

This mirrored medicine cabinet is triangular shaped like most corner cabinets on this list. It is crafted with high-quality wood finished with multi-layer polishing. Inside the cabinet is one non-adjustable shelf, which still provides you with two layers of all-white storage enough for most couple’s day-to-day needs. 

Aside from providing you with additional storage space for all your meds, hair products, makeup and other items, there are two cool features that make this cabinet shine: 

  • Convenient button - If you're looking for a knob on the cabinet door, you don't have to deal with it. There's a small, push-on switch button hidden on the inner shelf to make opening and closing the cabinet super handy.

  • Optional lights - Both sides of the door have space where you can install lights inside. A feature that definitely ups the wow factor of this medicine cabinet. 

This bathroom corner cabinet comes from China-based Xing Hua Shop, which sells a dozen other types of wall-mounted cabinets and medicine cabinets.


  • Rust-free: Never worry about your steel-made medicine cabinet getting rusty in your bathroom 
  • Modern design: Steel with traditional wood accents and plastic shelves make for an interesting combination, which works either in a cottage-style or modern interior design 
  • Two colors: You can choose from an all-white finished medicine cabinet, or the other variant with wooden accent 
  • No knob opening: Just push the mirror gently to open the cabinet door. Push it back to close. 


  • Only left-hinge available  

corner medicine cabinet with mirror
  • Why Buy: Option to buy a cabinet that opens left or right
  • Highlight: Ample space with adjustable shelves
  • Dimensions: 6.9 x 11.9 x 23.6 inches

If you love the first corner medicine cabinet on this list, but need the left knob, right hinge option, this version is the one you're looking for. 

Designed for small bathrooms, this space-saver corner medicine cabinet offers a straightforward approach to storing meds and toiletries. There's no fancy lighting or security locks here, but it provides a solid, traditional medicine cabinet with a TON of space for your cosmetics, shampoo and meds. 

This corner medicine cabinet is made of polished stainless steel, which is a major plus points if your main priority is construction quality over design. It will be shipped already assembled with mounting screws included for a DIY installation. 

This steel medicine cabinet is heavy enough to feel solid once mounted to the wall, but lightweight enough for you to carry and install on your own. 

There's no knob or other fancy push-button mechanisms, but the door can be opened and closed conveniently because of the magnet strip it was designed with. The door has full-length piano hinge that opens from the left (or right); You can choose which version you need for the same price. 

What makes this medicine cabinet stand out is that it's tall (around 24 inches high), which makes it perfect for small and narrow spaces. This cabinet would even fit your RV and small condo units. 

It comes with three shelves - the two upper spaces have equal heights, while the bottom layer is made taller to accommodate other bigger items.


  • Door magnet - Quick open/close thanks to  magnetic door 
  • Mirror for days - The cabinet is longer than most medicine cabinets in the market, and since this piece is covered in mirror, you'll have a bigger 
  • Tons of storage space - You have three shelves to put your things on, with the middle shelf made removable 
  • Wall-mount, corner installation - Triangular-shaped designed exclusively for your corner spaces, this medicine cabinet can be installed mounted to the wall with mounting screws included in the package 
  • Lightweight, but sturdy - You can move it around to find the perfect spot, but once you mount it up the wall, it would feel solid enough. 


  • No door knob - This can be an issue if you’re not used to cabinet doors without a knob because the unit uses magnet to open/close the door shut.

corner medicine cabinet
  • Why Buy: For those who don’t like triangular-shaped cabinets, but require a corner unit
  • Highlight: Rectangular-shaped with plenty of storage space
  • Dimensions: 5L X 16W X 22H inches

If you're not a fan of triangular-shaped medicine cabinet, but have no choice because the only space your bathroom has is on a corner, you don't have to be "put in a corner" and buy what your heart doesn't completely want.

This rounded corner medicine cabinet is the solution you're looking for. 

Made with stainless steel, electro copper-plated glass mirror and all-white painted finish, this medicine cabinet can accommodate your "corner location" requirement perfectly. It's also rectangular shaped and you can install it recessed or surface-mounted,  giving you more options to accommodate your limited corner space. 

This medicine cabinet opens with a magnetic door, full-length piano hinge and a left-hand hinge bar door stop. Inside, the cabinet features acrylic shelves (they look like glass but are actually not). They're adjustable, too! You can see the aluminum shelf clips lining up both sides of the cabinet. 

Probably the most striking feature of this medicine cabinet is the retro look, thanks to the metal-finish lining all around the cabinet. Some have even used this cabinet to replace mirrors or cabinets of their 1950s bathrooms. 

This cabinet comes with a cleaning instruction guide that involves a microfiber cloth with either a vinegar-water, alcohol-based or ammonia-water solutions for cleaning the mirror. Pretty useful to prolong the life of the medicine cabinet.


  • Rust resistant - There's extra corrosion protection used on the cabinet's finish 
  • Cool anti corrosion guide - A guide from the company on how to clean the mirror without rusting prematurely 
  • Flexible - The 3 shelves are all adjustable, which means you have control over the height of the spaces you have and the items you can store inside. 
  • Simple design to fit most interior - The stainless steel makes it easy to blend into different kinds of interior design, whether you’re going for a vintage look, or a more modern industrial style. 


  • No door knob - This medicine cabinet opens and closes with a magnetic door hatch

Factors To Consider When Buying the Best Corner Medicine Cabinet for You

  • Installation style - You can find a plethora of medicine cabinets in different designs, but these three are the most common: recessed cabinet, surface mounted cabinet and corner cabinet. 
  • Recessed cabinet - Installed further beneath the wall, these kinds of medicine cabinets appear as though only a mirror is there, but you'd be pleasantly surprised at how much extra storage there actually is. 
  • Surface mount cabinet - The cabinet is installed outside the wall, so it looks bulkier than the recessed cabinet. It's a quick solution for extra storage, since no hole-in-the-wall is needed. 
  • Corner mount cabinet - All the medicine cabinets featured here is under this type of cabinet. They're space savers and easy to install. 
  • Number of doors - The classic medicine cabinet only has a single door, but if you have a ton of space where you intend to put your medicine cabinet, there are two-door, triple-door options as well. Other door features, such as slow-closing door mechanisms, or reversible left/right door opening, and so on. 
  • Dimensions - Before buying a medicine cabinet, decide how and where you wish to install the cabinet, then measure the spot available. You'll need these measurements when shopping around for a cabinet. 
  • Material - Medicine cabinet are available in stainless steel, aluminum, solid wood, medium density fiberboard (MDF), plywood, tempered glass, and other materials. Choose depending on where you'd place the cabinet, since exposure to steam (near the kitchen or bathroom) could damage the cabinet.  
  • Special features - The traditional medicine cabinets come simply as an ordinary cabinet. But you can purchase one with LCD lights, safety locks, electrical or USB outlets, and defogging capability, among other special features. 

Wrapping Up…

If your bathroom countertop is getting cluttered, the quickest and cheapest fix you can do is buy and install a medicine cabinet. If this still wouldn't work because of limited space, why not try out corner medicine cabinets? They solve your storage issue without requiring too much wall space. 

For those who have limited budgets, you don't have to sacrifice quality just because. Pick the Polished Stainless Steel Corner Medicine Cabinet from Renovators Supply Manufacturing: it's affordable, fits your space requirements, provides a ton of storage space, and is affordable enough to not burn a hole in your wallet. 

If you're looking for a pop of color, go with the Sawdust City Corner Cabinet. This particular medicine cabinet is available in 18 colors (with two types of finishing too!). Note that this doesn't have a mirror, but ample storage space for meds, vitamins, shampoo, soap, perfume, shaving supplies, and other items.  

Those who prefer stainless steel built but with a more contemporary design, you might need to shell out a bit more for the best medicine cabinet you'll ever see. The wooden accent of Medicine Cabinets’ Mirror Bathroom Corner Cabinet  definitely pops out thanks to those side lights you can install (it's optional).

Whichever medicine cabinet you choose, one thing's for sure: having a medicine cabinet installed in your bathroom means it will never look as cluttered as it was before.