Best Fertilizer Spreader – Buyer’s Guide

Winter is almost coming to an end, and the ground is starting to thaw. As the weather keeps on warming up, you will notice the grass looking frail and weak. The seasonal changes weren’t favorable to your outdoor plants, and they certainly need some care. 

Thus, being able to fertilize the plants early in the spring can be a great way to improve growth over the summer. By feeding, you can improve the health of the plants, thus making them look appealing. Fertilizing helps to eliminate any sparse patches on the lawn, and brings your plants back to life much sooner when the growing season starts.

That said, fertilizing a lawn or flowerbed using your hands is downright challenging, and it may take centuries. Imagine having to lug a 20-pound bag around your garden as you spread plant product. Isn't this a tedious and challenging ask?

Well, the best fertilizer spreader might be an excellent solution for your needs. These are s

Whether you’re spreading rock salt to melt ice, dispensing herbicide to control weeds, or pouring seeds to help the grass grow, this versatile tool will keep your property looking great.

​Fertilizer Spreader Comparison Chart


Key Features

Best For

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22-inch spread pattern provides optimal coverage

Fully assembled and pre calibrated for garden use

Large lawns and yards

Fold down handle for easy storage

Can hold up to 5,000 sq. ft of lawn products

Small yards

130 pound hopper capacity 

Durable rod linked on and off control with precise settings

Large lawns

110 lb. Hopper capacity can cover 1/3 of an acre

Rustproof poly hopper and spreader plate

Large lawns

3 flow settings for ease of use

Rubberized and all terrain wheels

Large lawns

​Top 5 Drop Spreader Reviews

scotts turf builder classic drop spreader

When you want to increase the yield and harvest of your plants, its best when you use the appropriate resources for the task. This is why the Scotts 76565 Turf Builder is an excellent recommendation for your needs. This unit has a large capacity hopper which can hold as much as 10,000 square inches of lawn products. These include grass seed, fertilizer and more. More so, the heavy-duty frame offers optimal stability and makes the fertilizer perfect for large spaces.

To make things better, the Scotts 76565 Turf lawn more also has an exceptional 22-inch spread pattern. This helps to deliver optimal coverage and accuracy during the gardening process. Furthermore, this unit arrives fully assembled, thus making it ideal for novice users and more. With such a unique combination of features, this best fertilizer spreader is perfect for applying granular products year-round. It may save you the hassles associated with the uneven application of fertilizer and control products.


  • Large capacity hopper withholds 10,000 sq. ft
  • Heavy-duty frame for optimum stability
  • 22-inch spread pattern provides optimal coverage
  • Fully assembled and pre-calibrated for garden use


  • The wheels on this unit carry a lot of dirt
  • The frame makes it a heavy unit

Best Broadcast Spreader

scotts turf builder edgeguard mini broadcast spreader

You are one step away from improving the quality of your garden yield with the Turf Buildgard broadcast spreader. This unit comes with a unique combination of features that will take your gardening abilities to the next level. For instance, this unit comes with an exclusive edge guard technology, that does well to keep the product of driveways, sidewalks and more. The broadcast spreader is also designed to provide superior results, even when used with large amounts of fertilizer. 

As one of the most dynamic spreaders on the market, this unit can even be used for salting. The developers of this unit have also done well to ensure that it comes pre-assembled, which makes it simple to use. The unique combination of features makes this unit perfect for small areas, and the compact design offers easy storage.


  • Comes with edge guard technology for optimal distribution
  • Comes pre-calibrated and fully assembled for ease of use
  • Fold-down handle for easy storage
  • Can hold up to 5,000 sq. ft of lawn products


  • Could use an improved handle
  • The calibration tool is prone to damage

Best Tow Behind Spreader

agri-fab behind broadcast spreader

The Agri Fab 45-0463 behind broadcast spreader is the ultimate addition to your gardening regimen. This unit comes with an original Agri Fab solid rod activated, which is easy to operate from the tractor's seat. More so, precise adjustment setting and smoother operating gears make this unit a reliable addition to your gardening regimen. The Agri Fab brand has also done well to incorporate this unit with rustproof and heavy-duty design, that offers consistent spreading over the years. 

Thanks to the unique hopper covers, this unit does well to prevent issues such as spillage of material that might occur due to wind. The material deflectors also work well to control the width, thus reducing waste and keeping the material out plant beds, and more. The hopper grate also stops any clumped material from compromising the flow control opening. This way, the broadcast spreader will provide reliable spreading on your garden.

Are you worried about running our fertilizer and having to refill the broadcast spreader regularly? Well, the Agri-Fab 45-0463 broadcast spreader has a 130-pound hopper capacity that saves time refilling on large acreage lawns. It also has a durable rod linked on and off control setting with precise settings. Thanks to the large-diameter tires on this unit, you can be sure of optimal stability regardless of the terrain.


  • 130-pound hopper capacity saves time refilling
  • Durable rod linked on and off control with precise settings
  • Enclosed gearbox with tapered gears for even spreading
  • Large-diameter tires with a wide wheelbase


  • N/A

Also Consider

craftsman tow broadcast spreader

This list of best fertilizer spreader would not have been complete without the Craftsman CMXGZBF7124571 spreader. This unit comes with unique styling and design to make it ideal for lawn care applications. More so, the solid steel axle and tubing will ensure longer product life, and performance. Using a universal attachment makes it easy to connect it to your rider by using a hitch pin. 

As one of the best broadcast spreaders, this unit is suitable for use with pelletized material such as seed, ice melt and even fertilizer. Thanks to the convenient on and off controls, you can easily control the functionality of the machine. Are you worried about getting stuck in the mud, or having to find ways through thick sand when spreading fertilizer? Well, this unit has 10-inch large pneumatic tires that provide smooth transport. More so, the 110 lb. Hopper capacity covers an exceptional 1/3 of an acre, to make it a high-performance machine.

The rustproof poly hopper and spreader plate will provide enhanced product life.


  • Large pneumatic tires for smooth transport
  • 110 lb. hopper capacity can cover 1/3 of an acre
  • Rustproof poly hopper and spreader plate
  • Heavy-duty steel gear for improved product life


  • N/A
titan 50 lb. fertilizer broadcast spreader

Winter is almost over, and you should get your plants prepared with the Titan 50lb fertilizer spreader. Unlike most seeders, the Titan spreader is simple to use and might not require constant repairs. This roller tool comes with a large capacity drum, which won't need regular refills when spreading plant food. In fact, it can hold an exceptional 50lbs of product, and still deliver excellent drop rates. 

The axle and tires on this unit are also made using high-quality materials that are reliable for years of garden work. More so, the Titan brand has also done well to incorporate the tool with three flow settings. This way, you get optimal control over the amount of product you want to spread on the garden. 

This unit is also efficient and effective on a wide array of terrains. It is simple to move around roots, trees and shrubs. More so, the machine also runs smoothly on turf or sod, without compromising the grass. Soil fertility is vital if you want an appealing yard, which is why this Titan fertilizer spreader is perfect for your needs.


  • Durable and heavy-duty lawn spreader design
  • Large capacity drum with 50lbs. capacity
  • Three flow settings for ease of use
  • Rubberized and all-terrain wheels


  • N/A

Keeping your lawn attractive not only requires lots of effort, knowledge, time, and good weather, it also requires the precise application of seed as well as chemicals. Every product that you apply to the farm requires a varies spread rate. Any excessive level of fertilizer could easily kill your lawn, and too little won't be enough. 

Thus, the best fertilizer spreader can apply a sufficient amount of garden care products. The main factor to consider is to go for a brand with adjustable spread rates. This way, it can deliver a specific amount of garden product uniformly, and in one particular direction as well.

Best Fertilizer Spreader Buying Guide

Otherwise referred to as lawn spreaders, the best fertilizer spreader is simple to use and essential tool for the avid gardener. It often comes with a bin or hopper which holds the lawn care or seed product. As you move the spreader over the lawn, it drops the product through various apertures onto the ground. More so, a suitable spreader has an application rate control function, which lets you customize the amount of spreader it applies. 

Types of Spreaders

  • A push spreader – also referred to as a walk-behind spreader which is a wheeled spreader which works well for large lawns. As the wheels rotate, they trigger the release mechanism which applies the product on the ground.

  • A tow-behind spreader – these are large capacity wheeled fertilizer spreaders, that one can attach to a suitable riding mower or an all-terrain vehicle (ATV). Similar to the push spreaders, the rotation of the wheels activate the spread mechanism. Other tow behind tools also come with both a spreader and ventilation component, thus making it easy to do two lawn care tasks at the same time.

  • A handheld spreader – these are compact and crank-operated fertilizer spreaders, which are useful to use on small gardens or plants. 

You can still come across spreaders that don’t need to place the product in the hopper. You just have to load the material into the spreader, set it correctly and then start the application process. More so, you also don’t have to calibrate the machine. That said, these spreader types are only compatible with a specific brand of product, so you might have to get the right one. 

Spreading Mechanism

All spreaders comprise of a drop or broadcast function which releases the material on the ground. Some spreader labels also provide information on the amount of space a single hopper load can cover in a given duration of time. Furthermore, a large hopper makes it easy to spread more material before you go for a refill. Below is more information on the classification of fertilizer spreaders: 

  • Broadcast spreaders - these types of spreaders disperse product over large spaces fast. As the material drops from the hopper onto a rotary disc, the motion scatters it over the lawn. These spreader types provide excellent coverage but with the drawback of limited control. Any lack of proper attention or skill when applying the material can lead to wastage. Some spreader brands also come with unique guards, that you can trigger to regulate the distribution pattern. This function lets you work on places without space such as walkways, plant beds and more, without accidentally applying the product. 

  • Drop spreaders – the drop spreaders are ideal for applying lawn care and seed products with exceptional accuracy. It releases the material directly to the lawn with a specific application width, thus ensuring improved control and keeping track of the treated area. The enhanced accuracy of the drop spreaders makes them suitable for lawns that have planting beds but have relatively poor distribution levels. Thus, you may need to make more passes using a spreader on the grass. Remember to align the machine with each pass, such that you don’t apply the product excessively. When you apply the material correctly, you will come across a distinctive pattern. Also, pay attention to the width of the spreader, because a wider hopper release more material in a short period of time.

Tips for Using a Fertilizer Spreader

The usage approach for each spreader changes in relation to the brand. Some general tips to consider include:

  • Calibrate the spreader based on the instructions of the brand model. Keep track of various factors such as the rate of distribution and the information indicated on the lawn care package. 

  • Place the spreader on a driveway or walkway

  • Move it forward at a constant speed and ensure maximum product application

  • Close the opening of the spreader when you turn or stop 

  • Clean any material that remains on surfaces such as driveways and sidewalks. Pour the material into the hopper, and apply it to the lawn at a steady rate. 

  • You will get optimal coverage by using the criss cross pattern when using a broadcast spreader. Customize the application setting by reducing it in half, and apply it over the garden. Then, apply it for the second time in a manner that is perpendicular to the first pass. 

  • Other lawn care products are even caustic and can lead to rust. Use a garden hose to clean the spreader after use. Once it's clean and dry, use some machine oil to lubricate the parts on the spreader.


Keeping your lawn or garden attractive and full of life mean that you have to apply some of the best plant care techniques. With the best fertilizer spreader, you have an excellent place to start your journey to optimal plant health. These units are available with many different features, and unique designs to suit multiple gardening applications. The common ones include the broadcast and drop spreaders.

When choosing a fertilizer spreader, consider the various aspects of the functionality of the tool. These include the wheels, flow rate, durability, product capacity and more.