The Five Best Patio Heaters in the 2016 Market

In a glance, a patio is a place used mostly for entertainment and sometimes unwinding. While you are looking for that relaxing moment, in your back yard, the wind can prove obnoxious to prevent you from having that awesome moment.

The end to this uncomfortable ambience is brought when you make a step to acquire a patio heater which warms the atmosphere for you. Patio heater reviews can be the very ultimate avenues to get the best and most suitable patio heater you require. There are a variety of options when it comes to style and functionality of patio heaters.

There are a range of considerations that you as a buyer, are supposed to shed light on when buying the best patio heater. Some of them include durability, power source, area coverage and many other essential factors. Some of the most worthwhile patio heaters that might suit you in your preferences are discussed in this review.

What Are the Safety Points to Note When Using Patio Heaters?

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Most patio heaters are built with a good customer safety consideration. The manufacturers are safety conscious as they have included an auto shut off unit that protects the user and surrounding against possible accidents.

You are advised to pick on an electric patio heater if you are intending to use it indoors in order to reduce risk impacts brought about by gas patio heaters. As a patio heater user, you are advised to take note of all the safety measures when using patio heaters.

Where Can One Use Patio Heaters?

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This is a question that any manufacturer, marketer and seller would expect from a client or a prospective client. Tentatively, patio heaters can be used in a range of places. One of the most common places is outdoor.

It can be used to warm the surrounding atmosphere. As mentioned earlier, electric patio heaters can be best used indoors or under roofs. To wrap all this, you are highly advised to follow your manufacturers’ instructions.

Let’s check our top picks.

1. The Golden Flame 46,000 BTU Matte-Mocha Patio Heater

Golden flame is a new arrival in the market 2016. It is unleashed with a high end Heater technology advancement that boosts the efficiency in its operation. It is made so powerful and therefore out dos most heaters in the market.

The patio heater effectively reduces wastage as it is finely equipped with waste reduction mechanism that ensure impressive performance. It outrageously reduces wastage of fuel as compared to nearly all other products in patio heater reviews.

The golden flame heater has a rapid shark ignition system advancement that enhances its starting. It comes with an easy to press and start process which is an advancement of the traditional button which would occasionally give the user aches in the thumb.


As compared to earlier in time, the golden flame matte-mocha patio heater, is pilotless which gets you off from the verge of feeling cold, when it suddenly shuts down due to a blowing wind, which causes the heater to shut down after the little pilot flame is blown off by the wind.

It is inclusively built with wheels which enhance movements and mobility of the heater. If you are looking for a heater that would be easy to start and operate, then you might not need to look further because the golden flame Matte-Mocha heater might be the fittest for you.

The patio heater has a sophisticated engine which efficiently delivers the appropriate functionality of the heater. It keeps you warm and comfortable all through your relaxing moment. The obnoxious winds do not drop down this heater.

It contains a heavily built base that contains ballast, which boosts the weight at the base giving it a reliable level of stability and enhanced safety, as without the stability it might cause accidents and any other unexpected occurrences.

The developers have considerably made the heater such that if an unexpected event occurs, the tilt switch shuts the whole system off. In a nut shell, golden flame has appreciable quality, it is very easy to operate, and has a very trendy design.

Durability and sustainability is an equally essential point to highlight. It strongly stands very challenging weather situations thereby maintaining its awesome appearance.


  • Provides plenty of heat to keep you and your guests warm all night
  • It is reliable and user friendly
  • It has an awesome and stylish catchy design
  • It is easy to start, “first ignition” and use
  • Has an auto shut off unit that enhances safety of the user and its beneficiaries altogether
  • It withstands the wind thus does not leave you in the cold despite the wind blowing
  • It has a good base that enables it withstand the wind.


  • Heavy
  • Quite hectic to fill up the sand in the container.

2. Lava Heat Italia - Heritage Bronze Finish - Natural Gas Configuration

Lava heat Italia comes from the manufacturer in a little shipping box when it is unassembled so that a buyer would assemble at his or her convenience. I think the manufacturer is simply reducing the cost of production by so doing.

With Lava heat Italia you can have nonstop warmth with a natural gas connection and an all-round heat distribution of a radius of up to 5 ft with a slightly higher heat distribution than the golden flame 46000 BTUs Matte-Mocha patio heater.

The all direction flame column delivers a heat output of 56000 BTUs. It is therefore ideal for that person who looks for a heater that distributes good warmth all over the atmosphere leaving him or her relaxing and enjoying the ambience created by the heater.


It has a durable and all-weather glass tube that is capable of withstanding very massive temperatures and neither would it break from snow, rain or even sleet.

Lava heat Italia again boasts a varying kind of start. It has an infrared electric ignition kind of start and a variable heat management which further eases the usage of this patio heater.

Very easy to start. Covering it, is a 304 grade heavily built stainless steel. Like the Golden flame Matte-Mocha Patio Heater, it has an in-built auto shut off tilt switch purposed for safety.

Lava Heat Italia exclusively has chrome reflectors on every corner based inside the flame section, which boost the flame by effectively dispersing the light nicely and enhancing the rightful mood at the particular time. With a fairly durable warranty of up to 5 years, Lava Heat Italia comes with a fair cost reduction.

It is protected by a steel panel that gives it the durable characteristic. Advantageously, lava heat Italia is accompanied by a valuable free gas line that is used to establish a quick connection and is roughly of a hundred dollars’ value.


  • Lava heat Italia has a very good look; it is beautiful and stylish
  • It takes a very short time to assemble that is approximately 15 minutes
  • It has a very good heat output of up to 56,000 BTUs
  • It is heavily built
  • It has a flame ambience
  • Lava heat Italia heats with a 360 degrees area coverage of up to 5ft


  • It lacks a front support which makes it to lean to the front.
  • It comes unassembled hence you have to assemble it in order to use.   

3. AmazonBasics Havana Bronze Commercial Patio Heater

Amazon Basics Havana Bronze commercial patio heater, manufactured by Amazon basics, is another mostly reviewed patio heater in patio heater reviews. It weighs around 43.6 pounds when shipped but ideally it has an actual weight of 40 pounds.

The heater provides you with cozy warmth by use of gas. It fails not, all year. You are searching for that soothing ambience even in adverse temperatures, be it in parties, in a relaxed environment or even when dining, Amazon Basic Havana Bronze Commercial patio heater is the ideal matching machine for you.

It keeps your guests hanging around in its environs due to the comfortable ambience it creates. It is easy to start and requires an average 20-pound LP gas cylinder. With the cylinder you are ready to go. All that remains for you to enjoy its capabilities, is the push of a single button which ranks it among user oriented Patio heaters.


You can customarily regulate the heat produced. This is possible via the regulation knob which can be tuned to high or low heat depending on your preference. Similarly, to most patio heaters, it has an auto shut off tilt valve that functions to enhance safety for the users and beneficiaries suppose the heater tips.

Commercial patio heater delivers a heat output of up to 46,000 BTUs very ideal and appropriate even during winter heating up to 18 ft diameter hence covering a wide area. It proudly replaces the noisy fire pit since it warms the atmosphere quietly and consistently with no worries of an open flame around you.

Amazon Basic Havana Bronze Commercial patio heater has two wheels built for ease in mobility. You can move it conveniently be it at the pool or a gathering.

It is heavily finished with a long lasting steel coated with a powdery bronze which complements and most importantly protects it from rust and spoilage of the outdoor parts, justifying its durability. It has a limited warranty of 1 year from the manufacturer.

If you are looking for a good way to entertain your guests, family members while having a good relaxing time, then Amazon Basic Havana Bronze Commercial patio heater might be the machine that fits you appropriately.


  • It is powerfully built
  • It come with a stylish look
  • It can hold up to weather
  • Provides good heat and therefore warmth


  • It requires too much assembly for it to operate.
  • The patio heater arrives unassembled.
  • It is quite costly

4. AZ Patio Heater, Quartz Glass Tube in Hammered Bronze

This Patio Heater is an eighty-nine-inch-tall heater. It prides a double piece quartz glass tube heater which is an ideal quality for a patio heater. It gives out a heat output of up to 40,000 BTUs. It provides a calmative heat, which leaves everyone happy and comfortable in an outdoor set up.

Best applicable on the chilly moments as it gives good warmth, that you might even forget about any chilliness. Using propane, whose tank is accessed with ease, can be replaced when the tank is out of gas. It features strong wheels at the base purposed for easy mobility.

The heater is heavily built and can sustain you for quite a number of years while using it. The pleasure created by AZ Patio Heater is so much exciting and relaxing to an extent of even reminding you of the reason why you like spending time in your back yard.

With AZ Patio Heater, you are sure to have a calm place to entertain, cook and make your guests or family relax with all the due comfort making them even extend their stay around.


Every time you go out shopping for anything from a car, bicycle, chair, television, food or even a service, quality is one of the most emphasized factors that clicks in your mind. Who would shy away from good quality?

In deed the AZ Patio Heater manufacturer has followed the required procedure and rule of quality control, management and assurance as it has come up with a user friendly heater that proves reliable and efficient in its functionality. It heats up your outdoor space thereby extending your desired time in your outdoor room.

It has a warranty of 1 year against any mistakes that might have come from the manufacturer which are corrected for free till the expiration of a whole year. In case of any repair a fully-fledged service for repairs is exclusively provided.

The customer care department issues a 7-day service to its clients with a satisfying solution. On the other hand you can as well receive customer care service on phone from well-educated and experienced technicians.


  • It has a good and manageable size
  • It is very easy to use therefore user friendly
  • It is heavily built to satisfy the user’s needs
  • It is great and stylish as well
  • It prides a good design
  • It is of a high quality
  • Creates a good ambience to extend to the outdoors.


  • Too heavy
  • Expensive

5. Thermo Tiki Deluxe Propane Outdoor Patio Heater

This 7.5-foot tall heater is perfect for your need if your patio is wide. It's well designed that is not only efficient but also makes your patio a little bit more elegant and impressive.

Column styled design allows it to produce more heat and more efficient than any overhead style of heaters. With 38,000 BTU heat power, it can cover a space up to 15 feet in diameter. ​This allows more people to stand together with a directed flow of heat. 


With a fuel saving technology, it can produce heat up to 10 hours with only a 20lb propane tank.​ This is not expensive at all in comparison with other type of heaters.

Buit with Stainless ​steel and aluminum, it's not only durable but also could fit with other décor in your patio.


  • Easy to buit
  • Cover a large area
  • Good looking
  • Efficient
  • Great deal of light at night


  • Check the igniter usually to make sure it function
  • Proper type of propane is needed. If not, the heat is not too much.


To summarize, patio heater tentatively extend the time spent while at the outdoor since they bring up a very comfortable atmosphere, that sustain guests or even customers in case of a restaurant set up.

Before you opt for a particular patio heater, you should have a glimpse of a variety of patio heaters available in a range of patio heater reviews.

This helps you to have an appropriate contrasting idea of what will suite you in your outdoor room or restaurant in case of a business set up. Such an information reduces the chances for making a mistake when shopping for the best patio heater.

You have some questions to make clear, let fill in the box bellow.

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