Best Fluorescent Grow Lights For Maximum Yield

Light is one of the most important factors that you need to consider when growing your seeds indoors. Despite the need to have good seeds and constant watering, appropriate lighting enables the growth of healthy and stocky plants.

It is not easy to select the best fluorescent grow lights for your indoor garden or warehouse. When buying new fluorescent grow lights you might want to consider some of your needs and the needs of your plants. Fluorescent grow lights are ideal for growing a range of plants including cannabis.

Importance of Fluorescent Grow Lights


If you want to increase your yields, it is advisable to use fluorescent grow lights. They are cheap, quite effective, and therefore widely used by growers. You do not have to worry about spending a lot of money on energy since they use less energy.

Fluorescent grow lights are possible to place close to your plants without the risk of damaging them. They emit the least heat from their tubes. They save a lot of energy, are less expensive, and do not generate a lot of heat.

What We Recommend: The Best Fluorescent Grow Lights


The T5 Grow Light is highly recommended for use in greenhouses, indoor gardens, and almost any other indoor growing activity. They are easy to connect using a daisy chain. You can, therefore, easily buy several T5 Grow lights and connect them for wide coverage.

With this fluorescent grow light, you do not have to worry about damaging your plants because of heat. The fluorescent fixture does not overheat; you can therefore place it close to your plant for maximum harvest.

The T5 Grow Light offers a 2-foot coverage with 96 watts output per fluorescent bulb. They come with an easy to install feature that includes a mounting chain, daisy chaining, and hooks. The 8-foot power cable delivers a 120-Volt input to the 4-lamp fluorescent grow light. You can turn it on or off with timers.


  • It has a strong light output system of 10,000 lumens
  • It comes with daisy chaining, hooks, and a mounting chain
  • Comes with an 8-foot power cord
  • Includes two switches for the inner and outer bulbs each
  • It is safety approved by UL/CUL
  • It is waterproof and can operate in damp settings
  • It contains fire-safe bulbs
  • It is not compatible with GFI outlets


This fluorescent light system provides a 4-foot coverage for its 8-lamp grow light system. The 8-lamp grow system operate on 120 Volts from a 15-foot power cable.

The 95% reflective aluminum interior maximizes the distribution and intensity of light over your plant. The daisy chaining system allows you to link up as many individual T5 fixtures as you can.

You are capable of covering a large operation. It is also possible to hang the fixture either vertically or horizontally. Hydro Crunch includes an easy to install hanging wire. The fixture has a 15-foot long power cable that is safety certified. However, Hydro Crunch is not compatible with GFI outlets.


  • It is not compatible with GFI Outlets
  • It is safety approved by UL/CUL
  • Comes with 95% aluminum reflectors
  • Possible to mount vertically or horizontally
  • Lightweight and easy to operate
  • Can be hung vertically or horizontally
  • The Hydro Crunch Td system is compatible with 120V
  • The lamp spacing enables a unique light distribution
  • Includes a daisy chaining system to link up to three fixtures


The Hydroplanet T5 lamp saves you the trouble of installing it with its easy to plug feature. With the daisy-chaining feature, it is possible to configure it to suit your garden design. This feature also allows you to fit together as many singly T5 fixtures as you can. It covers up to 4 feet with its 8-lamps.

A 15-feet power cable that is safety certified is part of the packaging. This cord delivers between 110 Volts and 120 Volts to the lamps. There is a 95% aluminum reflector in the Hydroplanet fixture. It is quite suitable for indoor horticulture gardening that ensures maximum yield from your plants.


  • Has a 15 feet cable that deliver between 110 Volts and 120 Volts to the 8 lamps
  • Comes with a 95% aluminum reflector in its interior
  • Includes a daisy chain that enables you to fix as many fixtures as you can
  • It has a play and plug feature that reduces the time for installation
  • It is safety certified
  • There is a durable powder coated covering
  • Includes 8-6500K fluorescent grow lamps


The T5 Grow Light DL844s provides a high light output for growing your plants in greenhouses and indoor gardens.The fixture comes with an interior 95% aluminum reflector that increases the produce. You can easily place this fluorescent lights between 3-4 inches above your plants without having to worry about damaging them with heat.

The four fluorescent lamps are safety and fire certified. It comes with a daisy chaining that enables you to fix several T5 Grow light fixtures. If you have a large operation, you can easily cover a wide area since the fixture offers 4 by 4 feet coverage.

There is also an 8-foot power cable that delivers 120 Volts to the 230-Watts fluorescent bulbs.The fixture also works with a timer that enables you to create a schedule for using it. The grow light system is UL/CUL safety certified but not compatible with GFI outlets.


  • Includes daisy chaining that enables you to fix more than three fixtures
  • It is UL/CUL safety certified
  • The 4-lamps produce 230 Watts of power
  • The 8-feet power cable delivers 120 Volts to the T5 Grow Light Bulbs
  • It is easy to install and light in weight
  • Comes with two switches, one for the interior bulb and the other for the exterior bulb
  • Has 95% reflective aluminum reflectors
  • Capable of powering up to five fixtures on the wall
  • It is waterproof and possible to operate in a wet/damp garden
  • The fluorescent lamps are fire safe while in operation


The VIVOSUN Grow Lamps comes with 5-packs of T5 fluorescent light bulbs. These bulbs have a long usage life of up to twenty thousand hours. It is quite suitable for growing your plants with its color temperature feature.

The 5-lamps produce 6500 Kelvin in temperature that does not risk damaging your plants due to heat. These lamps also produce a high light output and save a lot of energy. You do not have to worry about your electrical bills with these fluorescent lamps.


  • There are 5-6500K fluorescent lamps
  • The 5-lamps produce 54 Watts each
  • They have a long usage life span of up to 20,000 hours
  • Provides a high-lumen output of 5000 Lumens
  • Consumes far less energy


If you are a fan of Agrobite’s products then the Agrobite Fluorescent Grow Light System offers you a coverage of about 2 feet. It is highly flexible and produces a high lumen output for growing your plants in any setting.

You are capable of selecting several patterns for hanging the fixture using the daisy chaining.You can hang your fixture horizontally, overhead, or vertically. The fixture comes with 4-6400K fluorescent tubes that are fire safe.

The reflective aluminum covering provides effective light distribution. There is also a daisy chain that enables you to fix several fixtures together. There is a powder coated steel housing for the grow light system.


  • Comes with 4-6400K fluorescent tubes
  • The tubes produce high-light output of up to 8000 lumens
  • Includes a reflective aluminum that provides high performance for improved distribution of light
  • Includes daisy chaining that can hang up to two fixtures from a single outlet
  • Possible to hang in three different position: horizontal, vertical, or overhead
  • Comes with an 8-feet power cable
  • The steel housing has a powder coating


This type of bulb is quite common for use especially in regular usage around the house. The bulb you use at home is small and basic and comes in various designs. It is important to note that the bulbs you can use in your house are not suitable for use in growing your plants.

If you want a compact bulb for growing your plants, get yourself the Hydroponic Full Spectrum Grow Light Bulb that comes with a 60-Watt bulb. The bulb delivers 5500 Kelvin, which is quite low in comparison to T5 grow lights that deliver up to 6500 Kelvins.

The Full Spectrum bulbs are large and possible to hang horizontally or vertically with or without the help of a reflective aluminum casing. Unlike regular bulbs used at home, these can last 10 times longer and are ideal for usage in your greenhouse and indoor garden. The downside is that they cannot cover a large growing area.


  • Provides the ideal color temperature for growing your plants
  • It comes with a 60 Watt full spectrum bulb
  • At maximum usage, the bulb attains an optimum temperature of 5500 K
  • It comes with a 250 Watt incandescent bulb


The Sun Blaze fluorescent strip light resembles the standard bulbs used at home. However, they come with a cutting-edge reflective feature that provides improved reflection. The light system comes with two switches that run the lamp system at a time.

It also comes with a 12-foot power cable that delivers 120 Volts to the 6500-Kelvin bulbs. It is also capable of delivering a high light output with the 5000 lumens lamp. The lamp system additionally comes with V-hangers on every fixture. You are also capable of hanging several fixtures together with the daisy chain feature.

Furthermore, it is eco-friendly and possible to hang horizontally or vertically.Sun Blaze also provides you with a one-year warranty on the lamps.


  • Comes with a 12-foot power cord delivering 120 Volts
  • It is quite light
  • Comes with hardware for mounting therefore easy to install
  • It has a daisy chain feature that allows you to hang several fixtures from a single source
  • Includes a 24-Watt 6500 Kelvin lamp
  • Comes with 2-foot replacement lamps
  • Produces high light output with the 5000-lumen lamp
  • Simple to operate with the two on/off switches

Key Factors when selecting a Fluorescent Grow Light

As mentioned above, light is necessary for the development of a healthy and stocky plant. With fluorescent grow lights, you are capable of giving your seedlings the necessary light. Therefore, there are certain factors that you have to consider before selecting a fluorescent grow light.

Intensity of Light

These seedlings need a lot of light to develop and grow. You know this from your biology, plant requires light to carry out the process of photosynthesis. In case plants do not receive enough lights, they become weak and may eventually die. Growing your plants under fluorescent grow lights solves this problem and enables you to control the amount of light reaching them.

These fluorescent lights are suitable for use with young plants as they deliver little heat. They, therefore, cannot damage your seedlings. Because you can easily control the light intensity of these bulbs, it is possible to place them a few inches above your seedlings without the risk of damaging them.

As the seedling grows and develops, you should raise your fluorescent light system to maintain the required distance. Choosing a fluorescent grow light with an adjustable feature makes the process quite simple.


It is highly recommended that you start your young seedlings using natural sunlight. However, by using fluorescent lights it is possible for you to achieve this. The temperature of light determines their colors.

Lights with colors beyond 5000-Kelvin are cool colors whereas those below 3000-Kelvin are warm colors. Most fluorescent grow lights are cool colors, resembling natural light.

Light spectrum is vital for growing your plants because they enable young seedlings to grow and flower. This then determines the type of lighting you will use. Fluorescent lights resemble the light spectrum of the sun.

In comparison to standard fluorescent bulbs, fluorescent grow lights are more efficient and lower in profile. Therefore, blue-fluorescent bulbs are suitable for young seedlings.

Light Duration

Just like plants out in nature, indoor plants do not require light for the whole day. Plants develop and grow when the sun goes down. These changes mainly affect how they flower and produce their fruits. Most seedlings require between 14 and 18 hours of sunlight for healthy growth.

As mentioned, the rest period for plants is necessary. Ensuring that your plants get a minimum of 9 hours of darkness is vital for their growth. Therefore, if your lighting fixture comes with an automatic timer, it is possible to have it turn on or off during the required times of the day.

Pros and Cons of Fluorescent Grow Lights

Fluorescent grow lights are available in different designs and are quite popular in many nurseries. They are ideal because they have a light spectrum similar to that of the sun and produce low heat. However, there are some advantages and disadvantages of using these fluorescent grow lights.


  • They operate at cool temperatures therefore possible to use close to the seedlings without damaging them
  • They produce low heat and therefore energy efficient
  • Suitable for young seedlings
  • Possible for use both indoors and outdoors
  • Inexpensive to acquire
  • Durable and can last between ten to twenty times the life of an incandescent bulb


  • They do not produce the required spectrum necessary for the flowering of the plant
  • If used in a wet environment, it is necessary that they be waterproof
  • It is necessary to run them close to the canopy to increase their penetration into the shadowy parts of the plants


Before selecting the right fluorescent grow lights, it is important to determine the light intensity it emits, the length of the power cable, and availability of replacement bulbs.

In addition, ensure that the fluorescent bulb has the right spectrum for flowering and early development of the plant. Of particular interest is considering your bottom line. Choose a fluorescent grow light that saves you money by using the least energy.

From our review, the best fluorescent grow lights are the T5 series.They come with the full spectrum of light, possible to use close to the plant, and are energy efficient. The Hydro Crunch T5 grow light is particularly suitable because of its various features, which include easy installation and wide coverage for large operations.