Best Garden Tiller Money can Buy

Years ago, gardeners prepped their soil for the plantation season with hand plows. While these products are still available, many gardeners have discovered the benefits of using motorized tools. Tillers make quick work of turning over hard soil, creating furrows, and over tilling can compromise the soil. When buying a tiller, go for a famous brand that has the correct features.

Tilling is a necessary procedure because it helps to break down the soil before the planting process. Using a tiller will make it easy to aerate the earth, and to spread nutrients from fertilizer. Whether you are starting a small or large garden for the coming season, a garden tiller is highly beneficial for your needs. 

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Garden Tiller Comparison Chart


Key Features

Best For

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Powerful 8.5-amp motor for optimal power

Durable steel tines can till 11 inches wide and 8 inches deep

Large gardens

Comes with powerful 12-amp motor with 340 RPM

Handle folds for convenient storage and easy transport

Small to medium gardens

Equipped with 3HP 52cc 2 stroke single cylinder

OHV engine with recoil starter and centrifugal clutch

Small to medium gardens

Suitable for garden beds, landscape beds and weeding

20-volt max lithium ion provides longer battery life

Large gardens

Powerful 4 cycle 25 cc engine

Weighs in at 24 ponds with 24 rpm speed

Small to medium gardens

Best Garden Tiller you can buy in 2021

earthwise tc70001 electric tiller

Owning a garden is becoming less of a chore nowadays. This is all thanks to robust and reliable tools such as the Earthwise TC70001 Electric Tiller. This unit will eliminate the hassles associated with tilling your yard. To be specific, the TC70001 has a sleek and slim design, that will appeal to your unique sense of style. Furthermore, this machine has dual four-blade steel tines, that offer maximum efficiency when gardening. 

This 8.5-amp cultivator also delivers an exceptional cutting width of 11 inches and tilling depth of 8 inches. Thus, it’s the perfect tool for preparing your soil and achieving the ideal plant health results. Since it has a sling design, this unit is simple to store, and it takes up a small amount of space. More so, it comes with dual for blade steel tines that will improve the efficiency of your gardening efforts. Capable of delivering a cutting width of 11 inches, and tilling depth of 8 inches, this tool is reliable for most yards.

Furthermore, the unique combination of features on this unit makes it ideal for preparing your garden, flower beds, and loosening soil. No more hard work when you work on the patio because this best garden tiller will handle it all for you. You will also appreciate the fact that this unit is easy to transport and operate with flip down wheels for your convenience. Thanks to the power on and off safety features, this unit will turn on when in operation. You just have to push the power button and squeeze the lever to start the process.


  • Powerful 8.5-amp motor for optimal power
  • Durable steel tines can till 11 inches wide and 8 inches deep
  • Lightweight design makes it effortless to operate and store
  • Soft ergonomic grip for comfortable operation


  • The motor produces noise in operation
  • The ergonomic grips are not durable
sun joe tj603e electric tiller and cultivator

Dig it and experience the one tiller that is genuinely up for your gardening tasks! This is all thanks to the Sun Joe TJ603E 12 Amp electric tiller and cultivator. This unit comes with a powerful 12 amp motor that makes quick work of even the toughest gardens. It can operate through the soil at speeds of 340RPM, this providing optimal aeration and preparing your seedbed. With such a unique combination of features, this unit can cultivate an area 16 inches wide and 8 inches deep in seconds. Thus, this tool does well to control weeds where needed, and it's also perfect for the toughest garden tasks. The handle can also fold for convenient storage and easy transport

Thanks to the 3-position wheel adjustment, this unit is simple to customize to suit the nature of your gardening tasks. The Sun Joe brand has also done well to incorporate this unit with a heavy-duty design. The design includes handles that fold for convenient storage and easy transportation.


  • Comes with a powerful 12-amp motor with 340 RPM
  • Handle folds for convenient storage and easy transport
  • Three-position wheel adjustment is convenient
  • Works as a tiller and cultivator


  • The folding handle mechanism is prone to damage
  • Only useful when used as a tiller
landworks mini tiller cultivator

All throughout the seasons, you garden requires adequate tilling to ensure the best plant life. This is why the Landworks Super Duty Mini Tiller is the perfect solution for your needs. This unit comes with a powerful 52cc two-stroke gas motor with adjustable rotating tines for the best gardening performance. More so, the dynamic design of this unit makes it ideal for various applications, including outdoor gardening, lawn care, gardening, and more. 

The powerful 52 cc engine on this unit can deliver rotating speeds of as much as 2300 RPMs. Compactness and ease of portability is also a principal value to consider when purchasing the best garden tiller for your needs. Thus, this unit comes with adjustable and replaceable tines, with a 150mm tolling depth. This way, you have a tool that is both efficient and compact, without causing any compromise in its overall performance. 

You will also appreciate the exceptional fuel efficiency offered by this gardening unit. The engine on this unit might be powerful, and it never produces any significant amount of noise when in use. While it may be fuel-powered, it creates a small amount of emissions, which is perfect for the environment.


  • Equipped with 3HP 52cc 2 stroke single cylinder
  • OHV engine with recoil starter and centrifugal clutch
  • Maximum rotating power of 7,000 RPMS
  • 1L fuel capacity tank


  • Somewhat heavy in size
  • Can produce excessive power which is not suitable for some users
black+decker lgc120 20-volt lithium-io cordless garden cultivator

What is the perfect way to till your garden and get the best farm produce? Well, the BLACK + DECKER LGC120 cultivator is the ideal solution for your needs. This unit is perfect for cultivating garden beds, weeding, and landscape beds.

Furthermore, its also great for prepping dry spots in the lawn, and for seeding applications as well. Equipped with two long tines that are small enough to maneuver, this unit never tangles with weeds in the garden. To make things better, the Black and Decker brand has done well to incorporate the tool with a telescopic shaft that can adjust for the best length.

This way, you can operate the tool when standing up, and without having to bend over. Thanks to the unique upright design of this tool and comfortable grips, this unique handle means that you can for longer without aching body parts. The cultivator also comes with a 20-volt max lithium-ion battery that offers exceptional longevity benefits. Best of all, you won’t be limited in functionality by an extension cord.

As one of the most dynamic best garden tillers in the world, this battery on this unit is also compatible with various other types of Black and decker tools. The lightweight and upright design of this unit also does well to lessen issues such as arm fatigue during the cultivation process. It also comes with an adjustable handle and telescoping tube for ease of use.


  • Suitable for garden beds, landscape beds, and weeding
  • 20-volt max lithium-ion provides longer battery life
  • Counter oscillating tines prevent any tangling issues
  • Lightweight and upright design helps lessen arm fatigue


  • N/A
schiller grounds care mantis 4-cycle 7940 tiller cultivator

Equipped with a powerful Honda 4 cycle 25 cc engine, the Schiller Grounds Tiller spins the tines twice as fast as most tillers. Weighing in at just 24 pounds, this unit can deliver exceptional tines speeds of up to 25 rpm. More so, it also comes with a finger-controlled throttle that provides optimal speed control and ease of use. The garden tiller also has a compact 9-inch width, which allows the tiller to move into tight spaces around the yard.

Even more, the unique and curvy tines on this unit means that it can be used to till down as far as 10 inches deep. You can even turn the tines around, to shallow cultivate the top layers of the soil. The Schiller Grounds brand has also done well to include a handy kickstand, which provides steady placement, even when the tool is not in use. 

Forget the hassles associated with the old-time tillers, and this work saver comes with soft grip handles that have exceptional ergonomics. With such a unique combination of design features, this unit lets you live your dream garden. It even comes with individual curvy tines that can till 10 inches down into the ground.


  • Powerful four-cycle 25 cc engine
  • Weighs in at 24 pounds with 24 rpm speed
  • Finger controlled throttle for infinite speed control
  • Compact 9 inch with for getting into tight spaces


  • The grips on the handle are not durable
  • The motor heats up when used for long durations

Best Garden Tiller Buying Guide

Why Do You Need A Garden Tiller?

Gardeners like tillers because they are perfect for developing new gardens, cultivating weeds, and working with compost. If you have a property that requires plowing, then get a gas-powered garden tiller. Using gas-powered tillers lets you prepare a garden with ease, and with less effort than a conventional tiller. The tillers are ideal for use in large spaces, such as gardens that are well over 100 square feet in size. 

Also, there are the electric-powered tillers or mini cultivators, which you can use in places such as the yard. That said, the large gas-powered tillers are equipped with special attachments that make it easy to remove snow, trim and edging. Getting the right tiller for your needs depends on how you will use it. Consider the following key questions: 

  • Is the tiller suitable for commercial use?

  • Will you be turning up the soil, tilling or cultivating the existing flower beds?

  • Will you be working with hard soil or clay?

How to Choose the Right Tiller for Job

Tillers are great earth digging machines. You use them to break up mulch and soil through the use of powerful blades that go into the ground. Usually, a garden tiller has a large size that a gas-powered mower and also requires a large engine. More so, the tillers are also equipped with blades on either the front or back sections. The front tined tillers in specific, come with electric motors on the top of the blades and are also compact. That said, the rear tined tillers come with gas-powered motors that are positioned above the front wheels to propel the tiller. Even more, the large rear tined tillers tend to be robust and much easier to control.

You can expect tillers to come with the following blades: 

  • Bolo – basic blade design suitable for deep tilling

  • Slasher – ideal for thick vegetation and tilling roots in soft ground

  • Pick and chisel – suitable for use of abrasive and rocky terrains

Power Sources

  • Gas – a gas tiller is both powerful and portable, especially for garden tasks that are not close to power outlets

  • Electric – the electric tiller is available in both corded and cordless designs and are often much quieter for home use. In most cases, these tillers come with a push-button start function

  • Engine cycles – the two-cycle engines operate garden tillers with a unique mixture of gasoline and oil. The four-cycle engines also use gas to run cultivator machines.

Convenience Options

  • Easy to start – the ideal tiller should come with a push-button feature to get the machine running fast. Pull start mechanism are outdated and burdensome to use

  • Adjustable path and wheels – the flexible tiling path make it easy to till broad areas or small spaces with ease. Even more, the adjustable wheels also provide optimal stability as you work

  • Foldable handle – a collapsible handle makes it easy to store your garden tiller in a shed

  • Depth stakes – most garden tiller brands are equipped with adjustable stakes, which you can use to control the depth of soil churning

  • Attachments – some options are available with various cultivator attachments, including dethatcher kits

Types of Tillers

To get a thriving garden, you sometimes have to start the gardening process from scratch. When you do it by hand, such as with a shovel, then you will notice that it's not an easy process. Otherwise referred to as a cultivator, this landscaping machine churns soil to make it suitable for planting and returns the original state for the ground. Let’s evaluate some of the common garden tiller types and their benefits:

Front line tillers

  • Ideal for medium-sized jobs – a front line tiller is ideal for working on small gardens, such as planting in reseeding patches of lawn, as when compared to an entire garden

  • Works well on soft earth - the front-end design is perfect for flower beds and gardens which have been cultivated. You may have to perform several passes to achieve the best soil tilling results 

Rear-Tine Tillers

  • Suitable for large cultivating projects – a rear tine tiller has a heavy-duty design and is perfect for working on large lawns or projects that require cultivation

  • Works with tough soil – if you have rocky soil, then this garden tiller is reliable enough to break down the hard soil

  • Starting new gardens – a rear tine tiller can dig down in the snow, to develop a new flowerbed or garden 

Mini tillers

  • Economical – a mini tiller is compact and much more affordable when compared to a front or rear tine brand. Both the two- and four-cycle types will deliver adequate power small to large machines.

  • Great for small cultivating jobs – these machines offer adequate power and functionality for those who want to engage in prep tasks.


Owning or cultivating a garden is becoming less of a chore nowadays. The gardening consumer market consists of many unique products that can make your gardening needs convenient. Take for instance, the best garden tiller. These are heavy-duty tools, which can help you dig through the most hardened soil, minus all the hard work. Before getting a garden tiller, its good for you to make informed decisions. Go for a power tool that is durable, and easy to use on different gardening terrains.